Cenk Uygur of the The Young Turks on Digital Media and the Progressive Movement, Oct 26 2018

Cenk Uygur of the The Young Turks on Digital Media and the Progressive Movement, Oct 26 2018

they're on digital media platforms and their effect on the progressive movement during these midterm elections live coverage here on c-span wasn't always the case the son of a Turkish olive farmer turned a business entrepreneur ugar who was born in Istanbul and grew up in East Brunswick New Jersey considered himself a conservative during much of his young adult life after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business and receiving a law degree from Columbia youger worked briefly as an attorney here in Washington and in New York it was president george w bush's decision to evade invade iraq in the wake of 9/11 that urged huger to pull the chute as he likes to say on the conservative cause and the republican party launching and said the young turks on sirius satellite radio in 2002 la-based TYT became the first daily video show on youtube in 2005 and has since become leading news and politics show for young progressive viewers appearing as a political commentator on mainstream news outlets huger has contended that one of the weaknesses of traditional media is that it tries too hard to be unbiased at the expense of being honest and that it is also frequently unwilling to challenge both conservative and liberal talking points fresh off a lively hour long debate with Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson at politican last week ugar is here today to offer his unique perspective on the role of digital media in the progressive movement and what it takes to survive in an ever-changing media landscape he's also going to lay out the progressive victories he's expecting at the upcoming midterm elections in November and beyond please welcome James yogurt thank you everybody thank you for coming so tonight or today I should say we're gonna talk about something that is a little bit controversial but it is coming whether you like it or not and that is civil war within the Democratic Party and that is going to start in two weeks in this case I do mean civil it's not like the right-wing it'll just be political and not in the physical world and there's also going to be a bit of a war between old media and new media so I want to start talking about that because that will be prevalent throughout the next two years so why why such harsh language why will there be a war because of a very simple reason we don't agree so the Democratic establishment is in favor of about five percent change and we want complete change we want systemic change and we will not stop until we have systemic change so there that means a lot of things but the first thing that it means is getting money out of politics it is not negotiable and as long as the Democratic establishment keeps don't taking donor money which an overwhelming majority of them do we will not agree and I know they're used to having complete control and having everybody bow their heads but we're not going to bow our heads and so we will fight and if you want to know what the reaction in Washington is gonna be whether it's the Democrats the Republicans or the media going to any room in this town and mention the name Bernie Sanders and you will get one of two reactions either an explosion as it just happened to me in a green room earlier this morning or uproarious laughter and so what do I mean by explosion Bernie Sanders unacceptable is what almost every Democrat and Republican in this town say then answer me this why I see the most popular politician in the country what is wrong with Washington I mean think about it you everybody in this town missed every big story and it never occurs to the old press hey maybe we're doing something wrong so we saw Donald Trump coming and you didn't why because you don't understand populism you despise populism so you aid and abet the people who are in the establishment and even at the expense of truth now do I like Donald Trump no I can't stand the guy but I still saw him coming because we were open to facts we were actually open to the polling I could talk to you about that about that at length later if you'd like to know details of why the polling we actually was not that wrong in the 2016 election and we see Bernie Sanders coming we see his popularity and it is for the same exact reason as why the Democrats in this town don't like him because he is a populist it's because he is popular it's because he is fighting for the middle class but Bernie Sanders is not a person he's an idea and if Bernie Sanders went in the wrong direction well because of new media everyone would notice immediately and they would adjust so in terms of the fight that's coming once the presidential election begins which is in about two weeks after the midterms that war will happen whether we talk about it in polite terms today or not so and it will be fought in a very dirty way by the establishment so I it's great that we're doing this now because I want everybody to understand what's going to come down the pike and so I guarantee you that the progressives the people who are the most progressive people in the country fighting for the most civil rights will be labeled as racist and sexist it is a guarantee write it down in stone it will in fact be the very first thing that's said in fact it was said to me in a green room this morning by a democratic hack okay why they said all Bernie Sanders doesn't care about black people are you insane I don't know if you guys have seen the picture of him tied to an african-american woman during the civil rights era he didn't do that because he thought he was gonna run for president many decades later he did that because he cares and so the idea that he is not gonna represent minorities is preposterous the only reason they by the way it is done by the same exact people who called me an Obama boy back in 2008 because I support a Barack Obama Hillary Clinton's campaign didn't just call Bernie supporters Bernie bros before that the when we supported Obama they call this Obama boys so don't talk to me about racism okay so now whether it's Hillary Clinton or not and preposterous Lee it turns out it might be she's apparently still considering it okay go back in the woods go back in the woods it's not a good idea but it doesn't really matter Joe Biden Kamala Harris Cory Booker what difference does it make so the reality is we believe in in total change and this town doesn't want to change so why doesn't it want to change cuz everything runs on donor money everything and that is what we are a hundred percent opposed to and that is what we will fight and and that is exactly why they don't like us so well who's right who's wrong in terms of where the country stands and where politics stands well in terms of Elections that have happened in 2018 well we had Alexandria Casa Cortez the establishment had Joe Crowley he had ten times as much money he had the entire Democratic machine he had all of the media on his side and what happened we won anyway so now imagine if the money was even my god we would run the field and and and but you know what now it's a whole new world Bernie Sanders raised more money than Hillary Clinton in the primaries and he did a twenty seven dollars at a time better or or kiss race thirty eight million dollars in one quarter and he did it with no corporate PAC money Acacio Cortes no corporate PAC money all the Justice Democrats that's the progressive wing of the party isn't it funny that it needs a progressive wing I thought it was supposed to be a party for progressives but it