Centrist Takes Stances on Political and Social Issues

Centrist Takes Stances on Political and Social Issues

it how's it going everyone it's shown back at you with season two for some time now I've been kind of frustrated with the fact that I've only been able to upload kind of horseshit content onto this channel the last couple of years actually and I was thinking you know I'm gonna put out a video even if I'm not proud of it I want to put some time and effort into it actually I spent at least an hour to making this exact same video a week or two ago but the fucking audio messed up and I just didn't want to upload it it was too bad so I took a loss and now I'm back that's for the video goes there's been a bit of controversy on my channel on whether I'm a liberal or a conservative frankly I don't understand why I can't be a little bit of both but apparently there's a stigma around people that are that choose the Center for their stance on political opinions as if they don't know how to articulate their stances on such topics so today I'm here to settle the score I bring you centrist take stances on political and social issues I have about 22 questions so subscribers and viewers let's get into this a couple other things I want to mention before I get started as my identity because unfortunately in nowadays politics and society your identity is essentially everything people will judge you based on what your identity is before they give a shit about how you think about certain things so here it is I'm a cisgendered pansexual white slash Native American male as far as religion goes I'm an agnostic atheist and for all the ablest out there I have depression and anxiety but if the United States military watches this video I don't have depression or anxiety I should also make a disclaimer that these political and social opinions are going to be with regards to United States politics and society only as far as sources go I'll put them below in the description four things I think that deserve them some of these topics are more on and ethics in that sense it's more of an opinionated kind of thing opinionated stances are perfectly fine if they're in the right context all right let's actually get into this video number one abortion the problem with abortion is whether if you're actually murdering a living thing or if it's actually an act against God personally I think abortion is fine if you do it early on enough I know after a certain amount of time it actually gains consciousness so let's not try to kill any partially functioning human beings shall we number two minimum wage should be raised that's actually kind of applies to me because I do work a minimum-wage job in the state of Maine minimum wage is ten dollars an hour and I think that's pretty high with regards to the rest of the country let me actually check that yeah I was correct it's actually three dollars over in the national average now let me give my stance on this no I don't think minimum wage should be raised why you ask because I work in a place that I would be directly affected by such a thing I would be fired instantly minimum wage in a census to provide people with a livable income at the same time people must consider raising it would make these small businesses lose a lot of income thus not being able to employ as much people in Maine the minimum wage has been raised either a year or two ago and a lot of people that I now have got fired from the jobs like working out like Pizza Hut and shit that being said if it was raised anymore I would be fired I really don't want that but regardless no I don't think minimum wage should be raised number three a travel ban this one has always kind of been common sense to me I mean if there's people in a certain area threatening the way of life in the United States then it makes sense why you would temporarily block passage from that certain area I know there are also moral questions behind it because I know there was a travel ban enacted a year or so ago people from that certain area that was kind of sectioned off were people that were trying to seek asylum or seek sanctuary because their own area was in a state of turmoil and yes it's true it's pretty fucked to not accept people from a certain location that's in a state of turmoil if they're in danger there wouldn't be any travel ban if there wasn't any danger so by releasing this travel ban due to ethics on the outside do you really want to be responsible for the deaths of people on the inside people that have already been here people like your family okay just sand it number four this one kind of deserves a video all on its own actually because it's kind of it's a bit complicated for looking at the things that he's done already the stock market has been more successful than has in a very long time I believe unemployment in the black community is at an all-time low the fact that the Korean War has almost been ended because relations with them are so very positive at this point North Korea is like denuclearizing at this point as of late today that's the good shit he's done he's also done some bad shit like um the thing with moving the embassy in Jerusalem if another 9/11 happens I guarantee you that's why and that's about his presidency as far as his moral character goes it's kind of fucked I'm pretty sure it's heated on his wife I think he also crossed the line on sometimes talking about his daughter as far as I understand I mean I'm pretty familiar with a thing like your grandparents were like oh you're so handsome I'd definitely date you if I was your age but I guess I'm under the impression that Donald Trump said a little bit more than that about his daughter to an uncomfortable point also the thing talking about grabbing women by the pussy was a little uncalled for so as far as this presidency goes pretty good as far as his moral character goes pretty bad in conclusion I think Donald Trump