Canadian elections: Can Justin Trudeau hold on to power?

Canadian elections: Can Justin Trudeau hold on to power?

[Leyland Cecco] What you had was this
Prime Minister who was a self-proclaimed feminist,
he was– he was woke. He’s handing out jackets
to Syrian refugees who arrived in the dead of winter.
He would mend, you know, the incredibly fractured
relationship that Canada has with its indigenous peoples.
He would make a show of the importance of diversity,
the inclusion in politics by making not just a gender-balanced
but you know, an ethnically diverse cabinet.
[Justin Trudeau] A cabinet that looks like Canada. He captured this kind of very, very new and exciting
celebrity in Canadian politics. But you know there’s that
old adage, ‘You live by the sword, you die by the sword’.
and he became increasingly over his tenure as Prime Minister
embroiled in a number of scandals. [TV host] Canadian Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau is dealing with a growing scandal
tonight. It involves what he allegedly told a top official to do
about a major company involved in a corruption investigation. [Leyland Cecco]
Trudeau had been improperly pressuring his Attorney General
to cut out a sweetheart deal for a large construction company
that was accused of bribery and corruption in Libya in 2011.
[Trudeau] I and my staff always acted appropriately.
I completely disagree with the characterization
of the former Attorney General. [Music and chants] [TV reporter]
Pipeline protesters came to confront Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau and his cabinet, angry over the Liberal government’s
decision to buy the Trans Mountain Pipeline. [Leyland Cecco]
He said that Canada would be an ally in the fight against
the climate crisis. You call yourself a climate leader
and you buy a pipeline. [TV host] There is a major
development this hour, another image of Trudeau
wearing what appears to be blackface.
His arms and legs are darkened too. [Leyland Cecco]
It’s pretty optically damaging when the Prime Minister admits
that he also can’t recall how many times he’s done it in his past.
[Trudeau] This is something that I deeply, deeply regret. [Leyland Cecco]
If you’re a Liberal voter, you’re probably not going
to go Conservative because of this. It’s not each individual scandal,
it’s the sum of all the parts of the last four years for him.
If you’re a young voter who sees a Prime Minister buy a pipeline,
dress up in blackface, fire two key women in the party, chance are you
are probably not going to be that motivated to come
out and vote for him. We’ve got Andrew Scheer
in the Conservative party… [Andrew Scheer]
So we can put money back in your pocket
so you can get ahead. We’ve got Jagmeet Singh,
of the New Democratic Party. [Jagmeet Singh]
Canadians are feeling the impact of the climate crisis
and we have to fight it. I think he’s got a lot
to answer for. He mocked the people.
[Scheer] He can’t even remember how many times
he put blackface on. He’s always wearing a mask.
You are a phony, and you are a fraud. [Leyland Cecco]
Even if the Conservatives, you know, win a majority
or a minority government, this is not a conservative movement
of the kind of far-right populist politics. But if you care about the environment
and the Conservatives win, you’ll be frustrated. [Greta Thunberg]
Do your part instead of leaving that responsibility to us. [Crowd cheers] [Leyland Cecco]
He always said, you know, ‘We’re going to keep
fighting climate change’. [Trudeau] Climate change
is the challenge of our generation and the time to act is now. [Leyland Cecco]
But the Trudeau government’s not on the pace to meet their
Paris targets. The left, you know the Green Party,
the New Democratic Party can really say ‘Your house is
on fire and you’re now throwing gasoline on it, this is not
how a climate leader acts, by buying a pipeline’. Justin Trudeau by and large will probably be the Prime Minister
on Tuesday. What we are going to see is Trudeau, who had a
pretty clear majority in 2015, give up a lot of that majority
and probably have a minority government but I don’t
think you’re going to see a fundamental reshaping of Canada, no matter
who wins the election. It’s not going to be a far-right populist
government seizing power in Canada. It’s not going to be a radical leftist,
environmentally-conscious government. You know, the ship may turn 10 degrees
to the right or the left but we’re not going to see that fundamental
reshaping of Canadian politics that we might see in other countries
in an election like this.

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100 thoughts on “Canadian elections: Can Justin Trudeau hold on to power?

  1. Trudeau talks like a left wing person and governs like a conservative, so many Canadians dont see much difference in the Conservative party

  2. the best polls are calling for a conservative majority, come Monday evening. all Canadians should get out, and, vote conservative, to ensure the end of this liberal corruption and scandals. "make Canada great again"

  3. Justin Trudeau came from a rich family just a rich kid that never learned how to work never learn to do nothing in life now he leading our country , And the NDP Leader is not Canadian at all. Most people are against religion but they support the NDP????????????????????