obviously isn't so she did it with no corporate PAC money just Democrats 26 of them have already won their primaries they all did it with no corporate PAC money and they're going to the general election now and already we know who's going to win we've got three incumbents already roll Khanna Jamil Jamila Jamila and in Raul Grijalva and and then we've got four that are very likely to win alexandra casa Acacio Cortese Ilhan Omar Rashida to leave and Ayane Presley and so they said it couldn't be done but here we are and we're gonna have a caucus so and I say we because unlike traditional media I have a perspective and I'm honest about it so I don't know if Wolf Blitzer has never put a thought into any of the issues that he has covered over all these years but for him to pretend that he doesn't have a thought is this ingenuously the traditional media represents the establishment so let's turn to that now so I believe digital media is far better connected to the people it is powered by the people often funded by the people as we are we take payments from the audience five dollars ten dollars it's like a progressive Netflix so part of the reason we do that is so that we represent them they're our boss instead of giant sponsors or donors so why do I think the traditional media is in the business of supporting the establishment do I think like the right-wing does that that they get together in a room and make up news no don't be ridiculous okay they do not do that and so we're not lunatics like the right-wing and they are and so this is another thing that the mainstream media can't say they have lost their minds a majority the Republican Party in polling indicates that they think the FBI got together got in a room and made up a bunch of facts about Donald Trump because they'd like to do a coup against them that is lunacy they have lost their minds and you're not allowed to say it in this town because then people say you're biased oh it's not biased it's reality the FBI and the news organizations in this town do not go into a room and decide what to make up if you believe that you're a lunatic okay I've been clear enough we're allowed to say that because we're in the business of truth and we're not worried about hey are my ratings gonna go down if I insult or offend Republicans and isn't that funny the guys who are constantly calling the other side's all sites have all kinds of names you know I am a Nazi lifter I could go on and on and on the minute you criticize the Republican voters man they get triggered and all of a sudden they need a safe space they say oh my god how could you offend Republican voters this is why you lose no you lose because you know you don't fight for your side you're supposed to fight against the other side and so we do that so how is digital media going to make a difference that on then I'll talk about what I think is the unfortunately the problem of of what I call old media so it makes a difference in raising money before digital media there was almost no chance of being able to raise money in the amounts that Beto is Acacio Cortes is and and and Bernie Sanders is and with digital media there is a chance Young Turks has raised over millions of dollars several million dollars for progressive candidates not embarrassed about that we're incredibly proud about that so it's our audience that funds it and it's their decision to fund it I backed those candidates if their corporate free if they take corporate Packman a I got no interest so our Democrats better than Republicans yes on social issues they are there is a difference don't let anybody tell you there isn't a difference but am I going to have my audience and tell my audience to give money to somebody who's already taking money from Pfizer and Lockheed Martin goldman sachs hell no don't give him money and i wouldn't volunteer for that when it comes to a general election you got to vote you've got to vote okay but primaries are even more important than general elections so raising money has made a giant difference for those progressive candidates because of digital media number two spending money so a lot of people in this town who got rich off of lying to their clients so they tell them oh you're in a Connecticut House race you should spend a lot of money in in TV are you nuts you're gonna spend in the New York market on television and only hit a sliver of the audience that you need in Connecticut you're gonna want to hit only in your district but the TV ads go to the entire tri-state area what a giant waste of money but the consultant made fifteen percent off that so great keep wasting that money will kick your ass even more so here perfect example Alexandre Ocasio Cortez she's in the New York market if she had wasted money on TV she probably wouldn't know one but she puts all the money directed in her district in digital and it helps her to win digital media is a game changer so I remember the first time that I knew we were winning was in a speech in 2009 when Barack Obama was speaking in North Carolina at a college campus and he said I want to thank the wonderful Democratic senator that's working on health care reform for us Max Baucus and the whole place boot now how did they know Max Baucus is corrupt TV didn't tell him TV loves max baucus TV loves the corrupt no we told him and by we I don't mean just the Young Turks I mean the Internet they looked up Max Baucus they know he takes more money at the time he took more money from the health care industry than any politician the idea that he was gonna do effective change of health care reform was laughable so they liked Obama they went to Obama's speech was a college campus in North Carolina and they booed him when he said Max Baucus than they were right so third of all now we get to the difference in media in the old days with no digital media all you had was old media you had the same talking heads that have been wrong decade after decade after decade never embarrassed about how wrong they are so you'd have Joe Scarborough go on there and tell you how great the Iraq war is how great Republican politicians are now apparently he's also in favor of the Democratic establishment but progressives oh no no no no there are either to be dismissed and ignored or derided and so but it's not just Joe obviously Fox News CNN MSNBC almost all of them okay and go find me a couple of journalists in this town that don't have disdain for progressives I bet you can't do it now you think no no what do you mean most of them voted for Hillary Clinton that ain't progressive so if you think you voted for Hillary Clinton that makes you a progressive you don't know what the word is so the Clintons took three billion dollars from donors over their careers so here again here's the difference between us in the right-wing you know who broke that story the Washington Post and it was a great story so credit where credit is due and especially for print journalists they often do a fantastic job unlike the right-wing we don't want to tear them down we want to build them up we don't want to make their job harder we want to make their job easier we want them to be better at their job neutrality is not objectivity so it is the wrong standard if you call everything 50/50 you will equate the lies and truth and that give the gives lies an enormous advantage so so why do I think old media is Pro establishment in fact I don't think it has a liberal bias I don't think it has a conservative bias I think it has an establishment bias so why first of all think about how you do coverage what's the first thing that the writers write about and they talk about on TV who has the most money wait a minute