Caught On Tape: Trump’s Ukraine Envoy Gordon Sondland Touting ‘Quid Pro Quo’ | MSNBC

Caught On Tape: Trump’s Ukraine Envoy Gordon Sondland Touting ‘Quid Pro Quo’ | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Caught On Tape: Trump’s Ukraine Envoy Gordon Sondland Touting ‘Quid Pro Quo’ | MSNBC

  1. Sondland's another criminal moth to Trump's criminal flame/dumpster fire. Ironically the average lifespan is two to three months but as short as a week and I'm starting to smell burnt moth.

  2. Sondland is gonna volunteer to go to jail for Trump. He believes in 'the Con'. It's like telling a Christian to turn on Christ..


  4. Utilizing basic tax loopholes is one thing, mapping out ways to get out of paying taxes is another. But, what do u expect from persons associated with a corrupt administration run by a traitorous conman?

  5. All I want for Christmas is that FAT LIAR and BULLY Trump, out of the White House. Trump always get a will clown to do his dirty work for him, that's his MO… He and his crooked cohort have disgraced America'a standing in the world – Looking more like a banana republic these days . Trump is no statesman, he's a cheap, nasty, small minded crook out to make a fast buck and screw people in the process.

  6. Trump put all these ppl in place so he could use them to gain donations from these idiot's of wrong doing and they wil take the fall or else trump wil threaten them

  7. Boy, you are more than a soapbox presenter. You are very convincing. You act like a witch doctor adjuring the accused to come clean. If Sondland watches this tape, he will confess even things that he does not remember. This is a very good job, and I wish you well.

  8. Not only out of his depth politically, but also an enthusiastic, yet incompetent liar under oath. An ideal example of Trump's talent for far sighted recruitment.

  9. Everyone keeps asking what is Trump's defense going to be. It seems obvious. Lie. That might work as good as the "but Hillary" defense lol.

  10. FINALLY! Yay Ari !!! An expose' on who Sondland is. Just another rich guy taking advantage of the system. Yea he's a philanthropist but you have to wonder how much he really cares about the little guy. Philanthropy doesn't pay for groceries in the lower classes

  11. I've always thought that the the super rich who go into politics are idiots and all my reservations have been confirmed with Trump, Sondland, and Bloomberg. They're all total morons with too much money and too little time to live. F-off to your private islands and leave the people alone. Nobody needs you and nobody wants you. Stupid a-holes.

  12. Am I imagining the s&m guy at 1:25 min into this video when playing his commercial?! I thought it was a late night comedy show putting that in but its not…what am I missing???

  13. Nobody!? Ok I'll say it. Did he just quote Wayne verbatim and tie it to this story? "Perry Mason face it the barrel if he tattle my God is my judge no guy with no gavel"

  14. Interesting. Sondland, you are skating on very, VERY THIN ICE. If you don't want to get frost bite on your balls, you better turn over a new leaf and come clean AND resign when all this is over.

  15. I love it when Ari quotes rappers. I am trying to picture him roll'n in a Buick Grand Nat with his shades on and the tunes cranked up.

  16. Quid pro quo is not a crime or even unethical. It is giving something to get something.

    What is a crime is giving something from your public office to get something personal. That is abuse of power and bribery as laid out in the Constitution as a justification for impeachment.

  17. Trump is a DIME STORE HOOD. Devin Nunes is a coward !!!!! As for the rest of Trump's supporters I am confounded how these cowardly little men can face their wives and daughters. How do they explain the rationale for supporting such a low life?

  18. The reckoning is coming Wait till America finds out what left and media have been up to Biden Russia Gare etc What a joke Media thinks people are stupid We will see

  19. Stop allowing appointments of foreign ambassadors to be filled by business men and anyone who hasn't had a career in relevant posts. This shouldn't ever be something that is up for sale, it should be handled by professionals.

  20. FAKE NEWS. Welcome to another episode of "Homey (Schiff) the Clown" show. Brought to you by the media that can't stand to tell the truth.

  21. Trump MUST APPOINT his comrades into our government positions beacause it is the only way to install obedient criminals into our government.

  22. ok, the rap lyrics are awesome and funny, so Ari, how do you manage to reconcile the rap lyrics to the situation, i need to use some of those lyrics for my criminal Justice classes.

  23. Trump is using Russian and NAZI methods in America.
    RUSSIAN QUOTE: Use un-resolvable hot button issues to divide the people against themselves and their government.
    NAZI QUOTE:"Accuse the others of doing that which you are doing."

  24. Jordan, Trump is a scam artist and traitor. Like You. DEEDS are the evidence. WORDS are not . The earth was NEVER FLAT.

  25. These guys (i.e., Trump, Sondland, and any others of their ilk) give business, and especially real estate, a bad name. When I hear an innocent real estate ad on TV, I have to mute it. The corruption has seeped into our very core.

  26. Hotelier. Let's see…Paris Hilton, Donald Trump, and now Gordo. No wonder people pay for cable.
    Can you imagine Donald and Gordo doing those Hamburger commercials like Paris did, crawling over a car hood in a wash and drooling catsup? Sorry.

  27. NUNES, YOU are a God damned LIAR. SAYING that the earth is FLAT does not make the earth Flat. It just makes you the LIAR.

  28. Yes but 'quid pro quo' is also a business term. As a legal term it is a proof of a negative or illegal connection just in certain context and not in all contexts.

  29. interesting that the main point is not stressed enough. The president can ask for any investigation on anyone. The problem is this aid was not up to him to withold. It was allocated and approved by Congress. The president does not recognize the Congress as an equal branch. This abuse of power should be more central.

  30. Gordon Sondland spends a Million Dollar just to be a witness in turning Trump in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what a tragedy for crooks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  31. When you think about it, remember the get rich quick by selling real estate? Just look at the idiots that make it big. Point being,, being a rich real estate broker doesn't mean your smart, or a patriot or honest.

  32. He sure loves art, did you guys notice one particular piece of art that is a human man that is seated on a chair, hands tied behind his back, and a sack over his head?? Why would someone find someone being held against their will and tortured art??
    The elite and their taste for the arts are very evil.

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