How do German elections work? | CNBC Explains

Germany’s voting system is complicated. So complicated that some Germans don’t even understand it. But its advocates argue that complexity actually makes Germany’s elections some of the fairest in the world. Like the U.S. government, the German federal government is made up of three main parts: the judiciary, the executive branch and the legislative branch. […]


Hey… HEY! It’s your Loretta Jenkins here. Your election pungent. What year is it? It it fall yet? Where’s my goddamn phone… Oh fuck, it’s still 2014?!? Why’d you wake me up so fuckin’ early? I bet this is a political conspiracy. They tryin’ to suppress my vote just because I like to entertain a […]

What causes political polarization?

The parties are polarized today. To understand that you have to go back to the 1960’s, when the Democrats adopted or embraced the cause of civil rights. The conservatives in the party, largely Southern, left the party and went to the Republicans on this race issue, and the remaining liberals in the Republican Party over […]

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