I would say if you raised all this money from the people who you are legislating you just rewarded the people who are the most corrupt I'm not impressed if you took the most amount of money from north of Grumman I'm not impressed if you took the most amount of money from Apple or from any of these companies that to me says you're less trustworthy not more trustworthy but what does every media outlet in this country do that old media they reward it by giving a coverage they say Jeb Bush is leading I have that turnout for you guys okay Hillary Clinton is leading she raised more money raised more money raised more money oh that's so good it ain't good the whole country hates it 93% of Americans believe that the politicians represent their donors and not their voters yet here we are in a town that celebrates it and it's disgusting so you reward who has the most money and who's the most corrupt in that sense your award establishment politicians if you have a challenger oh no no can do okay now he's a plumber he's a dentist he's an ironworker not interested that's a real human that's a real American okay oh the beloved politician from X Y Z we will shower them with coverage there already have coverage they already have power you don't need to shower them with more but you do now you say hey wait a minute now look there's for California raised a decent example there was 37 people in that Dianne Feinstein Senate race you really want me to cover the 35th guy okay so let's talk about what is a fair standard how about if you looked at small donors the number of small donors well that was show energy wouldn't it and from real people not from corporations the number of volunteers that would show energy likelihood of winning and by the way I can show you progressive victories and those two will come in at the very top for the right standards if you saw how many volunteers Acacio Cortes said if you saw how many small donors she had you would had a pretty good idea that she was gonna win that's how we knew so she got almost no coverage in the mainstream press we had done 34 videos about her before the election not after the election how did we know and you didn't because we're paying attention and we're being honest whereas the New York Times in that case and many of the old media sat on their hands and said challenger no Joe Crowley Joe Crowley now at the very end New York Times turned around oh he didn't show up to a debate and they wrote one tweak article about against Joe Crowley for not showing up to that debate and sending a circuit which was absurd right but they were the first set they will tell you not just me the day that they messed up it was in their backyard and they didn't see her coming they didn't see her coming why because of their bias yes they have a bias it is in favor of politicians the rich the corrupt and they don't know it it's not a conspiracy they're good people who work there they're good people who work across the media we're not the right wing we don't call you the enemy of the people who want you to do a better job well we want you to get to the truth and stop calling things 50/50 when they aren't 50/50 now climate change is an easy example let me give you a different example deficits I mean how many times have reporters in this city repeated the talking point that Republicans care about deficits there is no basis in reality for that Ronald Reagan doubled the deficit George W Bush took a 236 billion dollar surplus and to turn it into a one point four trillion dollar deficit Clinton took a deficit turn into a surplus Obama took at one point four trillion dollar deficit and lorded is about five hundred and eighty five billion dollars he cut it in more than half and what a trump if he comes in immediately takes 485 billion or 585 billion dollar deficit and next year it's gonna be over a trillion dollars it's gonna be about 1.1 trillion dollars Republicans love deficits and they give you one every single time to report the facts report the facts don't tell meö Republicans say they're against ever since well they just create a two trillion dollar hole in the budget y know because the Republicans love tax cuts for the rich that's what they love but more specifically tax cuts for their donors and so I have the credibility to tell that you that because I told you ahead of time you can find videos of me predicting these things why I'm Nostradamus no because I actually follow the news I follow the polling I just follow the numbers and so I can tell you right now every single thing that the Republicans will fight for is for their donors every one of them and I predicted well ahead of time in fact a minute Donald Trump got in office I say the one thing I guarantee you he will do is tax cuts for the rich is it for the rich the top 1% got on average a 61 thousand dollar tax break every single year every single year so under Trump I mean they are going to be loaded that's why they love him that donors love him drain the swamp what a hilarious joke report the truth that's the truth but instead of 50/50 and Republicans suddenly they care about deficits you should call out that lie every single time it has never been the case in your lifetime or in my lifetime you know the last Republican to leave office with a balanced budget Dwight Eisenhower who by the way today would be considered a massive progressive if you did that story about you needed a speech about the military-industrial complex now they'd laugh you out of a democratic establishment room they say well are you crazy I have to take money from Boeing I got to take money from Lockheed Martin you talking about the military-industrial complex right Ronald Reagan he did amnesty negotiated with terrorists he did deal with Iran he would pre Bernie Sanders and digital media he would have been laughed out of a Democratic caucus this country has gone insanely right-wing actually to be much more accurate let me correct myself this country's massively progressive Washington has gone insanely right-wing and you didn't even notice because you were too busy calling it 50/50 so you also have great disdain for progressives and you don't know that either did you cover a Cascio Cortes before a victory did you cover car Eastman before or after her victory did you cover Rashida to Lee before or after Victoria Han Omar any of these people did you cover them no you didn't you never cover progressives you cover the right-wing over and over and over again incessantly hundreds of articles and the New York Times did it again I don't call them out because they are the worst offenders I called them out because they're supposed to be the leading paper an ain't interviewed get I've been McGinnis and they did a story about him he's a leader the proud boys that is a fascist group who believes in violence I'm not the one who said that Kevin McGinnis said dozens of times I believe in violence I believe in violence you should punch them you should choke them I believe in violence that's Kevin McGinnis send that and what the New York Times say they said he would he had a nerd aesthetic that he just likes he drank beers with his friends they didn't quote any of the dozens of quotes about how much he loves violence nerd aesthetic to soften right-wing fascists like that it's despicable why oh my god Rush Limbaugh and Fox News might call me liberal joke's on you you're not anywhere near liberal you're not anywhere near objective all you want is neutrality at the expense of the truth and by the way I should be noted that one of the biggest advertisers for television is political campaigns so they spent 6 billion dollars in the 2016 election overall