Can Joe Biden Handle Attacks from Trump If He’s Nominee?

Can Joe Biden Handle Attacks from Trump If He’s Nominee?

Last question today. Hey David. How will Joe Biden handle Ukraine attacks
from Donald Trump if he becomes the nominee? This, this is a good question because this
has already come up and Joe Biden is completely mangled the answer. I believe that Joe Biden needs to fight back
when that issue comes up. If Joe Biden is the nominee and issues of
Hunter Biden’s job at the Ukrainian gas company are woven into the discussion about Trump
and impeachment. Other day I saw an interview that Joe Biden
gave where he was asked about it and he just, he seemed totally disoriented. He seemed dazed almost. How has he not come up with a strong answer
on this issue? He’s already looking weak about it. So a few thoughts that I have. Number one, Biden needs a strategy. I would sort of workshop it and there’s a
few different angles you could take. One angle you could take and say, Oh, hold
on a second, hold on a second. Uh, the Trump administration has Trump’s unelected
children doing high level work. You’ve got Rudy Giuliani son working in the
white house. You have William Barr’s son working in the
white house or somewhere associated with the administration. You’ve got the president’s kids regularly
meeting with foreign leaders. Maybe the fact that Hunter Biden got a job
at a gas company is not actually the biggest concern right now. When you’ve got Ivanka sitting in for the
secretary of state or whatever it was that she was doing a couple of years ago at the
G 20, that’s one angle. Um, the counter to that is you’re, you’re
sort of muddying it up because you’re not really defending anything. You’re just saying Trump is doing it worse. So another angle that you could take is something
like, listen, I’ve helped my children to be successful. You’ve helped yours. Neither has anything to do with you being
impeached for your bribery and extortion of Ukraine. You are an impeached president. You’re desperate to distract, et cetera, et
cetera. That might be sort of like a stronger way
to go about it. I’m not a political messaging expert, but
what I can tell you is what Jay, that when Joe Biden was asked about this the other day,
how do you not have a planned answer for it? You are going to get a hundred versions of
basically the same question. Isn’t there something to why Hunter Biden
had this cushy job on the, on the board of this Ukrainian gas company? Isn’t it true that for whatever Trump did
wrong, there may, maybe there should be an investigation into what went on with you and
Hunter, but he’s going to be asked this a hundred different ways. He’s got to be strong on it. He’s completely bungled it so far in a cringe-worthy,
embarrassing way. Um, and he, if he is going to be the nominee
and he’s not the nominee yet, and maybe he won’t be, but if he is, if he can’t be prepared
for that in a strong way, which it’ll require a level of strength we’ve not really seen
from Joe Biden this campaign, other than in very isolated instances, he’s going to get
crushed by Trump. You will have an impeached president making
Joe Biden look bad on issues surrounding what led to the impeachment unless Joe Biden can
be properly prepared. I want to hear from you. How do you believe that Joe Biden could answer those questions? Leave a reply as a comment if you’re watching
on YouTube. Otherwise, send me a [email protected]

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100 thoughts on “Can Joe Biden Handle Attacks from Trump If He’s Nominee?

  1. Work shop it my ass. Truth, for god sake. Biden is dirty through nepotism, dirty through supporting immoral war, failed as a VP to secure medicare for all just to begin with. Poison water in Flint still, an opioid epidemic still, mass incarceration of innocent youth mainly black still, student debt still, crippling medical debt still, Teachers and war Vets clambering for reasonable fair treatment from their employer still, gerrymandering still, the filthy rich pay no tax still, the NRA control no back ground checks still, Americans pay more for medicine than any other country still and on and on. What did Obama and Biden do? Endless war still, fracking still, nothing of any worth did they do as far as I can see.

  2. I became depressed when David was speaking about Biden, then I started reading the comments and seriously bouts of 😂 and belly laughs. My stomach is sore. Thanks I really needed this reprieve.

  3. Trump WANTS Biden to be the nominee bc Trump can bandoozle Biden very easily thru Trump's manipulative words. Biden is too naive to beat Trump's lies. Biden thinks he can win thru simply smiling onstage.

  4. I think Biden just thinks that everyone likes him, and that he can screw up all he wants while still being assured of success.

  5. Why are we even discussing what he should say? His weakness with the youth makes him a non viable option to run against Trump anyway.

  6. Considering how Trump never makes that much sense when he's talking, Biden may just be able to retort something back at Trump if Trump attacks Biden. I think if Buttigieg had more of a chance of being the Democratic nominee, he would be able to obliterate Trump. The Democratic party needs to do a better job of picking their nominee for the Presidential election.

  7. No. He speaks to slow and he's not quick-witted. Going to need someone who can fact check tRump on the spot and not be over talked.

