Canada – A Nation DIVIDED?? I Don’t Think So. Election Results Part 1

Canada – A Nation DIVIDED?? I Don’t Think So. Election Results Part 1

Hi everybody! Pissed off Canadian here again I
just wanted to run down the election results from the other day 2019 Canadian
election so what everybody’d like you to believe is that the country is super
divided and we’re all angry at each other mostly because that makes better
news than the fact that maybe we’re not quite so divided as everyone would like
you to believe the Liberals lost their majority government last night I don’t
think anybody’s really too surprised by that other than mr. dressup maybe but if
you listen to his speech he thinks he has a clear mandate to run government
just the same same as it’s always been well Justin that’s not exactly the case
if you look at the numbers but first of all the Liberals lost the popular vote
by a full percentage and a half plus so that’s that’s actually quite a bit for
you to be running the country as the Prime Minister to have that low of an
approval rating and that tight of a race between you and the official opposition
if I were you I wouldn’t be getting quite so cocky son but luckily for me
I’m not you anyways I guess Trudeau was able to shut enough people up through
court battles that he was able to keep enough of his damage again like I said
to form a minority government so here we are probably another two years or so
before the other opposition parties gather up enough momentum and structure
to be able to overthrow them but chances of us making four years with a
government like this is pretty unlikely it could happen but it’s pretty unlikely
so from now until that happens again for all the Canadians out there I’d like you
to start paying attention closer to politics I’d like you to start paying
attention to everything else again so give you a quick synopsis party by party
of how things went last night so like I said the Liberals they actually lost 29
seats they lost the popular vote but they’re still gonna form a minority
government okay so the block excuse me the
Conservatives they gained 23 seats last night across the country they actually
won the popular vote across the country by over one and a half percent which
again is quite significant and Russia r1 his riding so he’ll be staying in as a
Member of Parliament now that everybody always likes to speculate when stuff
happens every election of who’s gonna resign and I’ve heard some talk about
having Andrew Shearer resigned I don’t really believe that that’s a smart idea
myself again you won the popular vote he gained 23 seats you were real close to
forming the government yourselves so as far as I’m concerned
Andrew Shearer did a bang-up job if I was in the Conservatives caucus right
now what I’d be telling them right now is you get together with the bloc
québécois and with the NDP and you open up an investigation a real investigation
into the SNC leveling’ case and then we’ll see what actually happened just
with that one case so that’s where I would head if I was Andrew Shearer but
I’m not Andrews here clearly okay so then we’ll move down to the third place
party in the House of Commons which still blows my mind to be quite honest
the separatist party called the bloc québécois who has purely only quebec
interest in mind and really for the most part could give you a damn what the rest
of the country thinks or wants so this is problematic in a lot of ways
obviously to the Federation of Canada the unity of Canada but we’ll see going
forward I they run a good campaign and they have a lot of good ideas within
that party other than the fact that they’d like to tear the country apart I
don’t I can’t say I totally disagree with their entire platform they bring a
lot of good ideas and the bloc québécois is personally responsible for a lot of
individual other provinces having the rights that they do over their own
legislation so as much as I don’t like to block I can see that they have a
purpose and hey they came in third place they took a lot of those see
away from the NDP and like I said that was probably kinda to be expected so then we’ll move on to the NDP in
JAGMAN Singh they run a great campaign to be honest I would have been really
surprised if they didn’t give over a lot of the votes ridings to the bloc
québécois just to lay it on the table for those of you who don’t know the
province of Quebec passed a bill the other a little while back saying that if
you were a public servant you were not allowed to wear a religious garb crosses
excuse me turbans I don’t know any other kind of fails or jabs and such things
like that we weren’t allowed to banned all of those and it’s a very popular
bill in Quebec so I was interested to see how that would unfold and I’m gotta
say I’m kinda not surprised that the NDP lost a bunch of votes underneath her a
bunch of ridings underneath sitting in the province of Quebec and I find that
very unfortunate but what they can count on for sure is that the goalposts to
that conversation since Jack needs saying ran and is still in control of
the NDP party you can guarantee that that conversation is being moved to a
more open dialog than just judging somebody on whatever they want to wear
and we can start listening to start listening to some policy ideas okay so
that was the NDP the Greens the Greens come in with three so they got a little
bit of wiggle up there they got their third candidate or the Fredericton so
congratulations to them my advice to the Greens is really to choose a new leader
I think I like Elizabeth May in a lot of ways and I think she definitely has a
place within the party but I think at this point that the elephant in the room
where the Greens are concerned is that Elizabeth made while maybe being a
really nice person may not be the best person to lead the party into the future
if you want to see some significant inroads happening into into the House of
Commons and getting more seats so I just think it’s time for a leadership change
by all means keep Elizabeth me I like a lot of things about her I don’t like a
lot of things about her but most of your party can agree with a lot of her
decisions there’s a reason why she’s been the leader of the party for so long
so keep her around she’s great for a lot of things including advice you know just
time to choose a new leader that can connect with more people probably we’d
be where I’d go if I were in the greens position we have one independent that I
want to talk about also in in the election and that is Jody Wilson rabo
for those of you don’t know our feminist prime minister fired her as the Attorney
General the first native woman Attorney General that the country’s ever had so
congratulations on to Justin for picking her for that because she had a whole lot
of integrity she actually had a whole lot of integrity enough integrity that
Justin Trudeau couldn’t handle the truth that she was telling so she he shut down
the SNC lavell and affair despite the fact that the Attorney General told them
look that was all illegal immoral and against all ethics and she was right and
she stuck to her guns and our feminist prime minister continued to fire her as
the first native woman Attorney General of this country because of her integrity
so that’s where I just want to let you know that Jody will sorry bullet still
has her seat mr. Trudeau and she’s still going to be taking your nuts to task in
the House of Commons and I hope she does I hope she lays it to you thick I want
to hear every single time that she has something to say in the House of Commons
and good on you miss Wilson Rainbolt for gaining your
seat as an independent especially in this country it’s very hard to do but
it’s good to know that you made enough of a name for yourself that your people
in your writing voted you back in so congratulations one mention I’d also
like to pick out is Ralph Goodale for

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