most of that went to television you think those multi-billion dollar corporations don't like six billion dollars in their pocket once they reported tell me well that sounded a little conspiratorial let me get this right you think it's a conspiracy that corporations like to make money I would argue it's a conspiracy to say that they don't like to make money okay it is preposterous to say that of course do you think that how often have you seen out segments calling out you know what this congressman says this but look at his donors it seems like maybe Dianne Feinstein for example says a medicare-for-all is a government takeover of health care well that's totally wrong and completely ignorant it's just about health insurance not about the entire health system and did anybody call her out on that no did anybody call her out that a week later she went and met with health industry lobbyists and took their money you know why she did that cuz she's corrupt yet did New York Times write about that LA Times write about that did anybody call it out for what it is no that would be impolite the beloved Diane Feinstein is an establishment politician well you have to give her all the press and all the credit and not call it out for what it is innocent Cooper asked over and over and Bernie Sanders was too polite in the 2016 race do you think Hillary Clinton changed their votes based on the money she took so let me answer it right now yes absolutely they all do they all do they take the money and they vote that way hey are you really is our do you believe in a conspiracy theory that the corporations that give money to politicians don't want something in return but they would be fired you have a fiduciary responsibility to get a return on investment the first time they give to a politician is a test the second time they give to a politician is because they got a return on investment this whole town is corrupt this whole town is toxic so digital media calls it out that it and we are connected to the people and that is why we will champion progressives and that is why we will win and let me just conclude on this it will 2020 which will as I said start in about two weeks we'll go through 2019 and 2020 as you know will be a giant clash between the old and the new it'll be the old-style politicians and we do this on the show all the time we cover all those debates and town halls life and when martin O'Malley takes off his jacket I tell the audience and everybody knows he's gonna roll up his sleeves why because that's what a consultant told him to do okay you the rest of the press will say Bernie Sanders his hair is on combed the country sees that and goes that's a real person okay so we're gonna have that / and unfortunately and I'm telling you ahead of time and you know I'm right old media will be on the side of the establishment and by the way one of the things that they will do is they will leak to you guys they will leak their op or research to you guys and you will not call it what it is which is Oppo research you will run that and you will be disingenuous to your audiences and say wow look at this thing I discovered about Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or whichever progressive is in the race you do it all the time the problem is progresses are played to nice as you can tell from this speech I'm not in that camp and they don't fight back well this time we're gonna fight back and when we do yes it will be well as I started war and I welcome it I look forward to it and we will win it okay so isn't this a great country where you can come to Washington say Washington is toxic yes and walk out of this room unharmed for now yes yeah there's bombs all over the country because of Donald Trump so for now yes well let me as president of the National Press Club you've taken a lot of swings at the media I've been a reporter and editor worked in journalism I've been a journalist for almost 25 years and I gotta say that all of the reporters and editors I know work so hard to get it right and work so hard I work for Bloomberg and objectivity not false equivalence which you have called out here but objectivity is incredibly important it is incredibly important to have to me personally to have a fair and unbiased standard of reporting right and I understand that everybody has an opinion and you're welcome obviously to it and we welcome you here to state your opinion but I know you call that wit sir at one point it was not having a thought but when Wolf Blitzer was here accepting the award two years ago every single person who came and spoke about him said he was the hardest-working man at Siena and that he was such a hard-working reporter so I just want to recognize here that the reporters and editors who are working for newspapers and TV all of which are also digital now right they work really hard they're not in it for the money yeah yeah Andriy work hard and they work hard to get it right so okay so let me agree and disagree so do they work hard of course I don't provides him that no I in nowhere in my speech that I say they were lazy and no I think they say I said they were wrong it's different than lazy and so Wolf Blitzer his problem isn't whether he works hard or doesn't work hard his problem is he does have a perspective and he might not even know it his perspective is the status quo is awesome so Hillary Clinton is acceptable Jeb Bush is acceptable Bernie Sanders is not acceptable Donald Trump is not acceptable and so he it oozes out of every broadcast no you don't have to you don't have to look let's no no I can speculate it's not speculation I'll tell you what CNN's motives are profit it's not complicated they're a giant multi-billion dollar corporation you why are they in favor of the status quo well they don't want to rock the boat because it's their boat it's their boat if you're a multi-billion dollar corporation you do not want change you just don't want it so it's not that they give a memo to Wolf Blitzer although MSNBC literally told me that my non-establishment thinking was not welcome but that isn't that's unusual normally it is in the hiring decisions hey when's the last time CNN hired a radical they said well of course you're not gonna hire a radical think about that of course you're not gonna hire a quote-unquote Radek I mean CNN in the business of hiring reporters not politician he's right well but what is the perspective that they present Andrea the perspective is status quo establishment it should be the truth but it isn't so let me ask you this Jake Tapper on CNN and these are not bad guys I know Jake a tiny bit I know Chris Cuomo a little bit Alison camerota is wonderful there's a lot of great journalists at the New York Times Washington Post etcetera and they do great stories okay but Jake Tapper goes on air and says Medicare for all costs 32 trillion dollars but he leaves out that it saves 34 trillion dollars and he asks alexandria Acacio cortez how are you gonna pay for it every time watch it I'll tell you ahead of time not afterwards not Monday Morning Quarterback I'll tell you ahead of time every time I progressive goes on air on CNN or elsewhere they will ask them how are you gonna pay for it how are you gonna pay for it wages higher wage anything that helps the middle class how you gonna pay for it did they ask him how you're gonna pay for it on two trillion dollar tax cut for the rich did they ever ask them how are you gonna pay for the Iraq war that cost us trillions of dollars no they bowed their heads I'm positive New York Times you saw Judy Miller they they always apologize afterwards but they never learned their lessons so how about Iran war