  8. As it stands now, Joe Biden is not articulate enough to provide the right answers during a debate. He would be easily wound up by Trump and he’ll be thrown off course.

  9. "Hey, Donny, how's Ivankas trademarks doing over in China? You know, the ones she was granted right after you had president Xi for dinner at Mar-a-lago! Those trademarks? How's her business going?
    I'm really impressed how she finds the time to juggle that at the same time as working in the White House! AND being a mother to quite small children! Wow, that's impressive! How often does she see her kids? Once a week??

  10. He could years ago. I don't know why the Democrats can't nominate someone sharp witted and spry. I'm just an outside watcher though. In the general I'm voting for !Trump and hope you guys can find the best person to tear the autocratic narcissist up.

  11. Notice that Pakman jumps to step 2 by asking how can Biden wangle out of questions, rather than an ethical journalist asking the step 1 question: "Do the allegations against Biden corruption hold any water?" This is why Pakman's videos are one-sided Partisan echo-chambers. He doesn't even pretend to be an ethical journalist. Pakman, don't just claim the allegations against Biden have been debunked. You have to give reasons why you say it was debunked, especially given it came after Biden's threat (quid pro) to withhold $1.5 billion in aid if Ukraine didn't call off the investigator. When they said there was nothing there, DIRECTLY AFTER Joe's $1.5 billion quid pro, that is not a debunking. It needs investigation. Are Democrats willing to investigate, even if it shows themselves up in a bad light? Why aren't Democrats interested in unmasking any corruption by Democrats? Hey, if someone on my team was bad, I'd want them un-masked. One's loyalty is for the best interests of the country, not for the best interests of one's political party. How did so many young people get convinced to support their own team, ahead of the upright values of righteousness, even if it comes to admitting their own team messed up? This is a plain fact: When an American president un-masks corruption by American politicians overseas, that is first and foremost him acting in the interests of the country. The Media has fooled you into thinking that investigating corruption is in Trump's interests alone. HEY, answer this: If there was corruption, wouldn't you like to get rid of it? Yes, you would. And if the corruption politicians defend themselves by impeaching the President trying to investigate them, would you see through it? Actually, no. Because videos like this persuade young people that the President was acting in his own interest by investigating corruption. I do believe that Pakman has fooled himself, in that he believes his own narrative. Pakman, answer these simple questions: (1) If Democrat politicians are involved in corruption, would you want it stopped? (2) Would you support a Republican President investigating Democrat corruption? David, show your hand. Show that you stand for justice, ahead of partisanship.

  12. This has been one of my concern with him. He should have an answer for this by now. Even if he had an answer he would get beat up on something else. He is not as strong as the centrist think he is and he pisses me of with his attitude of entitlement!!!! He doesn’t even try!

  13. Surprise surprise.. David is making a mockery of Biden's answers but when Bernie stumbles and gets completely lost when asked about the foreign policy then that was a bit underwhelming but "look at him on the issues of M4A, blah blah". Or when he's asked about the race he answers something completely different then it's that naughty person that asked the question being unfair. This is pathetic.. Why don't you call your show "Bernie's little ass worshipers" and be done with it. We all know your agenda anyway..

  14. Drop to his level… Call him an "Impotent Pinocchio!". The impotent part will get to him! The reality is, he can't fight back, he is too decent a guy!

  15. All Biden has to say to Trump is: PROVE IT OR SHUT UP! Trump knows the only way he can win ANY election is to claim his opponent is a crook and repeat it over and over without evidence. About the only thing I remember vividly about Hillary Clinton’s campaign is “Emails” and “Benghazi”. If Biden ends up running against Trump and loses, 3 years later all anyone will remember about Biden’s campaign is: “Burisma”. It’s pathetic that Trump gets away with accusations of crimes unsupported by any evidence aimed at anyone who has the temerity to oppose him.

  16. You don’t have to be an expert in a particular industry to sit on a board of directors. Each director brings various business expertise to a public company from a variety of backgrounds.

  17. Repeat after me: "Donald Trump is a cowardly little pussy who hates the working class." That's the thesis of a campaign that can win against him. If you want to lose, your thesis should be "Donald Trump is a rapist and swindler and impeached president who lies and cheats."

  18. I am worried about this too. Joe Biden is just not a strong enough candidate to stand up to Trump's ad hominem attacks, period. He does not think rapidly on his feet. We do not need a candidate who is going to be sticking his foot or even both feet in his mouth.