  4. Whatever little chance the poor chap had was blown away by the kiss of death from Obama. Think crooked Hillary and Brexit😆😱

  5. From the comments on this video, it appears that legalisation of marijuana was a burning Canadian national requirement of the greatest pertinence.

  6. Trudeau is a hypocrite and a racist in disguise. Get rid of him while you can. His so called « liberalism » will be the death of you and your beautiful country.

  7. The Canadians have no Country, the Canadian Nationalism is dead, during World War 1 and 2, Canada was a proud Country, Canadian Nationalism was a live and well .Trudeau father, and now Trudeau son made sure of one thing destroy the idea that Canada was founded by 2 nations, French and English.
    So they created Multiculturalism, a Country with no Founding People.

  8. I trust that Canadians are smarter than to do anything but vote this man out. Nor do I believe that the socialist, expensive and unrealistic NDP platform will be voted in. The obvious global interest in Canadian elections shows the importance of this vote! Get out and vote!

  9. this trudeau manbaby had his 4 yrs to do whatever he wanted, now's the time for an actual leader to clean up his mess

  10. Consider yourselves lucky. We have right wing Trump with his party behind him & let him get away with REAL CRIMES. Many countries in the world have gone that way. Vote liberal.

  11. Canadian who are concern for the climate – If everyone in Canada committed suicide – it would impact the environment by less than 1%. Grow up people. It's pathetic for Canadian's to be overly concerned for the environment.

  12. The polls are BS, the conservatives will get a majority!! Almost everyone got it wrong last election. Polls were saying a conservative minority and we got Justin Turdo majority.

  13. All these perfect humans making derogatory comments on our young Priminister Let him grow and give him a majority Liberal Government. Give him a majority. do your part I did mine. when we fall we need another chance.

  14. It would be great tomorrow night if after Trudumbo loses the election the networks show a Seth Meyers clip where Seth says "I don't know if he'll win a 2nd term but this point all I can say is "I hope not".

  15. Here's hoping not. Canada needs to grow a moral conscience. This unethical and immoral corrupt asshat needs to go.

  16. The NDP isn't radical, the Greens are. The NDP might be too idealistic but not radical. Trudeau and his Liberals are hypocrites, that has become clear these past few years. Scheer and his Conservatives are unprepared, Scheer lied about his work experience and didn't release his party platform until Friday last week before Thanksgiving. Overall, this election has been a total joke…sad that we don't have better federal leaders… Either way, Canada will continue to be the best country in the world and no brainless PM will ruin that ❤🇨🇦


  18. we need major reforms and to put canadas values and interests first. CRPC — constitutional republic party of Canada 🇨🇦 !!!! yes we will exit the commonwealth and rid ourselves of being a constitutional monarchy and become a true independent constitutional republic. NEW constitution NEW amendments. for the people by the people. that's what OUR party will do .

  19. Trudeau has been far more Green than the Tories, but not Green enough for the Greens. It is not surprising as he is in government and is having to make the difficult compromises. What people should ask themselves is whether they want a realistic, progressive government to continue, perhaps in coalition on the left, or whether they want Canada to go back to some right wing utter tool, as was Harper, who suppressed science papers from publication which did not match his warped view of the world.

  20. Trudeau Promised To Reform Parliament He Was Man Enough To Keep His Word. The Tories Won The Popular Vote Last Night 2019. Had He Reformed Parliament The West Would Not Feel So Isolated. Now We Have Got WESTIT To Deal With All Because Trudeau Did Not Reform Parliament.. This Is All The Fault Of Trudeau And The Liberal Party. Thank You Very Much Trudeau..

  21. I believe this is what GOVERNMENT is about.

    Government is not about party lines. It's about cooperation not just 'zeroing' on laws and policies you or your party want to railroad

    I am not born yesterday and therefore know one way or the other sheers cohorts or trudeau will start 'going at each other' soon enough but i am hoping my predictions are wrong.

    Trudeau and the liberals can instead keep each other in check. You can never do or give everything but with cooperation it might just happen. This arrangement is THE SAME government he had before: diverse. Only difference is trudeau needs to stop his politicking.

  22. oh yeah. he held onto power and the whiney white men who oppose multiculturalism and sharing power with other races are focusing on separation. wish those whiney westerners would leave!

  23. I am pretty sure that the federal election where falsed, how is that possible he win when the results where 33% for him, and 34% for Scheer, explain me that?

  24. This snc-lavalin thing and climate change are going to be nothing in comparison to the upcoming movie starring Justin Trudeau and many high-level politicians called catch the pedophile.

  25. I'm reading all these comments yet you guys elected him again? Wow have fun with that. Hopefully you guys go right after him like we did in the states, been working out great for us

  26. Canada is being destroyed by these Liberals. Corrupt government that is bleeding Canadian people with taxes over a nonsense!

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