mongering fear-mongering on Iran on Syria too but everybody constantly feed into it I've never seen a single question of Syria how much is that going to cost never okay I think there are a number of things that we could agree to disagree on let's talk a little bit about politics okay so let me let me just ask you this how much money have you or the TYT Network since we're talking a lot about money raised for Bernie Sanders so I don't have a specific number on Bernie Sanders but I would imagine that our audience gave a significant amount to him collected by you know it goes straight to the candidates all right the only exception is we're running ads against Ted Cruz and so we collected that money and we're running ads against Ted Cruz but otherwise they donate straight to the candidates so I'm very curious about one thing you you mentioned an upcoming civil war within the Democratic Party starting real soon how do you think that's going to play out so I think it's gonna be an absolute mess and as I explained here I think that you're gonna have the cory booker's of the world that represents the establishment you're gonna have Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren etc on the other side the they will do Oppo research they will put it in and and hand it to you guys you guys will all run it okay you'll run almost no negative stories about cory booker but you will run incredibly negative stories about bernie sanders q it watch me okay they'll talk about his houses they'll talk about race i I know the Oppo research ready and you know it too and you're gonna run it anyway you're gonna run it anyway so let's let's talk about how you see this civil war playing out within the party mm-hmm you see Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on one side do you see new progressives emerging within the party do you foresee a split within the Democratic Party do you see a new party emerging let's talk about specifics yeah no no I don't I don't want a new party so that's a it's a great question and it's bifurcated answers so is there should there be a split within the party yes so if they want us to so they say unity okay great what let's unified behind the most popular politician in the country Bernie Sanders no no no no no hey you said primaries are a bad idea in 2016 when you wanted Hillary to win now that Bernie's the most popular all of a sudden you think primaries are a fantastic idea so let's pick let's pick which one is it right so I love primaries I've been consistent about that news should Bernie get a free ride in the primary no let's let's fight let's figure out who's right and let's have people vote okay and so but should you splinter the Democratic Party overall no that's it's a fool's errand I think it's a disastrous idea and it will only help the right wing win do you think it will happen anyhow you're saying you don't think it should happen but you're talking about civil wars yeah no I don't think the Democratic Party was splinter I think that there will be a healthy and sometimes not healthy a fight over ideas we're not going to bow our heads when they say hey let's take donor money and let's just you know keep spending on defense contractors our answers no it's a hard no it's a hard no so what do you want to do but this is a democracy so we debate right but it doesn't mean you leave the party and if anybody's gonna leave the party should be them not us it's still result in a splintering hey listen if they want to go join the Republicans in celebrating donors they're welcome to it are you supporting Bernie Sanders for 2020 do you think so I supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 based on the field the field is not set yet so no right now I have an open mind and I want to see what all the Canada who the cants are and what their positions are gonna be who are some of the potential candidates you see emerging besides Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren so almost obviously cory booker will run obviously kirsten gillibrand will run , Harris will run Joe Biden will run let's talk about some of the people that you see as progressives that you would like to see there yeah right now the ones that are considering running I think that there were only two Bernie and and Elizabeth Warren are there other great progressives in the country yes Nina I you know I think well look I think at a presidential ticket those two cover it right so I don't need to splinter that vote and but if Bernie or Elizabeth Warren for whatever reason don't run then yeah then I would say Nina Turner should get in and other strong progressives should yet in who are other strong progressives or okana privileged i appalled whose name I screwed up earlier sorry to her and and and other wonderful progressives that are out there look at how strong Andrew Gilliam is running and he ran a strong progressive campaign let me open this up to the room for questions if there are questions from the audience I'd like to take them please and sorry let me just say John is going to be passing around the mic so when you do get the mic please introduce yourself oh yeah and the mic back to John Bob Weiner club member and Wiener public news and it's great to see you again shanky thank you Bob um you made the point that the mainstream Democrats are 5% of the progressiveness of the rest of it but how do you see the elections breaking out and if the Democrats take it doesn't that take you to a health care policy Tax Policy budget policy the very things that you're talking about that important so isn't your 5% really a little short on the comparison between the progressives and the mainstream Democratic Party and how do you see bernie versus warren where do you think that goes in terms of who becomes the one of the two okay good questions thank you so on the 5% change let's let's be clear in in what we're calling liberal and not liberal and the policies so I don't want people to get this wrong and it's a common misconception on all sides so the establishment Democrats as I call them it's not that they're not liberal in any way shape or form they're liberal on social issues yeah so do they are they in favor of rights for african-americans gay Americans that's their yeah they are that is why they are greatly preferable to the Republican Party but on issues of the economy their 5% changes I think accurate so let's look at Obamacare he wouldn't even do that on public option because his buddy Joe Lieberman his mentor Joe Lieberman told him he didn't want the public option why Joe Lieberman took a tremendous amount of money from the health care industry that's corruption Max Baucus didn't want the public option that's corruption he takes tremendous amount of money from health care industry so what do we get we got Romney care I mean that it was literally the same exact plan as Mitt Romney it was cooked up by the Heritage Foundation 5% change was it better than the old days yes yes it's demonstrably better a little better the correct thing to do back then which he now acknowledges is Medicare for all but that's a problem with the Democratic Party they acknowledge things that are true and real after they leave power right Marilu of marijuana my God why didn't Obama legalize he didn't even take it off a Schedule one drug that in that case it was zero percent change are you kidding me you've got millions of african-americans and of all races rotting in jail on modern day slavery and yes it's slavery because they get paid one dollar a day one dollar a day to work in those prisons okay because they smoked marijuana but I got news for you Barack Obama smoked marijuana so did George W Bush