Can The Republican Party Stop Trump?

Can The Republican Party Stop Trump?

Republican candidate Donald Trump has seen
unprecedented success in the 2016 presidential race. Trump has led nearly every major poll
this year, and if he continues to win the primaries by his current margins, experts
say that by mid-March it will be virtually impossible for another candidate to catch
up. But despite his popularity among conservative voters, the GOP establishment has vehemently
opposed Trump, fearing that an anti-establishment candidate would not be able to win the general
election. So, how is the GOP trying to stop Trump? Well, as an infamously outrageous businessman
and reality TV star, Trump is the definition of an outsider candidate. Although his fundamentally
conservative views echo those of many republican voters, they are a far cry from the GOP’s
future goals. These were outlined after the 2012 election loss, and include employing
a more inclusive tone, appealing to minorities, particularly hispanics and women, and lessening
their dependence on affluent white men. Needless to say, Trump does not meet any of these standards.
For the Republican establishment, Trump not only represents an ideological step backwards,
but a sure loss in the general election. So, to stop Trump from ever getting to that
point, the GOP has employed its most powerful ally, Fox News. Although the TV network features
some pro-Trump programming, Fox has predominantly rallied against the candidate. In the second
Republican debate, Fox moderators immediately focused on his potential run as a third party
candidate and his history of misogynist statements. This led to a nasty feud between Trump and
Fox pundit Megyn Kelly, which later became an all-out war between the network and the
candidate. Even the CEO of Fox’s parent company News Corp., Rupert Murdoch, publicly
denounced Trump, and encouraged former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run against
him as third-party candidate. But it’s not just conservative media attacking
Trump. Super PACs like Our Principles and Club For Growth mobilized an Anti-Trump campaign
early on in the Primaries. Unlike many political organizations, they are uniquely not aligned
with a specific candidate. Their sole purpose is to bring down Trump. Our Principles and
Club for Growth, combined with smaller outside groups have spent roughly $10 million dollars,
mostly for ads that paint Trump as a closeted liberal and urban elitist. Despite their efforts
Trump has dominated the primaries thus far. But these organizations claim that their efforts
have significantly brought down his numbers and promise to continue aggressively advertising. But as Trump is getting closer and closer
to winning the nomination, the GOP is rethinking their anti-trump strategy. Several republican
congress members, and even Trump’s former opponents have recently come out in support
of the candidate, like New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Experts predict that if Trump
continues to win primaries, he will gather more and more GOP endorsements. This doesn’t
necessarily mean that these candidates are changing their minds about the Donald. Rather,
it reflects the GOP’s vow to get behind any republican candidate with a nomination,
and their fear that a divided party will lose the election. But with so many divides within
the Republican party, a unified GOP remains in the distant future. To keep making great episodes like these,
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the Republican party has been continually splitting in half for the past few years.
Learn about the GOP’s struggles in our video. Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos
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100 thoughts on “Can The Republican Party Stop Trump?

  1. Trump will be the death of everyone in the whole world. Why? He will start a third world war with Mexico, all the people he hates, and all the countries he hates. In other words, Trump will send nukes through the sky and kill everyone. Goodbye world.

  2. Its amazing how politicians care about the public. I mean winning? Whats that? As long as we help the people they are willing to not only support their counterparts but even step down and support other candidates. Well done politicians of the world. You truly deserve our praise and admiration!

  3. I wish he wins, God I really want to see how bad a president he is. DONALD TRUMP IS THE BEST one speech and you understand why people are voting for him. just during his candidacy he already has allies and enemies no candidate has ever done that. he has already made and amazing change just campaigning WE ALL FEAR CHANGE !! thats the problem.

  4. I just want the Military rebuilt. Hilary is a horrible choice, so is Sanders. Trump or Cruz are the better choice. Obama destroyed us.

  5. I think the media trying to demoralize Trump is backfiring… since the media have no credibility at all nowadays ppl might think: "Hey.. the media is against this guy so he must be good"

  6. how it is even possible to have in 2016 a racist sex offender rich bastard like trump run for president?? males me think América is a reedneck country #trump_new_hitler

  7. This is false. FOX might as well be Trump TV. He is on every time I look at the channel. It seems like the are trying to use reverse psychology to present him as the outsider wgich is false. Trump has been a lobbyist and involved deeply in politics for years. It's all a strategy.

