4 thoughts on “Campaign signs spotted, weeks after election

  1. Come on, Romero is a Demokkkrat… Probably still working on "Absentee" ballots! Must have learned from Torres-Small! That's how she Won…3 days after Yvette Harrell had already WON in district 2! Kinda of odd though, considering historically Absentee ballots in New Mexico have ALWAYS basically mirrored regular voting! So how, in Small's case, did she end up getting two bundles of 4000 ballots, from within her own district, that were several hundred percent higher in her favor than regular voting was…? Something VERY fishy happened in 2018! Some would call it ELECTORAL FRAUD, I'd call it, well… Electoral Fraud I guess! Oddly enough it was reported that the majority of the Absentees were from relocated Military members and everyone that has served in the military or knows people who have served in the military knows that the Vast Majority of Military Members are Conservative! Throughout the investigation, since Yvette contested, there Never was a good excuse as to how this Anomaly happened…hmmm, maybe it was aliens huh

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