Can Far Right & Left Fight Together Against Corporatism? w/Chris Hedges (part 2)

Can Far Right & Left Fight Together Against Corporatism? w/Chris Hedges (part 2)

hi everybody welcome to part two of our interview with pulitzer prize-winning journalist Christopher hedges and his new book America the farewell tour so let's just talk about the book a little bit more about what you know you you travel around the country which I did too for you know 20 years as a stand-up comedian and I was in all those towns that you write about so I was in Terre Haute Andersonville you know I was in Flint you know I've been although I've been to worse places you know and it was and I played in comedy clubs that were in malls that were dying I saw all that stuff you described and people desperate and so basically what you do is in America the farewell tour you kind of show you go around to these different communities and you show the effect of US organizing our society around the altar of free markets yeah and so the effect of that it's just it's just over and over every story you tell in the book which is just heart-wrenching stories heart-wrenching stories that you tell that you know we've all seen these people and the lives they live and how hard they work and these so you did these people are that they've their lives have been hollowed out and why do we organize our society around a free market so you know when we had dr. wolf on our show and he talked about the craziness of look one person decides if you get to have an economy and it's out or not if they have the big company and so why wouldn't the town get together and decide why should we move our company to another place to make more money let's just keep it good so I guess the point is what I'm trying to say badly I guess is that so you visited these places uh you know the the hole or even like Rockford Illinois so the whole town just gets depressed because the the the business leaps or goes to Monterrey Mexico or because of NAFTA right right and so they're left with nothing and we treat these things as if their individual problem right instead of societal product it's worse we treat it as if it's the individuals responsibly yes so across the cultural spectrum you've got you know from every angle if you haven't become Bill Gates or something although I wouldn't recommend being Bill Gates you are a failure that and you and you know Tony Robbins is telling you exceptional or Oprah's telling you how to find your inner core and strength and be who you can be and the positive psychologists are telling you to think positively and Hollywood is ramming this kind of you know American myth of a meritocracy down your throat along with it so and television is just bombarding you with this stuff so I mean I look at television in poorer households and poor communities as a form of violence because it is constantly showing you images of an unattainable lifestyle and blaming you for not achieving that lifestyle and that that creates deep despair a loss of self-worth loss of self confidence and it had been very effective at it and so you're right we never asked the structural questions or people who do ask about how the society is structured you know the fact that there are no jobs in marginal communities unless you go into the illegal economy and that feeds the system of mass incarceration which is a primary form of social control in poor communities that's why we have 2.3 million prisoners 25% of the world's prison population so as the credibility of neoliberalism has declined you've seen a harsher attack against the critics of imperialism and capitalism both through the kind of new form of red-baiting for Russia you know that you know and so you know you've used this they use this shadowy anonymous group called proper not yes right we still don't know who they are right and the New York The Washington Post runs a front-page story on it and names all these left-wing sites I mean it's total bullshit and then Google Facebook Twitter they all impose algorithms so that they they're called impressions so if you type in imperialism you know or if you typed it in a year and a half ago and I had written an article imperialist maybe one of the Articles that would come up now you'll direct it to a mainstream site so referrals by impressions have gone in a precipitous decline black agenda report world socialist website counterpunch AlterNet down by 63% TruthDig where I write a column every Monday and you couple that with the abolition of net neutrality and it's it's it's a way of taking critics will already have been significantly marginalized and pushing them even further out to of the outer edges of of the digital universe and that's of course why they go after RT where I have a show not because it's Russian propaganda and the Director of National Intelligence report which clapper put out in January or a year and a half ago or so poison hmm 17 mm-hmm it was quite clear I mean they attacked RT for giving voice to anti-fracking activists to people who attack the security and surveillance state to black lives matter is that that's that's part of the whole picture that that is as the situation deteriorates and as the ruling elites become more beleaguered then they become harsher in terms of their forms of the control of information so people don't seem to understand this what's happening based so people will say things people in news will say well the Google is a private company and they're allowed to do that and you know because the fuff because the law hasn't caught up to where we are technologically doesn't mean it's right you know it used to be the law that Rosa Parks had to sit them back of the bus that didn't make it right that meant that the law didn't care hadn't caught up yet to civilized society and so right now the law hasn't caught up yet when people are getting you know I saw Matt Taibbi quoted if statistic it was 70% of people get their news from Facebook or Google and by that you mean when you want to find out about something let's say I want to find out about imperialism I type it in Google decides what articles come up and that and those algorithms are done in secret in the dark knowing that which should already be a scandal well and there's I think 10,000 people at Google I can't remember it's either Google or Facebook Facebook and they're all hired from they're all like ex-military X security and then that fusion between Silicon Valley and the security and surveillance state it's it should be so what do you say to the people on the Left who or who are like for instance you know like Alex Jones so I say if he's horrible and we have to get rid of them there should be a transparent process with an impartial judge that we can all rely on you can't just willy-nilly don't what do you think about something like that yeah I mean the other problem is that and then you have and this comes out of the kind of far left ante foe or your