  8. The question is can the GOP stop the American people, after all it is them that support him. Or don't you like democracy when it doesn't give you what you want to choose? ASK yourself why are people desperate for candidates like Trump and Sanders? Because they everybody else is corrupt, owned, paid for and work only to help the top 0.01% whilst killing hundreds of thousands in the Middle East. WHY are you surprised Trump and Sanders are popular and Clinton seen as the devil incarnate.

  9. Canada loves Trump !

    He is far better than the last few decades of warmongering corporate puppets you've had for President., we thought that would change with Obama, but he's worse than both Bushes and both Clintons combined.

    We apologize for exiling Ted Cruz to the US, and we are very sorry he slept with all your women, same thing happened when we sent you Bieber too..

  10. Republicans are just so stupid, everything is War and Money, what ? no, what the fuck, Bernie Sanders should be president, he is the closest thing we can get to an open minded president, and American Republicans have the most clicheist and steriotype view on Socialism I have ever seen, like damn, Bernie Sanders is not some Fidel Castro, he is a Democtratic Socialist, a person who cares and with 74 years it's obvious he is NOT gonna waste his time in office like Bush did in Iraq or what Trump would do trying to elimante imigration. Republicans are pathetic.

  11. the old guard staunch republicans on the run just tells everybody what they been doing to us for decades rotten bottomfeeding attorney politicians

  12. He bash men and women equally. So when he bash women he's a misogynist but when he bash men its meehh..

    This is exactly why he's popular because he says it like it is and the people that supports him are the ones that YOU people call mysoginist, rapist, racist and whatever every name in the book when the majority isn't. He became this big because he's anti-establishment he represents the cries of the majority about the america that turned into.

  13. What I don't get is on social media people saying "America is the best!" Then the politicians saying let's make it great again

  14. usa's selection system was create by elites,make every civilians be involved in but controled , to make foolish commom-iq people would‘t be selected and have chance  on pushing the states to the edge of diseasters with their poor sight and wisdom!only high-iq people should be pointed to lead!this is the charming of this sys!but will this time it write a record that foolish common people was uncontroled successfully and their wills become horses of loosing reins to burning themselves!请允许在下叶良辰用《legal high》的一句话结尾:民意就是狗屎!

  15. What if they are using Trump as a decoy to let another one get elected, like Hilary? There is something wrong.

  16. They want to stop Trump because they know that they will lose the money they continue to recieve from the asses they kiss. Have you ever wondered why all politicians are rich. Follow the money, and you will find corruption and perversion. Bunch of nut jobs. The middle class built this country and these tools are using us as puppets.

  17. I think it boils down to this: they are trying to stop him because they know that if they don't, the rest of us will. He's too far to the right to win the full scale election. His extreme stance may well push some right-leaning moderates towards the Democratic candidate, as that is still closer to their views than Trump.

  18. We need a good Libertarian to run under the Republican party… oh wait we did, and everyone ignored him. Twice.

  19. Today is May 4, 2016. We now know the answer to the question asked in the video. The answer is NO. I predict the next video will be can Hillary stop Trump.

  20. The different between Donald Trump and the other Republicans, are Donald Trump is overt about his prejudices and the other Republicans are covert.

  21. trump will win simply because he is FAR more talented an individual than is usually involved in a political career,
    guys like this dont run for office

  22. how being for the American citizen taking a step backwards sovereignty nobody wants that… right? the other party is wanting socialism so who's taking a step backwards?

  23. Trump don't need to be stopped seems even many of these youtube channels are joining the regular biased lying mainstream media

  24. oh God! what kind of news Program who supports a candidate? News program and media shouldnt be biased. US NEWS MEDIA IS A TRASH

  25. The first few words of "Hail to the Chief", "Hail to the Chief we have chosen for the nation," is bound to have been taken with a pinch of salt for the now five presidents who won the election despite losing the popular vote, they could say, "how could we say that when the majority of the voting public didn't"

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