Chris Cuomo Is Concerned About 2020 Democrats Attacking Each Other

Chris Cuomo Is Concerned About 2020 Democrats Attacking Each Other

-I think one thing we do know
is going to happen, I feel like mayor Pete Buttigieg
made this point well, that no matter who gets
the nomination, Donald Trump will say
they’re a socialist. -Yeah.
-How do as a — -And if he is identified —
this is from the latest crosstabs on the poll. Crosstabs are the explanations behind the numbers
that we report. If the president runs
against somebody who can be reasonably identified
as socialist — There is no punchline on this,
by the way. I know that face.
It’s not going to be funny. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, oh, oh. This is going to be good, yeah. -Then he wins by at least
six points. -Uh-huh.
-So Pete Buttigieg,
who is obviously very smart, is right about that,
and we see it in the numbers. Make your point.
-Well, I — My only point was how do you defend against — You’re going to run against
a person who is not going to make
his decision. He will call Pete Buttigieg
a socialist just as much as he will call Bernie Sanders
a socialist. -Yes.
-Even though that they are very far apart, I would think, in so far as how
they view themselves. So how do you protect against
a guy who basically is playing by back alley rules?
-Here’s the answer. Well, one,
that is not new in politics. Labels are very helpful
as a point of persuasion and as a point of opposition. But the goal is,
you call me what you want. I’m talking to them. Yes, I hear him, especially
in this coming election. I hear him. He’s noise to me. I want to talk to you. This is what you
need to know about me. This is what I know about you.
This is why I’m doing this. Let him say what he wants to
say. That’s the goal. Will you be able
to achieve that? It’s difficult. You will have a harder time
doing it if you haven’t
gotten ready for it. If you want to have
a meaningful discussion about race in this country,
which is so hard, because what we forgot isn’t
that we have these problems in this society, is that we
forgot that we had been trying to change culture to suppress
the animus, that we’re not going to
give you an audience if you want to say ugly things. We’re not going to
play into your division. That’s what has returned,
not the problems. So if you want to have
a meaningful discussion, but people have had to watch
months of you almost play the same issues out
with your own people, who are supposed to be opposing
what is on the other side of it, you don’t think
there’s going to be fatigue? You don’t think that
when you get to the general, you’re not allowing
your opponent to say, “But, Seth,
you call everybody this. You say everybody is a racist.
You say everything is racial. When does it end?” Why mitigate the strength
of something that matters so much
just for political convenience and advantage right now. I really don’t get
where their heads are at, hence my closing questions. -You’ve got —
Booker, you thought did a good job last night. You thought Castro
did a good job last night. -That’s what
the Iowa caucus voters said. I have no opinion. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] -I tell you what I don’t like. Here’s what I don’t like.
I’ll be honest. It will stay in this room.
[ Laughter ] [ Laughs ] The idea that — Look, man,
you’ve got to pick your spots and why you’re going to attack.
I know Cory Booker. He’s a man of integrity.
He believes in public service. He’s very smart
and very committed. You’re going to go after Biden
about his record, you have one, too. You were the mayor of Newark,
very tough city, inherited big problems. The crime bills that
you’re talking about were about big problems
that came from cities like Newark
all over the country. There were things
that didn’t happen the way you wanted them to. There were things that happened
the way Biden didn’t — If you’re attacking yourselves
on that level, again, it is time wasted that you could
have been going after your real opponent, as you say, and you are weakening
both of yourselves potentially. Because you’re allowing
the opponent — Let’s say Cory Booker,
Senator Booker, gets it. You don’t think that the
opponent’s going to say, “I saw you on the stage there
with Biden. I remember him saying that you
were a terrible mayor. You couldn’t
take care of anybody. You did a lot of stop-and-frisk. You’re giving ammunition
to your opponent. They keep saying we don’t want
to fight with each other, and then that’s exactly what
they do. -So do you think they should
behave the same way you’re arguing
they will have to behave when it’s up against
Donald Trump, and do the same thing, which is when they get asked
a question that specifically mentions what an opponent said,
even in a Democratic debate, be like, “You know what?
I’m not here to talk about what…
-First of all, that’s what they all
have always done. There is a misconception,
I believe, in the party right now
about what they need to be proving to you guys. I think if they were more like
Brother Quay over there, they’d be better off. The simplicity of his shirt
gives a complete message. Right?
-There you go. [ Cheers and applause ]
There you go. -When did you hear that
in earnest last night? When did somebody — just think
about how you’d feel, okay, if I asked the question,
“So, Seth, you going to tax
the middle class or not? How are you going to pay? You
going to tax the middle class?” And he’s like, “Well, maybe,
but no, but see — And I want you to understand
this, in the plan on page 19, I say that I’m going to get to
it on page 27, and — What’s that?!”
Whish! That’s what you saw last night.
But imagine if he’d say, look, here’s what
I want to achieve with it. What we have now isn’t enough. What we have now
have people not being covered. What we have now
is financial insecurity. We have to get back
to covering more people and doing it in a way
where the companies win less than you do as the patient. And that’s what I’m going
to spend my time doing. I have a plan with how to do it. We’ll figure out how we get it
done exactly once I get there. Are you unsatisfied? -That was very satisfying.
-One guy. [ Laughter ] One guy, everybody else stays
home. -That’s great.
-Four more years. Settled. Next question. -That’s John Delaney numbers
out there. [ Laughter ]
-That’s right. -I want to ask one last question
’cause you are also finding some time for
a little recreation. You were fishing.
-Yes. -This is a fluke
that you caught? -No, it was completely
intentional. [ Scattered groans, laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Come on, a little bit of you — a little bit, you like it.
-I feel like you set me up. I feel like I’m going to
find out later this was just Photoshopped.
It was a sea bass. -At home, I wear this suit.
I don’t know who that is. It was weird. Did you know
that you didn’t cover up your bicep with the fish?
[ Laughter ] I know you’re very — I know
you’re real shy about your arms. [ Laughter ] -My arms are like
my least impressive part. -Oh, boy.
[ Audience oohs, laughter ] Get out of here!
Chris Cuomo, everybody!