has been doing a fine job as president fucking hazed me for it number five guns all right about the Second Amendment I don't think everybody understands this but if you think about the context when the Second Amendment was made the right to bear arms the only reason why that was put in there was because the United States at the time did not have a standing army the average citizen was expected to protect not only themselves but the country right that's why that is in there that's clearly not used nowadays but it has been misconstrued as everybody has the right to carry a weapon you know back then it was just like muskets right single fire guns that took like a minute to reload nowadays but we all know we all know how that goes okay there are some bullet points I want to drop before I actually get to my conclusion on this the point that Oh bad people are gonna get guns anyway is absolutely fucking true if you outlaw all guns you're just fucking the good gun something else that needs to be dropped a school shooting stuff that has been happening quite recently that's a fucking problem and the only way to do something about that is to create stricter gun laws I'm just kidding it's not the only way there's probably a bunch of other ways that I just haven't thought of but it would be better if they were like routine checkups on good gun owners and stuff because I know you just should happen sometimes you know your kid gets a little pissed you know goes you know whatever I'm not gonna go into that for the conclusion guns are a part of the United States culture and therefore definitely here to stay should there be stricter laws on it absolutely for the safety of our nation over all guns are pretty good number six lgbtq+ pride actually if I read it correctly here the acronym is this I'm kind of over on the end there I mean as far as prod goes it's fine I mean I know a lot of obnoxious people that are in that community but I mean it's not the community's fault that they're noxious through some noxious people I support pride it's people expressing themselves what are you gonna do it's fine number seven gay marriage you definitely don't need me to tell you that marriage is so much more than a religious thing at this point it's kind of a definition of a romantic relationship as well as an economic investment at least in the United States as far as gay marriage goes if the people consenting aka the people wanted to be married and the person marrying them if they both consent there's absolutely no reason why they shouldn't be able to be Wed forcing religious people to Wed gay people when they don't want to is kind of fucked up therefore that shouldn't happen it's common sense to let them express themselves and it's only fair to not force the religious people to let them in conclusion gay marriage fine oh fuck number eight gender the big issue that is like I've found from this is that it's basically a big issue of semantics right because gender when you think about it off the top of your head it's essentially male and female it's what you're it's what you are when you're born right the argument is as this for the people that think gender is on a spectrum it's essentially a representation of gender roles some of the acts masculine some of the acts feminine somebody acts neither of those things they're all on the spectrum right so essentially gender to somebody that believes in an infinite spectrum of genders is more of the role that one plays and if you talk to a rational person that believes that they tell you that they actually do believe that there is a binary identity that of sex will tell you there are two sexes male and female where do I stand on it actually that's what this fucking video is about them a big problem where this takes place is on how does this fit into the law right because you like file out the gender thing oh what's your gender oh no right every part where there's like an infinite spectrum of genders that's a little bit scary to some people just because they don't understand it and there's a lot of people getting passionate about it you know that's fine the problem that people on one side face is that oh if you miss gender somebody on purpose that's fucked up and of course that's fucked up there's like no difference between that and like literal harassment or bullying right if somebody says hey I'd identify as a girl and you're like nah you're a boy dog it's a little offensive to them right how was the battery so fucking low already I personally don't really like the people that are just totally unacceptable it's weird and that they're not used to it I think everybody should have the ability to express themselves and therefore I support the people that are on the infinite spectrum of gender what's fucked up is if you bully and harass these people after they told you what their preferred pronouns are that's just level one being a dick number nine welfare and this is gonna kind of go over everything like from the Affordable Care Act all the way to food stamps so on and so forth personally I think some of it is flawed because it actually does fuck the middle class out of their money especially with the Affordable Care Act if they want to keep their own on their own health care and such but I understand the motives behind it the motives are completely fine the common argument is like these people are lazy they need money but some people in fact is secluded to these communities that are just stricken with poverty and it's very very hard to get out of them and I do think that it is a moral obligation that they should be helped to get out of them not provided for to the point that they don't have to work or become productive members of society that's just common sense but given a little helping hand head start on becoming a member of society therefore welfare it's got some flaws it can be manipulated but I think I think it should be here to