Best of Newsbroke (Farewell)

Hi everyone. I’m Francesca Fiorentini, and 91 weeks ago, we started a comedy offshoot called … I already am f*cking up. I can’t do it! 91 weeks ago we started a comedy offshoot of AJ+ called Newsbroke. And now it’s time to end. Why are we ending? Well because we won the internet. No in […]

2017 Personality 01: Introduction

[Music] well you might as well start by writing down that URL I’ll show it to you again at the end of class that’s where the syllabus is the syllabus will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the class the there’s a text this is it it consists of readings from […]

Ana And Cenk DUNK On Ben Shapiro

>>In an effort to demonstrate just how out of touch Ben Shapiro is with the average American, he did a segment talking about low wages. And decided that the real victims in these cases, are the employers who are being bad mouthed, because the bad actors here are the employees. Let’s hear his argument.>>The fact […]

Wisconsin legislator announces run for governor

A Democratic state leader representing parts of Western Wisconsin announced his campaign for Governor. State Representative Dana day-na Wachs walks of Eau Claire announced his candidacy this morning. The 59- year- old has a law degree. served on the Eau Claire City Council. and was elected to the State Assembly in 2012. Wachs currently sits […]

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