so did Bill Clinton let's put them in jail unless we're putting them in jail then release those millions of people that you put in prison because of the senseless prohibition and he wouldn't even go there even though he himself did it 5% change not interested marijuana should be legalized all across the country and those people should be freed okay so now the second question you had was Warren versus Bernie yeah I have no idea how Warren versus Bernie is gonna go say a lot of since I make predictions on there and I've done a couple here people always ask me hey make a prediction about this no no you make the prediction once you have the facts you don't it's not it's not a game so I don't know how it's gonna go between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and I'm curious and I can't wait I want to see I don't know that they'll fight I'd be surprised if they fought but at some point if it's just those two obviously they've got to make a case against each other or for themselves and so I'm curious as well I don't know do you have a preference not yet I mean look it yes right yeah that's right so that's super fair super fair okay I know both their policies and the reason I like both of them because they both have great policies and they are both deeply progressive in slightly different ways and right now if I had to vote I'd vote Bernie Sanders it's because he was the first to the fight he's been there all along and and I wish that Elizabeth Warren had run last time around and about barring that I wish she supported Bernie Sanders and I told her that to her face when she was on the show and I asked her about it and she and so I wish she was there for progressives in 2016 unlike other progresses though I don't hold it again so it's a new day and she's done many wonderful things she fights against the bank's harder and better than anyone does okay but I think Bernie is slightly more right on the issues and that is a small difference and I think that he's been a bigger fighter for those issues no I said I'm not Nostradamus right now if I do you know predict who's gonna win I'd say yeah Bernie Sanders but I will tell you this oh the 2018 elections yes no that one at least in the house is easy the rest is hard the house is clearly the Democrats are gonna win and they're gonna crush them crush them that's the polling is is real math is real science is real so and I know why people are gun shy in saying that because they got 2016 wrong and they think there's magic that Donald Trump can do voodoo and and somehow take giant losses and turn them into winds there is no voodoo he brought out unlikely voters and in this case the unlikely voters don't even necessarily go to the Republicans and Donald Trump's not on the ticket the polling is real they'll get wiped out in the house if just when you're saying people think that Donald Trump can do voodoo I'd like to point out that I don't think that anybody in the mainstream media if you want then I'll clarify so there is a concern in the Democratic Party and I have and there's a concern in mainstream media to not get too out in front of your skis about saying the polling will indicates this not that not people do say the polling indicates X right but with you know a reminder that you know there's a there's a there's a little bit of a margin of error yeah yes no I so I'm blamed the Democrats more than I blame the media on this but I there's this the fanciful thinking that somehow there's that Donald Trump's gonna pull out a victory even though he's deeply unpopular no the reason he pulled out the victory last time was because he was running yes someone even more unpopular that's the only reason why so when you say there's going to be a crushing victory within the house since you're in the business of making predictions today give us give us some sort of quantifiable so 218 gets you a majority we're going over 230 easy easy that's my prediction all right there we go Senate is too hard to tell and I'll and I'll tell you why so you got some people that are running standard campaigns like Heidi Heitkamp and so she looks like she's gonna get her clock cleaned the idea of running Republican light in these red and purple states it's never worked the Democratic Party has lost a thousand seats in the last 10 years with that failed strategy well why do they never learn their lesson they're paid not to learn their lesson cuz the lobbyists want you to keep supporting the donors even though it doesn't work it doesn't work it doesn't work on the other hand Richard or Jetta running in the third District of West Virginia runs a populist campaign he's not the most progressive but he's very populist he closed the 40 point lead you know how he did it non-stop ads talking about how his Republican opponent is corrupt and he's right she takes money from the pharmaceutical industry and helps to poison the people of West Virginia without opioid epidemic and he just had the temerity to say it and people respect that they respect when you fight for your positions and when you fight for them and so that's why the Senate's hard to tell because they got a bunch of corporate Democrats like Donnelly and hide camp and some of them will win and some of them will lose if we had progressives across the board we'd clean their can the Senate – hello sir it's really nice to talk to you I've been watching The Young Turks 15 so please introduce yourself organization I'm originally from Africa from Rwanda and Rwanda is a dictatorship where everything is always said that good the president even now on on bigs on on a lot of news is always shown as someone who's built the economy when there's a famine or and when there's a sixty seventeen percent unemployment country that had a civil war yes and so there's this myth that myth and it's like what you're saying sir about how there's false equivalency and and where people know that that's not the truth and so one of the things that we've seen for us who do try to use so a digital media to inform the population is that digital media is the best way to connect the population and it works we've create different things to do that but what advice would you give us someone who's worked to kind of create digital media even before you know at the beginning of this internet age what advice would you give to people who are trying to to change how the news is presented in a country that is repressive like you're not forecast oh yeah well so it's a great question I really appreciate the question cuz I'm gonna say it now for the third time or so because I don't want people to get the wrong impression I think that the journalists especially in countries like Rwanda Russia China Saudi Arabia oppressive regimes are the bravest people on earth and so if you're a journalist calling out Putin's government in Russia my god you have a thousand times the courage that I do cuz i Andre is right it's easy for me to come out here and and make this speech I'm not you know I'm not gonna get poisoned on the way out right but in but in Russia you might and and in many other countries so it's easy for me to say go get them but I know the dangerous and I appreciate the incredible bravery that those journalists have so in terms of what to do about it we got to get you tech technological help we need those VPNs to infiltrate those countries because if you're doing inside of Rwanda or Saudi Arabia god help you right unfortunately you got to do it outside the country because as we saw in Saudi Arabia you could be butchered if you're doing it inside the country or even inside their embassy so you got to do it from outside the country and we got to get those