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100 thoughts on “Chris Cuomo Is Concerned About 2020 Democrats Attacking Each Other

  1. Andrew Yang did a superb job!! Can you invite yang on your show, we have been waiting to see him on your show.

  2. Who was the only one didn't attack nor there were any attack against him even though he was polling 4th at the stage, but he managed to put his points across concisely? I forgot his name this Asian guy…

  3. CNN loves to pit candidates against each other to boost ratings. Look at how much time they give Delaney who polls around 1%. Also CNN blatantly favors the DNC establishment. They hate Sanders. Big donors are CNN's bread and butter. Pharmaceutical ads are literally worth billions — so medicare for all would kill the golden goose.

  4. What nonsense. The framing is wrong, the format is wrong, the timing is wrong, the questions were wrong, the goading was wrong.

    But blame the candidates only. Sheesh.

  5. Dumb ass. Socialism is GOOD, and everyone knows it. Social Security is socialism as is the military. and dozens of other programs. Socialism wins. Racism is a wedge issue. We need to understand that.

  6. Damn the establishment is desperate af. Notice how the only exception is Bernie. They'll take anyone but him. This multimillionaire hack job of a host is really insisting you listen to him.

  7. Chris Cuomo shamelessly represents corporate America, while trying to portray himself as being balanced. CNN is a joke entertainment network only interested in ratings, caring nothing for news. They set up questions to incite fighting between the candidates and then Cuomo has the nerve to come on here, holier-than-thou and scold Democrats for fighting to get heard? Hypocrisy is at an all time high in our country at the moment.

  8. This is a joke. All they want is to prevent Bernie to keep making corporate exploiter buck.

  9. It is an establishment lie that Trump would have it easier against a social democrat/democratic socialist. Trump has always held back from attacking Bernie too much, because he knows many of his voters came to him, when it became apparent that the DNC was rigging the primaries in favour of clinton and against Sanders. Trump would waltz over all corrupt establishment donormoney democrats, because thats where demagogues get their power from. Trump would suffer a devastating loss against Sanders and he knows it.

  10. The problem is not that the left is calling everyone racist: the problem is that the system is racist and nothing is being done to change the structural racism in America.

  11. His network presents the debates in pure click bait WWF style and now tries selling conflict is bad? The hypocrisy is total.

  12. Its the republicans trump supporters fault for allowing trump to spread his racism and these people paid with their lives for it. How many more American people are going to die because of trump racism. I said it 2 yrs ago and I’ll say it again. Impeach trump before more people die. You and /Or your kids WILL be next

  13. Andrew Yang didn’t attack anyone, ignored the noise, identified and addressed the real issues with data and had a clear direction to offer. Trump would have nowhere to go with him in a debate.

  14. Bernie would obliterate Trump in a serious discussion. Bernie is just 100% solid policies, Trump has no response to that.

  15. 17 million democratic voters are taken off the list…..
    the people of America have to fight hard to Winn
    as more than 40% of Americans are dumb racists trump supporters

  16. That's what you are supposed to do moron, Obama did a lot of good things but he was far from perfect.

  17. Hey Cuomo, still enjoying that Hillary victory from 2016? Oh wait…she lost because Republican light will not win against a Republican with an actual R behind their name. The ONLY way Democrats take back the White House is if a progressive, democratic socialist runs against Trump. Did we learn NOTHING from that 2016 election????? Biden will win the popular vote….. and lose the electoral. Bernie wins them both.

  18. CNN and MSNBC cherry-pick their polls. They'll pass over 25 legit polls showing majority support for Medicare for All, or showing Bernie beating Trump in nationwide and state-by-state matchups, and they'll ignore them in favor of one poll that backs up what they want to say.