stay number 10 ice man it's fucking somebody I knew from seeds of peace there's a video coming on that soon somebody I knew from seeds of peace was like on Instagram they're like you need to find ice workers you need to like throw rocks at them when they're like at the supermarket and like when they're picking their kids up from school and shit who the fuck says that number one and number two fucking why people that come into this country illegally kind of mess up the system because it's very hard for them to pay taxes because they fundamentally can't paying taxes is a moral obligation if you're a part of a society like ours you pay taxes so we can further stuff like roads and shit I saw just the people that are taking these people and throwing them back into their own country yeah it's a bit of a gruesome job nobody really wants to do it it's kind of sad but it has to be done just just imagine a country where like all these people are inside working for the country but they're not paying taxes and shit it just fundamentally doesn't make sense it screws over the system for the people that already live here and it's it's screwing them over because they don't really get to reap the full benefits of their of their labor they fundamentally aren't able to get stuff like health care and such I know some of them do because it's easy to manipulate they don't really have access to the rest of the system like regular citizens do their for ice I think it's a it's it has to be done 11 vaccines no they don't they don't they they don't they do not number-12 vaccines should be mandatory not really I don't think people should be forced to like put certain things inside of their body you know but at the same time I mean you should you morally should right you technically shouldn't have to but you morally should okay so if you if you like contract smallpox and touch a child and that child because you just didn't want to take the vaccine because you thought it caused autism or something and you touch this child who hasn't had the vaccine yet you gave the child smallpox that died that's your you've done that you've done that therefore you're morally obligated to but I don't I don't really think you should have to I don't think that's like a liberal conservative point I think that's just like a libertarian kind of thing so I'm just gonna number thirteen drug legalization I have two main points on this let me let me first start off by saying all drugs should be legalized before you kill me let me just tell you this a people should have the right to fucking destroy the hell out of their bodies if they want to and be the drug trade would be easily just obliterated if drugs were legalized and sold that place is like right a like hey see this it's a little a little pack of a fucking crack right you want to buy this two bucks at the dollar store you know kind of thing y'all these drug dealers are gonna be out of business and shit that's a lot less resources that have to go towards sections of the government like the DEA just think of all the money that would be saved without them and I think this goes without saying they will require regulations like marijuana and alcohol already do number fourteen flag burning yeah I really don't this is kind of common sense I mean you're living in the United States you can burn any flag you want you can burn the Nazi flag the pride flag and the American flag you can do it I mean if you don't want to piss anybody off you probably shouldn't but you can it's your right number 15 Burger King head ass number 15 transgenders in the military number 15 transgenders in the military this one's always kind of been common sense to me I mean you know with the disclaimer at the beginning of this video with regard to the United States military said oh no I don't have these things is because they won't let me go in if I have these things because it's an extra liability that they have to deal with they'd like to think I couldn't be relied on if I was in the field or whatever you know and that's perfectly fine it's perfectly understandable if you're somebody that is responsible for lives you shouldn't have any any cracks right the reason why transgender people aren't allowed in the military isn't because like it's a mental disorder that's not why it's just because they require medicine when they're going when they're transitioning as I understand and you're not really allowed to go into the military if you have any pre-existing conditions or if you have to take medicine for anything because you won't really be allowed to it's an actual liability I understand it's morally fucked up if you're transgender and you really want to serve your country but I have to side with the military it's an extra liability number 16 racial profiling doesn't take a fucking genius to say that that's one of the most dumbest things ever I mean the reasons why people do it make sense but it's just freak like stupid it's retarded you're like infringing on people's rights it doesn't make sense I know like you see how I'm getting getting this beard going right now if I you give me a month or two it's gonna be it's gonna be pretty crazy right and my hair gets a lot longer than this I have to travel to my dad's in Virginia sometimes and I go alone on the plane I go through security alone and sometimes I get fucking check because I get I start looking a little ethnic and sometimes I get literally pulled aside and checked for explosives it's kind of uncomfortable number 17 and worse I'm not gonna sit here and tell you you shouldn't be allowed to say these words because this is the United States and there is something called freedom of speech but at the same time you shouldn't be an asshole to anyone and this isn't just with the N word the N word isn't something so more special than everything else right that also goes for the F word and the R word when I tell certain people in part