    David, I think your suggestion for Biden was excellent. But can Biden carry that off? Also, for Trump, anyone who was in the Obama administration is going to be attacked with more verbal violence for guilt by association. Trump hates Obama passionately. We need a candidate who is bully proof. We need one who will reduce Trump to an incoherent blubbering mess in debates, who is lightning quick on his/her verbal feet. That is what I am looking for in a candidate this time. Someone who makes Trump look like the dishonest backstabbing fool he is. Someone who makes Trump look like a self serving traitor to this country. Someone who will put Trump on trial for high crimes during the debates. And if Trump backs out of the debates (because Trump really was lousy last time), then do it in speeches and do it in TV ads and on the internet in ads.

    I know Trump is a white nationalist and a racist scumbag, but since his cult members are actually proud of being white racists, not sure what the Democrats should do about that.

  19. The impeached president should leave the grown children out of it. We all know what nepotism is so why be one sided about it. Trump has all of his three grown children doing illegal stuff in the white house. All Biden has to do is say the name IVANKA and trump will turn a brighter orange. How can you pressure biden about his son and be blind about trump and his three children, especially little don who posed with his rifle gun with hillary's pic and the white supremacy symbol on the gun. Anyway, trump will not be in office to run. He will be out of there by this week.

  20. Joe Biden is the sort of politician that's perfect for Trump. Trump only needs to muddy the waters and drag everyone down to his level.

    For example Trump needs only to assert how awfully suspicious Hunter Biden's role in the Ukrainian gas company is. When you're knee deep in nuance you've already lost the crowd. It does not matter that there was unanimous consent from the international community to fire this guy. This is why a clean record matters. You need to unequivocally be not corrupt if you intend to have a fighting chance against Trump.

  21. The 'what about the Trump children?' defence is so obvious I cannot fathom why Biden isn't using it. In my view there is way too little focus on the endemic rampant nepotism of this administration. It makes many banana republics and dictatorships look innocent in comparison.

  22. Biden should say: "My son is a grown man, he makes his own choices, and I dont interfere or discuss them with him, especially not when he has broken no laws. On the other hand…" then continue to sum up all the bs Trump and his spawn have been up to, or at least the worst points, since listing it all would require several hours, if not days, even if u only focus on the nepotism and the Trump kids milking their fathers presidency for anything and everything possible.

  23. Joe Biden is so ill-prepared to defend on all aspects of his political career. The #1 issue Trump attack him on is corruption pertain to Burisma – how long did Joe has to form a solid counter? Joe stump and blunder every time it's asked. Joe can't handle the presidency in an honest and transparent way! WHY? Because he is a failure at being honest and up front when it comes to the truth. If you can't deliver the truth then what are you??? ANOTHER TRUMP!! 👀😢 Just different smell!

  24. I dont feel strongly that Biden will beat Trump at dissing. Bernie on the other hand will kick Trump's little b's all over the debate floor.

  25. Corn pop vs. orange julius ceasar? IDK but I am positive that the whole thing will be 1. embarrassing 2. depressing 3. detrimental to democracy and the future of our country 4. mostly incoherent

  26. Whatever positive attitude I ever had about Joe Biden has been destroyed by his lackluster campaign. I hate going to the "He's too old" stuff but that's a huge part of his problem. You can tell how much he has aged, mentally, in the years since Hillary's campaign. Bernie, by contrast, is no different than he ever has been in spite of the heart attack. The fact that he's polling well has totally energized him.

  27. Lmao Dude… Trump will eviscerate him and every candidate running and everybody knows it! And that's even IF Trump wants to debate! Mind you he has absolutely nothing to prove so he has nothing to debate. He's already doing most of the job he was voted in for. If anything Trump would be doing any candidate who stands next to him a favor by giving them exposure during the debate. If Trump's smart he'd sit back and let THEM prove themselves worthy of the people's vote.


  28. And so the shit spiral goes, Republicans say "Obama did it too or did worse", now David's defence for scummy behaviour is "Trump is doing it too or does worse".


  29. How should he address the questions? "I would like to announce today that I am withdrawing my candidacy for POTUS. I don't actually have any goal for it aside from having 'President' attached to my name directly."
    How would he address the questions? "You’re a damn liar, and that’s not true. Look, fat. I’m not sedentary. You want to check my shape on, let’s do push ups together, let’s run, let’s do whatever you want to do, let’s take an IQ test."

  30. don't split the vote. otherwise we can lose iowa at the second vote to Pete(look at second choices of the latest poll) vote bernie

  31. The question is how is Joe Biden going to handle Trump's Creepy Joe attacks with videos of Joe smelling people, touching little girles and saying creepy things to them? Why don't you think Trump is talking about it now? Because he's saving the killing blow for the election.

  32. If Biden is the nominee, and more likely he will be according to the polls, he needs to load up on Adderall to match Trumps energy during the presidential debates.