deep platforming people and your this is really dangerous because this opens the door for state censorship and the people we know from history who always suffer is the left the critics of the system so power not the right not the proto fascists who the neo-nazis who in many ways the state's state relies on unofficially in times of turmoil to help maintain control and systems of oppression against people who defy the structures of power so yeah I you know I find Alex Jones repugnant of course on the other hand you're right if we allow these institutions to begin to decide who has a voice and who doesn't then we're not gonna have a voice yeah I can't I just can't believe that that people don't get that that there needs to be a transparent process and again of course they're gonna they're gonna use what will go ahead a public release people I mean it's like Steve Jobs who was truly an evil human being and I was in Sioux kadhi park when he died and several many and I love these kids in Zuccotti they wanted to have a memorial for Steve and I'm going no no no well you need to understand there are 700,000 sweatshop workers in China some of them were jumping off of roofs you know to commit suicide but there's there's the public relations industry is so adept at manufacturing these personalities and getting us to build this false emotional relationship you know they're out there slag sucker Zuckerberg out there with his t-shirt I mean they're very good at it yes and the system the media platforms disseminated and it's it's it's we have created such sophisticated forms of propaganda and people confuse how they are made to feel with knowledge and that's why we're in partly we're in such trouble because these corporate media platforms and I include MSNBC and PBS and which is a wholly owned subsidiary the Koch brothers they are dependent on these personalities and the corporations that they run and they serve as their you know their public relations platforms so you you talk about and we're here with Chris Hedges the author of America the farewell tour is we're talking about right now and you know there was a lot of ironies in what's happening right now with the left and the right so I'm just gonna read from your book says the radical left and the radical right each made up of people who have been cast aside by the cruelty of corporate capitalism have embraced holy war they're marginalized lives battered by economic misery have been with meaning have been filled with meaning now that they're activists right so we're touches on the healed writing this talking about the heels of Charlotte's bill right and they hold themselves up as the vanguard of the oppressed both the left and the right t5 and the brown boys they hope that they hold themselves up as the vanguard of the oppressed they claim the use they they claim the right to use force to silence those defined as the enemy they sanctify anger they are consumed by the adrenaline driven for confrontation these groups are separated as Sigmund Freud wrote of those who engage in frat aside by the narcissism of minor differences so you're saying well out some others finished it says it was inevitable that we would reach this point where we're unable to to address the rudimentary us where the were unable to address the rudimentary needs of its citizens as I saw in the former Yugoslavia and was true in the Weimar Republic and John Russell so what's happening is that is the state is uh no longer able to meet the rudimentary needs of our citizens and so people on the right to you go into detail in the book where you talk about the economic term you know situation of the people who are in Charlottesville and holding the torches and those and the people on the Left they share similar economic deprivation and I love that that that term about they they're the narcissism of minor differences so can you talk about that and how and and and I think that the ruling elite are afraid of the left and the right realizing that they have common interests is that they assassinated Fred Hampton hmm because Fred was gone the great Black Panther right in the sixties mmm-hmm was uniting I mean he was addressing white Aryans in Chicago who were applauding him no kidding of you know that oh yeah I never met building a poor people's coalition as long as he remained a black panther they could deal with them that's why the FBI drugged him burst in there and assassinated oh really yes twenty four years old so you talk about in the book that what people like Fred wanted to do in the 60s you think is a Scalia possible now because economics have gotten so bad we've hollowed out you know there's there's a million statistics that can give people examples how bad it is one of them that I like to use is that eighty percent of all workers are paycheck to paycheck sixty-three percent of Americans can't afford a thousand dollar emergency and half of all wage earners are in less than $30,000 and there was I was just took a couple notes on this the other day in the New York Times I had a couple good articles on the plight of the working class and the plight of the middle class and these are just the statistics these are just two or three days ago a decade later the typical middle-class families net worth is still more than forty thousand dollars below where it was in 2007 black net worth is down 40% Hispanic forty six percent since nineteen seventy three American productivity has increased by 77 percent hourly pay has grown by twelve percent if the federal minimum wage was tracked to productivity it would be more than twenty dollars an hour not seven twenty five this is New York Times this isn't some Trotskyite publication forty one point seven million workers earn that which is a third of the workforce earn less than $12 an hour and almost none have employer health insurance so what we've seen since the financial meltdown of 2008 is this disastrous policy of printing money creating money out of electronic ether an estimated twenty six trillion dollars and where did it go well it didn't go to rebuild our infrastructure it didn't go to invest in our public schools it didn't provide universal health care for all Americans it didn't forgive student debt it didn't bail out the eight hundred people thrown out of their homes because they were cheated on their subprime mortgages it went into the hands of the very people who committed massive global financial fraud please make sure you're subscribed even if you think you are subscribed there's a good chance you're not so please check it only takes a second and then click that bell and that's how you know you'll get a notice every time we drop a video they still won't notify you every time we drop a video but that's the best we can do plus if you like the show you want to support it please become a patron we give you hours of bonus material every week and come see a live show go to jimmy dore comedy comm for our live schedule