  19. Chris Cuomo is such a painfully obvious tool of the Establishment. CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS… they're all the same, people. Oh sure, they attack from different angles but the END RESULT is the same. They all support corporate Oligarchy. As long as the rich are getting richer and the military budget is getting bigger and the media ratings are going higher, they couldn't care less. Anyone still watching any corporate-funded media program has some serious catch up to do. Watch the Jimmy Dore Show, Empire Files, read The Intercept, and watch Oliver Stone's "Untold History of the United States" and you'll have a solid education on politics.

  20. Americans need to understand that Socialism:
    1 – is not a curse word
    2 – is not Communism (not necessarily, anyway)

    Communism is about the economy: no free markets, everything is centrally planned, no individuals own means of production, everything belong to "the people" but in practice there's small class of powerful bureaucrats who run the show.

    Socialism is about social issues e.g. health care, a mimimum living standard for everyone, a chicken in every pot and a roof over every head. That kind of stuff.

    Many Communist countries claim (often at least partially lying) that they have implemented socialism, meaning that none of their people have to go hungry, or become homeless, or be denied health care.

    Socialism however, can be and has been implemented before in many Capitalist countries, especially in Northern Europe.

    It's calld democratic Socialism, and it woks like this: you live in a Capitalist country, you can own stuff, you can be an entrepeneour, etc.
    You pay taxes like everybody in any country, but relatively little of your tax money go to the hired murderers that Americans are so proud of, namely the military.
    Instead, a smaller army is mantained, which is more than enough if you use your military to defend your country rather than harassing the world like a schoolyard bully, typically a big fat coward relying only on his size against smaller kids.

    Saving a lot of money by not sticking your nose (and guns) in other people's business, you get a lot of money left over, that can be used to provide free healthcare (i.e. pre-paid by taxes), a roof and a meal to everybody, and all of that while staying Capitalist, without switching to Communism.

    So, essentially, democratic Socialism means you're just as Capitalist as before, but now you don't bully the whole world any more, and your poor people get to eat. How can anyone possibly be against that?
    Oh, yeah. They voted for Trump.
    Sometimes I wish that Russia and China get together and crush the US-UK bullying alliance once and for all.

  21. They should still fight with each other because that is part of a rigorous process which gives voters all the information that they can have so long as the attacks or not Straw men of what happened

  22. Jesus. This interviewer makes me want to puch Cuomo right in his stupid face.

    We are dealing with a Republican party that cannot acknowledge the failures, drawbacks, and immorality of its own Candidate and his administration.

    Cuomo's answer is yeah, let's do exactly that.

  23. Stop pushing certain candidates on the public, give them all a fair shake and they won't need to attack each other to get attention.

  24. Chris said a socialist can’t defeat Trump which considering Bernie’s polling is a lie and Seth said nothing about it, very disappointing. Also no Cory Booker is NOT a person of integrity he voted against lowering the cost of prescription drugs even when that slug Ted Cruz voted for it, he is in the pocket of the pharmaceutical lobby.

  25. His argument is stupid. He's asserting that 25 candidates shouldn't be arguing about the flaws in their opponents or their own strengths? Jesse's, how fucking stupid.

  26. I don't agree with most of what he said…no surprise anyway…there are democrats who aren't fighting each other…and Bernie is one of them… #Bernie2020

  27. Look @ these two assholes…. 2016 they were so right…. NOT… TRUMP 2020 in a land slide !!!!! Keep playing the race card…. that's why it's not going away…. good job boys

  28. This centrist mouthpiece , it's fucking primary if they can't hold it together now they won't survive later do you think Republican can't dig this s*** up . Bernie Sanders won against Trump in every poll , he is just spreading wrong informations because he's corporate piece of s*** .

  29. Wait. Chris, Kellyanne Conway is ALWAYS on your show. Is that what you mean by saying that people give hate a platform?

  30. Chris Cuomo is a crazy liberal snob who is still made Trump won! And yes he will win again in 2020! We love President Trump!

  31. Fredo in the morning, Fredo in the evening Fredo at supper time. If you act like Fredo, your not better than slime… .

  32. Fredo is worried about too many of his snowflake buddies coming against each other; hmmm…like…"do you wanna build a snowman?"
    Isn't that what you get when you put a bunch of snowflakes together? Yeah…it can't be a snowball; cause with snowflakes…there are no balls.

  33. These people have gone insane. Remember when everyone other than Bernie was against a socialist party or government. Control freaks never prospe. Cuomo you suck and start looking for a job. CNN is done

  34. I am kinda late to this video but Cuomo described Andrew Yang performing unlike any other candidate in that debate, without giving him the credit. Yang2020!

  35. Chris Cuomo is right. Why the democrats are fighting? They should be united to remove Donald Trump from his “Kingdom.”

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