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(ominous music) Lenora: Death! Death, death, death, death! It’s the only thing everyone fears, and the only thing that gets me off. Hello, my devilish darlings, I am Lenora LaVey, your hostess of horror, your rare and radiant maiden of mayhem. Tonight’s program is about the death of meaning itself. The story is rather simple […]

Politics Is In A Reboot Phase

– I truly, truly believe this. We, Ben, are now part of something that is resetting the system. I really believe the whole country, the dialog, social media, everything got so outta whack, so haywire that Trump possibly was the only thing that could have rebooted it, but we’re now in the re-boot phase. That’s […]

What do YOU understand about politics?

We didn’t have much money growing up. Benefits for me meant food on the table. I’m extremely concerned about the future for my children and their children. I’m sick of seeing my colleagues having to go to food banks, use payday loans, and work extreme hours just to get by. The cuts to welfare are […]

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