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30 thoughts on “Can Far Right & Left Fight Together Against Corporatism? w/Chris Hedges (part 2)

  1. FANTASTIC 3 PART SHOW! CHRIS HEDGES IS THE BEST TRUTH SPEAKER. JIMMY'S NEWS IS No1 Other truth speakers are; Noam Chomsky, Richard Wolff, Stephen F Cohen, Steven Ressnick, Steven Shafarman, Donald Jeffries, Paul Krugman, William Blum, Yanis Varoufakis, Petet Levelle, Lee Camp, Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, Jesse Ventura, Eugene Debs, Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, Gordon Dimmack, Julian Assange, Daniel Everett Hale, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Jeffrey Sterling, Thomas Drake, Daniel Ellsburg, Nils Melzer, Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch, Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell. VOTE 2020 TULSI GABBARD & MIKE GRAVEL, BERNIE HAS SOLD US OUT FOR HIS STATUS!!!!!!

  2. There is no far right but there is far left. But they need to work together because the ones that divide us. Rule and manipulate us are winning and this will be really really bad for us all.

  3. Just to be clear. Your enemy is not black, or white, or Muslim, or immigrants, or Jewish, or Christian, or gay, or Conservative, or liberal, or white supremacists, or transgender, or pro or con abortion and climate change. Your enemy is the rich. Just so we're clear on that.

  4. Black net worth down 40% Hispanic down by 46%. Productivity since 1973 productivity has increased 77% Hourly pay has grown by 12%. If the federal wage was tracked to productivity the hourly pay would be more than dollars an hour not $7.25 an hour.

  5. attacking vanguardism in general attacks Marxism-Leninism also. Which does a service to the far right. We presently have a "vanguard"" of an elite class called capitalists, also a dictatorship of one class over another, the working class. It is a democracy for capitalist but not for workers, such it is a capitalist democracy. The anti corporatists seem to not have a problem with capitalists and the economic inequality that goes with it, and the reactionary ideas and that result from it. It is the small capitalist that price gouges during a hurricane or other calamity. It is the same that will oppose unions, and the first to support the far right.

    Using force in the name of religion, is not far left, or left or not a van guardist. It feeds the far right or gives the govt. an excuse to clamp down on the left.

    Communists do not oppose job elimination but workers should be rewarded with a shorter work day for the same 8hrs pay. Robots should be our slaves not the reverse. Making production more efficient is a revolutionary force opposing it is a reactionary. Robots can take over the dangerous jobs,

    Nothing progressive about supporting the capitalist system, its a reactionary position.

  6. Even the so called liberal PBS tells us to "Be More" as if we are not enough already. Everytime I hear their "be more" promo I feel insulted. One of the many reasons I stopped watching PBS (that and their lack of positive coverage of Bernie in 2016).

