How Communist Criminals Hide Behind UN Immunity

there’s a whole nest of deep state criminals who are hiding within the United Nations behind their diplomatic community they can’t be arrested they can’t be interrogated their houses can’t be searched they can’t even be taxed because they have diplomatic immunity by virtue of working at the United Nations it’s a it’s an ideal […]

Ruckus – Patrick Miller

we start with our interview segment and take a look at the campaign season with special focus on the Kansas governor’s race and the U.S. Senate race in Missouri and joining me for that is Dr Patrick Miller a political science professor from KU Dr Miller welcome to ruckus thank you for joining us thanks […]

Ruckus – Elizabeth Vonnahme

but we start with our newsmaker segment and take a deep dive into the results of Tuesday’s primary election where two of the eleven candidates for mayor made the cut and will now face off in a June general election joining me to talk about that and more is professor Beth Vonnahme head of the […]

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