Caste System | Dirty Politics | Divide and Rule | Jatibaad | Reservation

Caste System | Dirty Politics | Divide and Rule | Jatibaad | Reservation

Hello friends, today we will discuss about a social issue upper caste, lower caste, rich & poor people Lord Rama ate tasted fruits given by an old lady named Sabari. He didn’t even think of her caste, poor status. He considered her as mother and ate the fruits which were already tasted by her If he had done this caste or rich-poor discrimination, he wouldn’t have been called as a perfect human God. We need to learn from The holy Ramayan’s teachings Atleast we shall try to follow 40 percent of his principles. Why don’t we even try? Lord Krishna did friendship with poor fellow named Sudama. Krishna never considered Sudama as poor man Krishna was a king of Dwarka but he himself washed the feet of his poor friend Sudama without feeling shy He hugged Sudama without any discrimination There are a lot of things which Lord Rama & Lord Krishna tried to teach us. But we arrogant people didn’t learn anything. Wake up please The great Chankya made a poor child the king of Magadh without even considering his caste. If Chankya had done any discrimination, we wouldn’t have Chnadragupta Maurya, Great Ashoka and Maurya dynasty proud history Chankya was against any kind of discrimination in the society. Therefore, he was able to build a strong Maurya empire. Why don’t we learn anything from our history? Everyone has some specific talent. Noone is rich or poor. Noone is upper or lower caste. We all are same These all discrimination were made to divide us for dirty political vote bank career. If we want to make India superpower, we need to unite and stand together as family We shouldn’t forget that our kids learn what they see us doing. What we do today will be followed by our children in future. So, what we want to teach them? We need to decide We should teach our children the ideal teaching of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Chankya, Mahatma Gandhi & Nelson Mandela I have seen many people who try to divide us based on caste, religion, language. They just divide us so that they can rule us Are we so dumb that we can’t identify why they are dividing us? Why are we getting fooled by those hungry vote bank politicians? Even in media, they just want TRP. They don’t care about humanity. They discriminate based on caste and say that A DALIT WAS KILLED. Why not say A HUMAN WAS KILLED? We need to stand against those who try to divide us for their personal gains They can fall to any extent for their personal gains. But we have to understand this and stand against such media and politicians We can all be united only if we all have confidence that we all can achieve success by our own will There is no need of reservation in this 21st century. Reservation is not helping us. It is only creating discrimination gap between us. Reservation should be only for economically poor people. Wake up and intorspect again if you really need it or not Reservation is not growing us. It is only making us lazy and addicted to it Identify your power. You can do it. No need of reservation. We all are equally capable When God never discriminated, why do we? God didn’t create anyone based on caste, we humans created this discrimination. God has set many examples to teach us. But we don’t wanna learn Every human is Vaisya, Sudra, Brahmin and Kshatriya. We fight for our right, we are Kshatriya. We understand right and wrong, we are Brahmin. We clean our home and society, we are Sudra. We earn money, we are Vaisya We were ruled by Mughals and British because we were divided. We were not united. We still are not united. But it’s time to unite against all the evils now If India is to become superpower, discrimination has to be removed completely throughout India, be it North, South, East, West. We shall be united Indians There is a need to make strict law to avoid any discrimination. We need to stand up from today itself. Who is with me? If you are with me, share and like this video. JaiHind JaiBharat. Thank you all

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