  7. The rightwing-minded working people think that, if the government stopped restricting the capitalists, they would use the free market to better the economy for everyone. That's a gamble the leftwing-minded working people know from bitter experience leads to a better economy for the capitalists, but a worse one for everyone else. The rightwing are learning what the leftwing have known for a long time. So, the people who gave the rightwing-minded working people the idea have had to give up on that one and hunker down on their anti-communist message to the point of absurdity. The rightwing-minded working people will learn, if they give themselves the opportunity to search the Internet and research the matter for themselves, that manipulating anti-communism has a history that goes back to Hitler, who was no friend of the working people, either leftwing or rightwing. After all, the White Rose Society were a rightwing group. What the neo-liberal corporatists (whose axiom is "All Power to the Rich!") fear most is that the vast rightwing-minded and leftwing-minded majority will come together around toppling them from power. I would add that Lenin's axiom was not "All Power to the Bureaucracy!, but "All Power to the Soviets!"– the Soviets being the popularly delegated, democratically functioning councils of the vast majority of ordinary Russians prior to the counterrevolutionary Stalin's Constitution of 1936, which officially removed any independent power of the Soviets (imagine the American bonapartists– George Washington used the term 'Caesarists'– pulling off a counterrevolution with the Constitution of 1787, which is what many Libertarians believed before the 1950s, and taking away the popularly delegated rights of the Americans); but to verify that for themselves, my rightwing-minded brothers and sisters will have to do some very deep research indeed. They might want to see

  8. The day you equivalent the alt right with antifa is the day you should quit your job. Jimmy and Chris are super out of touch on this subject and should stop talking about what they clearly know nothing about.

  9. I don't think Hampton was working with actual aryans, they were white southerners but they didn't have a racial ideology. They were just poor workers who stood together because they were white and from the south.

  10. Sometimes I realise how 'spoiled' I am to be able to watch these long-form interviews. That's…not really a thing on TV. Internet, podcasts…they are awesome for this.
    But not everyone does this, so thank you Jimmy Dore!

  11. No. The far right will be glad to become storm troopers at the worst and at the best they will always be useful idiots for the oligarchs.

  12. Uniting the voters, the youth, idealists together regardless of which political philosophy they believe in is a good idea. But I would not call that "Left" and "Right" — rather, I'd call it the Left. As Hedges himself acknowledges, the people who think of themselves as the "Right" are rightfully regarded as part of the Left, the 99%, the masses who suffer under insufficient wages, debt peonage, and the rest of the horrors of classism just like the rest of the Left. That subgroup is not distinct from the rest of the Left economically, only idealistically. They are no different from us who acknowledge we are part of the Left, the 99%. This is why I like and actually prefer the 99%/1% terminology because it is clearer.

    People among the 99% of us can continue to believe they are above the rest of us by aligning their ideology with the elite, worshipping their corporate heroes and going gah-gah over every war we wage, and they probably will. We have a lot of work to do to pull them into alignment with the rest of us. Maybe, though, we should begin by working with other parts of the Left that are more open to the common agenda (universal health care, free college, etc). It won't be easy because those ideas are so ingrained. Those young folks in Zucotti Park are just one example. A lot of re-education to do.

  13. If we stop labelling them as right and left then yes… they can… everyone has a little left and right in each of them… just like every politician..

  14. Corrupt Capitalism isn’t the only thing right wingers care about

    1. Fair trade not crony capitalism
    2. Non pc free speech
    3. The ability to defend oneself against corrupt police state
    4. No more Clinton prison system
    5. No more Clinton student loan program
    6. No more crony healthcare
    7. Financial support to TRULY disabled children elderly only
    8. Any rule politicians make they must follow (example: Med ins)
    9. No more policing the world at tax payers expense in blood and money (this would subsidize insurance)
    10. No open borders: our neighbors are our choice. The citizens choose. Must be predominantly agreed upon. (85% rule)
    11. No media can have more than 3% of any market
    12. No more monopolies of any kind (insurance co, media, Internet etc)
    13. No more fake food
    14. Limit insane abortion
    15. No more bad cops (accountability)
    16. ?
    17. ?

  15. 4:30 Really? I just googled 'Imperialism' and the first 5 hits were dictionaries, wiki and britannica. The next several pages were articles regarding imperialism from the Atlantic, New Yorker, etc. #7 was from a site called Who the hell is that? I'm not buying Hedges idea that it's all a big conspiracy that RT doesn't rate high in Googles algorithms.

  16. jimmy is further down on the road to the right than i imagined

    how about you get there, buddy, and stop pretending you stand with the left

    nazbol piece of shit

  17. I am amazed that people think there is a difference in the Republican and democratic parties. C'mon it's like professional wrestling. The corparate media has the people fighting each other while the real criminals sit back and decide your fate.

  18. Good analysis, except you guys are still living in 2002 when it comes to the rise of the populist “far” right. Corporate-State power is coming down harder on them than virtually any other politically active segment of society. Sad because I was hoping to hear about how “left wing” populism and “right wing” populism could work in concert one another. Once again there is a fundamental misunderstanding of “conservative populism” as being some sort of corporate Koch brothers shell game.