  33. Joe Biden definitely needs a strategy on the Burisma and 'firing of the prosecutor' subject. trump will hammer him with it and Biden must respond intelligently without having to resort to the trumpian tactic of personal childish attacks. Take the high road and leave trump looking like the idiot we all know him to be.

  34. It drives me nuts to think about this. Biden needs to reign in his game. He needs to do something about his slow-thinking. There are stuff you can take..meds, mind improvement supplements to be more energetic and alert. I fear he will flop if he doesn't do something about it. Trump is going to lie, lie, lie and Biden needs to take it more seriously I'm afraid.

  35. No: he sounds like a passive , slowly dementing, tripping over his thoughts, very elderly grandfather. Trump will chew up him and his weak responses. Bernie and Elizabeth wouldn’t take trump’s shit, and would bluntly expose his lies for what they are.

  36. Hopefully it's Bernie, but if it's Joe, he needs to lean into it and say, "Look, I'm 100% sure the reason my son got that job is because of his last name, I just didn't have anything to do with it, and him having that job didn't influence me one way or the other."

  37. Definitely not the second way you mentioned. That sounds like he pulled strings for his son and, oh ya, you did too so it’s all ok. Basically an admission. Not a good answer. He just needs to stick to the facts that, just like Trump’s accusals of Hillary wrong-doings and the multiple investigations into both, there is still no shred of evidence, which is why Trump got impeached for his rogue actions.

  38. I truly hope Biden is NOT the nominee. Trump will trounce him. Is it “true” that Trump is planning not to attend the debates? (Yes, I put true in quotes.)

  39. simply? NO! Biden would be destroyed. and to the point from which he'd never recover. No one with a sense of decency could ever confront Trump in a debate and exit unharmed. Biden has experienced serious and personal loss in his life, therefore he's tender and especially vulnerable due to this. Facing the likes of a careless, ruthless Trump will be his End.

  40. Joe should just reply Hunter is more qualified that Trump's kids or some such thing or just expand on why Hunter was qualified and be loud about it…tRump cowers to loud

  41. DNC knows he would lose..they prefer that. Less responsibility to deliver results and another Trump victory is a great moneymaker for them.

  42. Elizabeth Warren was flustered getting attacked at the one debate by Dems. Biden will be able to handle it, and push back with some logic. I think Klobuchar would do well, look how she kept her cool with Kavanaugh. Bernie and Trump, not sure it'd be good for the old ticker, for either of them. We should have a backup candidate on deck 😉

  43. Who says Ttump is going to be their nominee? He could be dead by then, or hospitalized and removed by the 25th, or any one of a number of other options:
    !. Death by natural causes
    He’s old, overweight and gaining, and probably hasn’t seen a sensible doctor in decades.
    2. Death from above
    Lightning does strike on golf courses, this happens often in Florida.
    3. Death by misadventure
    He dies, and we never know exactly what happened, leaving David Pecker to come up with the theories.
    4. Assassination
    He crossed Putin, and he’s opening himself up by his attitude to the Secret Service.
    5. Suicide
    Not likely, but it could happen. This would also leave David Pecker to theorize. If an unsuccessful suicide attempt, this could trigger number six.
    6. 25th amendment solution
    Everyone already knows that he’s completely bonkers, and no one can rely on him. “His” generals are IMO the most likely to turn on him.
    7. Resignation
    The family gets him to pardon them all. He declares himself pardoned also and resigns. Legal battle ensues.

  44. Biden’s not stupid. When and if Biden becomes the primary candidate you can bet he’ll have plenty of ammunition including pointing out those facts. He’s got his fair share of experience. I think the majority of candidates are pushing what they want to provide more than what Trump is doing wrong. The time will come and you can bet the majority of allies of the USA that have dealt with Biden directly will provide even more support. Just my opinion.

  45. He should not specifically call out the Trump offspring but take a "kids do the darnedest things, don't they Donald?" approach so the implication is hanging in the air. He should also drive home that Hunter did nothing illegal. Whether it was unethical is a matter for debate.

  46. Joe Burden can answer that question by not ever being in the position of having to answer that question. He needs to step out of his bid for running for the presidency.

  47. Biden can’t handle old angry white men at his town halls. What makes anyone think he can handle an angry old white man on a debate stage?

  48. Trump would beat the sh*t out of Biden. Against Warren it would be pretty much a reprieve of Trump v. Hillary.
    Bernie is our only shot!

  49. Bernie promised to stand up to the multinational firms and billionaires, but he wouldnt even stand up to the DNC that rigged their primaries against him. Two little girls on a stage was too much for bernie to stand up to, too.

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