Cenk Uygur - Michele Bachmann's Extreme Views On Social Issues

Cenk Uygur – Michele Bachmann's Extreme Views On Social Issues

welcome to our first installment of meet your potential 2012 GOP candidate first up as you can tell congresswoman Michele Bachmann now to prepare you for Candice II which reportedly is going to kick off in June we've got a primer on what to expect as the founder of the Tea Party caucus she's gotta come out against any and all tax increases a point she made clear on the Today show this morning is raising taxes on the table I don't think it should be on the table because tax rates are high enough already I'm not shushing close our eyes taxes are too high all right we just showed you of course a little while ago the tax rates are near all-time lows but that would be facts but Bachmann's true radicalism really kiss shines when it comes to social issues her extreme views were on full display this week in Iowa at a speech she gave to the social conservative group Family Leader but that gets under my skin family apparently now means antigay in Washington what why is that family values are but back to Bach she supposed to gay marriage she wants to prevent a US Court system from even considering legalizing it something else that we can do to reinforce our pro-marriage pro-life pro-family agenda is to limit the subject matter jurisdiction of the courts that is veteran what are called article 3 courts article 3 of the United States Constitution we can limit the subject matter the justices can rule on we have within our authority to decide what churches control on and while they can i love the think progress catches the stuff on video of course your statements are not entirely true they can only limit the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court for example but those distinctions are lost on Bachman our tradition of separate powers for three different branches of government ah who needs it she then went on to say quote any time the people speak they say with one voice that marriage is one man one woman the only way that they say that with one voice is if you discount most of the voices in the country a recent poll found that fifty three percent of americans think same-sex marriage should be legal only forty-four percent think that it should remain illegal another poll found that when you include same-sex marriage and civil unions seventy percent are in favor and only twenty-five percent thinks that gay couples should have no opportunity for any legal recognition but the group michelle bachman was speaking to an iowa isn't just against gay marriage the leader of the group has said homosexuality is a public health hazard think progress as Bachmann if she agreed come in some some groups including the nobility have argued that homosexuality is a public health crisis I came to secondhand smoking I was wondering if you agree with that I don't have an answer oh oh this is a game show Alex I don't quite have asked for I can use a lifeline can I call friend no okay I'm like another question was that harder question alright Michelle Bachmann's also part of the movement against funding Planned Parenthood of course and she made sure to demonize them at that same event in Iowa do you know that Planned Parenthood is a billion dollar a year entity they call themselves nonprofit but at the same time the executive director of Planned Parenthood in Illinois said they want to become the lens crafter a big abortion in Illinois you can be really shocked to find out that actually no one from Planned Parenthood actually said that what the CEO Planned Parenthood did say three years ago was quote I like to think of Planned Parenthood as the lenscrafters of family planning not big abortion family planning which of course encompasses a wide range of health services but for republicans like michelle bachman family planning is synonymous with abortion of course all this is nothing new for the Tea Party darling her political resume is peppered with bizarre and outrageous actions and statements going back to when she was a Minnesota State Senator in 2005 she was caught crouching behind a bush spying on a gay rights rally that was protesting her proposed state constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage her excuse for hiding in the bushes I had high heels on and I just couldn't stand anymore yeah that's pretty good now now another 2005 running with the LGBT community was even more German after meeting with her constituents which was challenged on her anti-gay policies she father report with the local sheriff against two women she quote believed to be part of the LGBT community or group accusing them of wholly or in the ladies room against her will Bachman said in the report she had never been that terrorized before uh man's the complaint was dismissed and shockingly her claims of being held hostage by lesbians never made it to trial but Bachmann has cover for a weird behavior she claims it was God's will that she become a state senator and then a congresswoman God seems very concerned about her and if he chose her as his representative in Washington it was a curious choice indeed and was back when got to the nation's capitol her wacky ways just picked up steam here's just a sample I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out are they pro-america or anti-america the very founders that wrote those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more Obamacare as we know is the crown jewel of socialism I am just not comfortable with the way this census is being handled there isn't even one study that can be produced that shows the carbon dioxide is a harmful gas not all cultures are equal not all values are equal that's great stuff with that consider yourself prepared for Bachmann 2012 and that concludes our first edition of meet your potential candidate you

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18 thoughts on “Cenk Uygur – Michele Bachmann's Extreme Views On Social Issues

  1. @nory826 ; whatd'ya like best about the black Alfred E. Newman?……….his war proliferation or his unemployment #'s?

    That clown took a bad situation and absolutely MADE IT WORSE!

  2. I agree that she's a bitch but I'm not siding with this channel (TYT) until they delete their "Ron Paul Racist Quotes" propaganda. Then you can make peace with Youtube!

  3. @carlindelco No, you don't win. Taking Medicare away from seniors is about as far away from "american values" as one can get. Who established these so called American values anyway? I want to live in an country where I know my tax dollars are going towards programs to help people who need it the most. Taking away medicare from people who need it is no way to balance the budget. Raising taxes on the wealthiest among us is the best way to balance the budget.

  4. @carlindelco So someone who has progressive or liberal political ideals isn't a real American? Why is that? I didn't know you had to be conservative to be a real American. Actually, it's tea party conservatives that have no morals or values. The conservative agenda is all about me me me over the welfare of others who are less fortunate. Example #1 (of many) – taking away Medicare from people who desperately need to survive. A real moral thing indeed.

  5. Ahh man they forgot the one where she was claiming that Obama spent 500 million dollars a day in India and used military ships to cart all of this friends over there for a party! LOL

  6. Hi John Belushi! I liked you better on saturday night live. You are funnier when you don't move your mouth.

  7. Wow. I feel so much smarter now. All these years I thought our founding fathers died before slavery was abolished. And my Anti-American teachers led me to believe George Washington owned slaves!

  8. And this person currently sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence….The primary committee in the House charged with the oversight of the United States Intelligence Community.

  9. I hope that this is just a prank and Michelle Bachmann is just doing it to show America how gullible we can be. If this is not the case, maybe I should stop laughing.

  10. Michele Bachman is another Republican fake farmer who leeches millions of welfare dollars from the government.

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