Native American their initial responses to hey let me play a little joke on you and call you fucking Redskin it's not it's kind of it's kind of uncomfortable I do believe in freedom of speech and I do accept your right to be able to say these words sorry I put it off for a couple of days where we are cultural appropriation number eighteen okay this is in my face hey member of the black community hey member of the white community that's a nice dance move do you mind if I do that sure a member of the white community see that's how society is supposed to be but for some reason you're no longer allowed to partake in any other aspects of other people's culture I always found this kind of self explanatory I mean isn't integration what the ultimate goal of society is because if you don't accept other people's culture isn't that just segregation I mean I guess if we follow the argument of cultural appropriation nobody can use modern mathematics other than the Middle Easterners because they came up with it and I also guess nobody can use guns because those utilized gunpowder which is a Chinese thing and also guess nobody on earth other than the Europeans are allowed to use modern sciences such as physics and astronomy because that was originally a European thing I guess pizza and french fries and sausage and all those nice foods of the world cannot use them because those are also European thing I guess even though it's kind of a universal language at this point nobody other than the Anglo sphere can speak English because that's an English thing you see how flawed this argument is you see how it just doesn't make any fucking sense yeah me too therefore the argument of cultural appropriation is retarded and no number 19 police brutality I find the whole concept of police brutality and implicit bias really really interesting interesting enough that I actually wrote my Manson essay on it essentially what the Manson essay is as I go to school at a boarding school that takes itself way too seriously so to graduate 11th grade you have to pass this thing called the Manson essay mine was in fact on police brutality to an extent it was more on implicit bias and how generational teachings kind of attribute to this when it comes to racism my notion about police brutality inside of my essay was essentially that it came from a long line of racially charged events such as convict leasing it's really terrible I challenge you to look it up regardless police brutality is in fact confined to locational cultures it's not everywhere but that being said it does exist and it's not changing any time soon inside of these cultural areas does that make it okay absolutely fucking not police brutality is unacceptable and it needs to stop police officers in these locational communities that have bias such as this need to be held more accountable and need to be under a harsher eye when used in scenarios such as a white cop and a black citizen it only makes racial tensions worse and that is a massive problem in this day and age it is important to note that it is definitely not every single police officer that holds this bias and it's probably not even the majority but in fact there are these locational cultures that allow police brutality to happen and that's where the system needs to be dismantled number 20 vegan ideology personally I don't really care about veganism I mean if you want to be a vegan go do it I mean I don't really care oh fuck there it is if you're a vegan because you care about animal rights I think that's a little bit far-fetched just for the fact that if you actually pay attention to biology you see these plants out here a study has been done to show that actual most plants can learn that means they're sentient I'll actually put the video on this in the description because it's incredibly interesting for example there's a certain plant that actually its leaves curl up when it's touched right we've all seen something kind of like that before the interesting about the interesting thing about it is when an experiment was done dropping it on the ground it would curl up right after being dropped around like five times I can't remember how much it actually learned that the drop wasn't actually harming it therefore it stopped curling its leaves because that took away too much energy just something to think about if a plant can learn I don't understand where the line is drawn shouldn't plants have rights too if in fact they do what are vegans going to eat then err personally I really don't care if you're a vegan I'm not definitely not going to tell you how to live your life but you should definitely consider that animals aren't the only organisms that are sentient and if in fact you are a vegan not because of your own personal health issues but because of animal rights you should definitely extend those rights to other sentient organisms such as plants that are literally fucking sentient 21 affirmative fucking action the reason why firm ative action exists is to give minorities an equal chance and um succeeding in the world of college or business I am definitely all for giving people an equal playing field but if somebody isn't performing as well as another person it makes no sense why they would be hired over them or accepted into a college over them affirmative action is probably one of the most foolish concepts I've ever heard of and I definitely do not support it number 22 transgender bathrooms you see this concept is a lot more tricky than some of the other ones because first when I was researching this like it was a controversial topic but I couldn't understand if transgender people wanted the bathroom or it was like cisgender people that wanted the bathroom for them and actually it's a little bit of both I don't understand why which is it's just kind of common sense to me I don't understand why you wouldn't give the transgenders their own bathroom if they wanted