VPNs to get past the censorship in those countries including my home country of Turkey it you know it's supposed to be a democracy I wish you would get back to that do we have another question here in the back testing yeah Holly Killam The Epoch Times one thing I appreciate about traditional media is that they are willing to put forth of you that probably many of the journalists don't agree with does the young turks do that yes so we just had a decent-sized disagreement about whether megyn kelly should be fired we have dozens of hosts they all have their own opinions some of them drive me crazy and every day I get a question why don't you fire this person or why don't you fire that person because we have a range of opinions so if you want orthodoxy go somewhere else okay we're real people with real opinions and we don't limit them so on megyn kelly a number of hosts thought she should be fired I thought she shouldn't be fired and we and we talked it out and and that's what you know that's what I think is good about the show is that you get that and you'll have a real honest conversation with real people not robots reading from prompters you talked about how journalists should be more honest about their viewpoints and I agree with that but do you think that all mainstream media should be like The Young Turks and you know be more upfront about their opinions on their shows so a great question not necessarily especially for print journalist so I believe that there's a great role for objective reporting and we actually have a wing of the company that isn't commentary it's TYT investigates and they do objective reporting and so they can report against Democrats Republicans progressives anything they like okay and and they have free reign to do that and so but when you're an objective reporter that's what I insist on objectivity so I'm not interested in Democrats said this and Republicans said that who cares what's the reality I don't need you to be their stenographer and so I'm not remotely interested when on what corrupt politicians said and if you want to say that in the context of a story but then say but now here's the reality great I love it okay so another good example when I give you does is filibusters obstruction so they say oh you know both sides say that the other one is obstructing but wait a minute there's fax number of filibusters mitch mcconnell broke the record under obama by a longshot so if you want to say republicans say they don't do obstruction democrats say they do then at least give me the number well mitch mcconnell tripled the record of filibusters so there's your evidence on who does obstruction and by the way you could do that about democrats today you could say hey democrats are now doing filibusters or whatever it is well they took it away but at least on the judges and and give those facts I'm not looking to protect anyone I'm looking to get at the reality and stop telling me what their spokespeople told you how do you ensure within so you have an investigative unit clearly you're best known for speaking opinion okay yep so how do you push your reporters who are doing work for the investigative unit to be objective and not biased or do you think that's not important no again let's be clear about the terms if you're gonna be biased as an objective reporter and say well the numbers indicate this policy is wrong but I'm gonna be in favor of it anyway no that's not interesting then I would just have like first of all I don't want anybody to be wrong about the numbers our hosts that do commentary as well but I don't need the reporters have an opinion we got a lot of that at the network right so what I want them to do is focus on the facts and and so focus on investigations do you ask them to keep their opinion out of the piece yes I do yeah and how do you make sure that's happening well you know we have a process in place we have a managing editor Jonathan Larson who worked at MSNBC CNN he worked with Anderson Cooper Keith Oberman etc and he's vigilant about that and you could read the pieces yourself and you get a pretty clear sense it's a fair point yeah but by the way a lot of people did not learn that vigilance at those networks that's why I didn't hire him I hired him vigilant is vigilance is important I think we can probably agree yeah okay well look you're asking me and that's fair because I'm the one up here but does anybody think I mean you don't see the neutrality in the mainstream press so you did say at one point you said report the truth report the truth and I know that I personally as a journalist have worked hard for my entire career to do exactly that to report the truth – organization Bloomberg we try incredibly hard we we work so hard to keep bias out of our stories and to report the truth we follow the numbers you were talking about numbers right that includes money we follow the money numbers and I think a lot of other news organizations do that as well I think there is I mean I think there is a struggle sometimes between false equivalence and objectivity but I think and I'm not the person that yeah I know but I do think that objectivity as a goal as a pure goal is key okay fourth time there's some great reporters all over mainstream media and I've quoted Bloomberg on some great pieces that it's done but I do believe and this is where I disagree minutes that there is an institutional bias and I think that the mainstream media I don't mean it just a bloomer I mean all the mainstream media and I and I believe that they are scared to death of being called liberals by Republicans for 30 40 years most reporters I think you can't I think the job that we do you can't go into it being scared to death of of doing it you just go and do it and try to get it right look here you've I had Sam Donaldson on the show a long time ago and he gave me a great anecdote about the old days when things were better okay so he said every time that he covered Reagan and Clinton and asked hard questions and their White House called up to complain to ABC News Roone Arledge would give him a race that's a great story I love that story I wish we'd go back to that okay now I talked to a mainstream media reporter who's a friend and a good guy and a good reporter but an off-the-record and obviously I'm not going to give his name a couple of years back and he said jank if we don't have sources we get fired and you can't burn your sources now think about that and you know it you know that's real if you if you say the Republicans create bigger deficits which is an absolute fact well the Republicans don't like that you just lost your sources all of a sudden your livelihoods on the line that's a reality well I think we can probably both agree that we should all be asking the hard questions all the time yes okay well I would like to thank you so much for being here today it was a pleasure to have you here it was great to hear your thoughts and ideas and I'm sure we'll be hearing much more for you sooner yes thank you and thank you for having me here and being open minded about that and I really really appreciate it and in fact before you go sorry I have one ha ha who's hiding here I have a gift for you from the National Press Club this is our coffee cup or mug we give it to all of our esteemed speakers so here please accept this and use it in good health and come back thank you and I love coffee mugs this is gonna drive my wife crazy because I have a thousand of them but that's a four commemorating this moment and being so thoughtful thank you thank you [Applause] no I'm okay okay [Laughter] what is your one Gallagher with the Press Club yeah but you may be ready yeah

