Dead Kennedys Interview 1983

Oh not everyone can appreciate the sounds of the Dead Kennedys but then that punk music for you stradun frenetic and often angry it's something that's supposed to be gut-level and interesting far more true to the original spirit of rock and roll than anything like ac/dc or men at work you know supposed to […]

Activism project – WGST-103

hey guys it's Justin and I'm here to spread awareness about how women are viewed through media for this project my professor actually asked us to complete some type of activism to go along with the theme the definition of activism is the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring out political or […]

The Death of Yuppie Journalism | 1791

To talk about the “death of journalism”has been somewhat of a cliche for awhile now. But with the announcement of mass layoffsfrom Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and VICE that have risen to 2,100 journos, it’s finallyringing true. From BuzzFeed’s imploding claim that Trumptold his attorney to lie to Congress to the media’s ravenous feeding frenzy to […]

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