it I mean from what I understand there's a lot more problems if you let them go into a regular bathroom because some of them feel uncomfortable and some cisgender people feel uncomfortable as well just give them the fucking bathroom all right if they want a separate if they want a third bathroom for themselves just give it to that what the fuck like it's just common sense to me oh shit that's right it's time for international politics in society but shown I thought you said that you were only doing United States related stuff hey you know what I am from the United States therefore I'm entitled to talk about other countries politics and shit so the first one is about Israel or Palestine who deserves the lamp but let me tell you you let me tell you something son let me take you on a little little journey son to the land of Palestine a very long time ago there were initially some people called Jews living in Palestine and eventually they were pushed out of their land because of who they were and what they stood for they dispersed throughout the rest of the world mostly Europe pretty much and there they were prosecuted and segregated and experienced some of the harshest racial bias ever maybe a thousand years later so this guy named Adolf Hitler starts he's just like you know what let's just fucking kill them all let's just let's just let's just kill them all and a lot of people were pretty okay with it and the Jews were like fuck this let's just go back to the original place that we were at huh I think we're entitled to that at this point so they went all the way back to Palestine where they originally were in the mean time that the Jews were gone from Palestine some people came in of course because it's fucking land you're gonna you're gonna inhabit some land right so the Jews and the Palestinians kind of coexisted for quite a bit during this time but eventually conflict ensued and the United Nations was like hey let me fix that shit so after Palestine was cut up in half and actually wasn't cut in half the Palestinians were kind of fucked out of this but after it was cut in half conflict only got worse in Israel the newfound home of the Jews was attacked by a five-nation army including some of the most powerful and influential countries of the Middle East and what it is really let me tell you fuck oh they not only held the land that they had claims to they took the rest of Palestine land out stretching into the rest of the Middle East and the entirety of the Sinai Peninsula six days let's take a moment to realize one of the most oppressed groups throughout all of human history in six days mustered a powerful enough fighting spirit and passion to overtake such a large amount of land by themselves that was probably one of the most honorable things I've ever read or studied about and it has my utmost respect there for the Jews to serve the land they've got it fair and square tied to our second and final stance here is about the Kurds standing people do they deserve their own land yes but should why would you give one oppress group the land and not the other well let me tell you why fucko the Kurdish standing people were actually promised the land that they currently occupy and just we're never fucking given it which is absolutely ridiculous considering the fact that they are fighting Isis more ruthlessly and more efficiently than anybody else in the world right now so I think it's pretty self-explanatory who deserves the land give it to the Kurds that's gonna be the end of the video subscribers and viewers thank you so much for watching this has been shown with centrist take stances on political and social issues I'm sorry for not uploading recently there was a power surge of my computer lost four hundred dollars worth of parts and I had to replace it I also got my license and a job and quick proximity to each other and that has been encapsulating most of my time but regardless I plan to be back and making better content that I have ever before I really hope you like this video because it took a lot of effort to make as you can see it's like not even the same day that I started at this point which is pretty much never ever fucking happen before as a closing note these are my political opinions as of the day that this is released my opinions are changing a lot and I really implore people that disagree with me to tell me why in the comments and maybe teach me something or reveal to me something that I don't know or don't understand I employ very healthy debate I really like it in the meantime subscribers the viewers do you do best this has been shown have a good one you

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  1. Hey it's Toby from seeds, I think you argued your points fairly well and respectfully, so I'd like to treat you with the same courtesy in my response to a couple of your points. So first, I disagree with you on the topic of transgender people in the military. I don't think it's fair to say everyone who is trans needs/takes meds for being trans, some choose not to take transition meds and would rather just present as male or female or a non-binary gender without necessarily changing anything physically. Secondly, I'd agree that people CAN say slurs, as you said this is America and we have freedom of speech, but I really don't think anyone should (other than a black person saying the n word or something similar), and that anyone who does deserves harsh criticsm and due punishment. Id even say you're use of the r-word is a bit offensive here, as I'm in the camp that no slurs are okay, not just the n-word. Thank you for your time, hopefully you won't take anything here as too offensive or critical, just wanted to respectfully voice my opinions

  2. 7 and a half minutes in, triggered but definitely have a half Chub, would like to have an old timey yelling contest about this

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