  19. These labels are idiotic. Far right or far left is irrelevant. People in power believe in amassing wealth and political power regardless of whether they are on the left or right or up or down or whatever. When it comes to the regular people, they just simply adapt to the time while ultimately switching back and worth. Not to mention you can't just relegate a person's ideology to just left and right. Most actually have concepts from both sides they believe in.

  20. Hey Jimmy, I'm sorry but your buddy Chris Hedges doesn't understand the Far Right at all. If you want to understand the Far Right, why don't you have a conversation with the Far Right? Have a talk about what you have in common rather than getting hung up on whether or not white Christian people have a right to hold onto their majority. Have a live talk with Eric Striker about foreign policy and economics. If Striker is too much for you, talk to Cultured Thug, he's a fascist who isn't racist at all. Or talk to Mark Collette, he's far right but not as extreme as Striker or Duke. He's just for preserving the white Christian majority, not an all white ethno state.

    Or if you're brave enough, talk to David Duke or E Michel Jones about what you have in come in. The Far Right & Far Left will always have major disagreements. But, in this movement in time while the establishment is destroying our civilization, its probably a good time to call a temporary truce and rather than fighting each other, direct all our energy and might at the establishment.

    Because here's the truth Jimmy, we don't wanna fight ANTIFA, but we're forced to because the ANTIFA wont leave us alone. Literally can't do nothing without them showing up to attack us.

    Get the boogy man image of fascists out of your head. A lot of them just want to preserve the European Christian majority and have real social justice for everyone of every color. Not every fascist wants to kick out non-whites, those are the people who make us look bad and hold us back. Talk to Cultured Thug, he's a huge fascist and doesn't care about race at all.

  21. I'm far right and I HATE Capitalism, especially Laisse Faire Capitalism. I'm not against free enterprise on the mom & pop shop level or even on the millionaire level. But, on the multi hundred million dollar level and billionaire level, we need Government oversight, we government intervention, the top 1% needs to be dispossessed. We cannot allow billionaires to exist, we cannot allow the accumulation of that kind of wealth, because money is power. We must constrain private sector power. Capitalists have captured our government with their extreme wealth. Libertarians are so dumb, they blame the government for not realizing that its the private sector that drives government policy in America. It's called SOFT POWER! The super wealthy purchase our politicians with their donations and they further drive policy with their lobbying power. Capitalists run the government and they don't give a shit about anything but profits. Fuck the individual liberty of billionaires. There needs to be a balance between individual rights and the collective good. Its the only way forward.

    Our economic system is shit, its designed to further enrich the rich.
    Read, "An Economic Interpretation of the United States Constitution" by Charles A. Beard

    I don't like capitalism or Americanism because it takes individualism to the extreme. But, I don't like communism either because it takes collectivism to the extreme. We need a balance between individual rights and the collective good. I think that's common sense and something everyone can get behind.

  22. Mussolini's corporatism is NOT the same kind of corporatism you're talking about. This creates confusion.

    Alex Jones is NOT far right or Neo-Nazi, Alex Jones is a classical liberal homo shill for "free market" capitalism.

  23. "Man to man is so unjust, children
    You don't know who to trust
    Your worst enemy could be your best friend
    And your best friend your worst enemy"
    — Bob Marley

    We're all getting buggered by the white supremacists on the Left and Right.
    Because the white supremacists spread confusion on both sides..

    Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr. —
    What are the white supremacists doing now?
    They are doing 4 basic things:
    Racial Showcasing,
    Racial Population Tailoring,
    Racial Dislocation, and 
    White Sacrificing.
    And these four things are designed to produce maximum sophisticated confusion among the victims, and so far it's been somewhat successful, world-wide..