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36 thoughts on “Cenk Uygur of the The Young Turks on Digital Media and the Progressive Movement, Oct 26 2018

  1. I have been posting a lot of midterm debates and analyses on my channel. So if you are following the midterms closely, please consider subscribing: https://bit.ly/2OqgzHn

  2. “Neutrality is not objectivity. If you call everything 50/50, you will equate lies and the truth, and that gives lies a huge advantage.” A new quote of our times!

  3. Very strong presentation of the truth, however stay on evidence based information Cenk, Putin/Russia will poison it's reporters!?… I have followed the Novichok story through and through. The evidence that Russia is responsible is frivolous, the evidence that some kind of poisoning is being used to falsely accuse Russia is very strong. Just like incubator babies, viagra soldiers, etc etc.

  4. That banner at 59:40 "Police shootings of unarmed black men live shortly"…
    So now they have the shootings scheduled and will be showing them live? That is sick!

  5. She sounds so weak. I mean, literally. She has such a small sounding voice, and doesn't really seem to believe what she's saying. She sounds exactly like the kind of person who does what she's told without thinking about it.

    Cenk speaks with confidence and passion, and a complete lack of fear. He'll tell you the truth, even when it hurts. That's why I'd rather get my news from him.

  6. The Democrats are so peaceful and republicans are warlike Cenk the opposite is true He sounds so intelligent you are so Dem

  7. Notice how the cameraman wasted no time in panning back and showing the small crowd the very instant that Cenk came out swinging against the press.

    Right away that trick was played. We see you, C-SPAN

  8. Cenk, you're awesome man. This lady was seriously not use to people actually speaking the truth, she was quite obviously ticked at him saying what needed to be said. The mainstream press is too used to dealing with "civility" and "bipartisanship".

  9. The members of the media work hard to get it right!?!?!!?!?

    Then why don't they get it right? Use the facts and tell the truth.

  10. Edney said, "In my career I have always reported the truth (55:44)," yet during this event with Uygur, Edney claimed that Uygur said in is remarks that reporters are lazy (31:56). This is clearly an inaccuracy, and she does not seem to be aware it is a misrepresentation of the fact.

  11. How bizarre that the first thing Edney says after Uygur's talk is that he is fortunate that he is able to walk out of the room unharmed after saying that Washington is "toxic." I think Uygur made many perceptive and correct points. Also, the contempt dripping form Edney during her questioning served to effectively highlight several of the points Uygur made.

  12. She was so condescending and trying to out words in his mouth. He burned her so bad, right to her face! 😂

  13. So refreshing. Really, you don't have to agree on everything, but getting corporate money out politics is the only way to get closer to democracy

  14. 8 or possibly 9 people came to hear him talk . This is typical of how much attention the great brown buffalo deserves .

  15. I like Cenk, but he's too locked up in his own bubble..
    At least he admits his Bias, but wonder if he admits Bias makes a person Blind from Truth.
    Cenk's theories of what the right does but the left doesn't do makes him sound ignorant.

  16. Starts his speech with a lie so turned it off. Over 98% of violence has come from the dems. Tucker Carlson, physical attack after attack by antifa, physical attacks when conservator speakers show up, the greatest purge of voters in US history the dems against Bernie supporters, the murdering of their own dnc employee for leaking to Wikileaks on and on and on there is no comparison – the dems are far more violent than the republicans AND have been throughout our history. LBJ murdered his boss JFK (dems), Southern Democrats killed black men for being black etc etc

  17. This is such a great video. Andrea Edney gets shook and has no excuses for the horrific 'reporting' done by her and her colleagues- it's like she's just hearing this criticism for the first time. Corporate media in the U.S. is abysmal, and Cenk does a great job of calling them out.

  18. The lady did not expect her establishment media job to be destroyed by one speech . Look at her impression . She knows she's a fake and forced to defend her own bullshit .

  19. Whatever you think of Cenk, this is a stupendously arrogant and dismissive reception to an important figure in political coverage. No applause, and no real attempt to engage, just a wholly defensive reaction

  20. Oh… the news media try their hardest to be unbiased and to tell the truth. All they have to do now is just submit to the fact that the Republican party have lost its mind and have been working against our government and our laws for over 40 years.

    It seems to me the real problem is the lack of context.. which is why I don't watch traditional news… and heavily rely on comedians for my context.

  21. I don't care for the way she structures this interview, I feel this is a problem with media of late. They just keep going for a gotcha moment. Who's going to win? Pick Bernie over Warren, pick one. You claim to be informed, tell us, tell us. You can tell it's so they can point out he's wrong later on. I wish media, all of it, would stop a barrage of questions and just listen. Take in information, ask for clarification if needed, and then make your own choice.

  22. Also how can they press him for his prediction and run when they get questioned about they're bias and the way they do things

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