    Now, I'll start with the first one, what is RACIAL SHOWCASING.
    That means, taking huge numbers of black people and putting them out front. It's going to be more of this, all over the planet. Many millions of Black people that you will see, who will be rolling in money. They will be able to showcase the places where they live. They will be able to showcase their knowledge, and expertise. See, you have television now; you have all of the mediums for doing this, for showcasing huge numbers of Black people. I will say it will eventually run into the millions, so many that you won't be able to count them. Now what is this for? This is for any Black person that starts talking about racism in the future, is going to be laughed at, because they are gonna be able to showcase so many Black people who are what you call "successful" that it will seem that racism has been put out of business. But white supremacy is a world business, and like any other business, it works on profits and losses, which means percentages. You go into business; you expect a certain amount of loss. If you're in the grocery business, well you might have a load of asparagus that is spoiled, but overall, you will make more profits than you have losses, if you're going to stay in the business. Now, so the white supremacists knows that the cost of doing the business of white supremacy is going up. They can no longer get away with Joe Louis and Lena Horne, like they did years ago. They have to have many, many, many more Black people who are going to be "showcased." I made up this term, just to explain it; you have to make up terms because they won't make them up for you. So, now that's the first phase, or one of the first elements, in the maximum confusion. And so that Black people won't be able to say, they say, “well, you know, there must be something wrong with me, that I’m down and out and don't have a biscuit to eat, because there are so many millions of Black people, who have so much, so it can't be race. But see, for the four or five million Black people who will be showcased, there will be hundreds of millions, worldwide, who won't have a biscuit. That's the way the business operates in the future, and will be, that's the way it seems to be going according to what … the evidence … according to the logic.

    That's number two. Meaning, they are going to be killing huge numbers, either directly or indirectly, of non-white people. When i say Black people, i mean non-white. Anybody who is in the non-white category. And doing this on an ongoing basis. Not to try to kill them all, because when you're in the business of racism, you don't kill off the thing that you need in order to keep racism going. You ego trip, which is what it's really all about. But you do tailor the population, so you can keep them controlled. So you'll kill off a few million in the Congo, then you'll, a few years up the road, you'll kill off a few million in Nigeria, and a few years up the road, you'll kill off a few in Mexico, and on and on and on. And you'll highly select the places where you do this. You'll have it all computerized, where you kill off huge numbers. Or you'll have them, even better still, kill off each other, like you do in most of the cities in the north western part of the world, called the north western hemisphere. Having Black people gun down each other, ya know … non-white people, the Brown people, gunning down each other, gangs, and all that other foolishness. And you kill them off, you just keep this going, you egg it on, and you put things in place that will see to it that it just keeps going that way, and never stops. Because that is the mentality of the people. This is racial population tailoring. In other places, where the people are reasonably, reasonably sane, they don't have a tendency to kill off each other, then you do things like dry up the water, or poison the rivers, dump toxic waste. It's all kinds of ways to do that racial population tailoring.

    Then the other, number three, is RACIAL DISLOCATION.
    Keep 'em moving. People who are forever on the move, through eminent domain, urbanization, urban renewal, gentrification … or … here again, drying up the river. You build a dam, 800 miles up, and the river seals off the water, behind the dam … i mean … the dam is sealed off, the river is sealed off behind the dam … so that means, that all the people down in the valley there, they don't get any water. They need water. They depend on the fishing industry. So now they have to come and work for you, because there's no more water there and no more fish, and you give them minimum wage, and a promise for the future as long as they look up to you. So they are completely dependent, but keep them moving. If a Black person in the north western hemisphere, starts getting that 2nd generation house, then you come through and say you've got to build a highway. That's the technique.

    These are the things you asked about, about how the white supremacists operate. These are the ways that they operate.

    The WHITE SACRIFICING is the fourth.
    And here again, all four of these things are for maximum sophisticated confusion among the victims.
    See, you're not confused; you're keeping your victims confused. So you have white sacrifices, meaning, it's kind of parallel to the racial showcasing, but these people in this case, are white. Like in any army, or any military operation, you know you're going to have some losses. So some white people are written off, under the system of white supremacy, and a lot of white people are aware of this. They don't like it, but they are told that this is the cost of doing business. Just like a person who goes into the army, and knows full well you might get killed, but it goes with the territory of trying to defend your bigger operation. So white sacrifices mean you'll have more and more white people on park benches. More and more white people begging on the streets. They will be greatly visible. But what you won't pay attention to, because Black people never pay much attention to what white people are doing, we just watch each other, see they know that … you'll be passing millions of white people who are doing well, on any city street … and for the handful of white people, who have fallen through the cracks, you might say, sitting in front of the subways, or begging in front of the delicatessen … for the handful that you see doing that … up under the bridge, and all like that … it will give the illusion that it's not about race. That white supremacy is officially out of business. So there will be more of these white sacrifices and they will be greatly visible. But compared to the number of white people who will be prospering, it will be very negligible, world-wide."

    Now those are the four maximum sophisticated confusion elements..


    “If you do not understand white supremacy (racism) — what it is and how it works — everything else that you think you understand will only confuse you.”

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