Chris Matthews On Yovanovitch: Democrats Had A ‘Winning Witness’ | Hardball | MSNBC

Chris Matthews On Yovanovitch: Democrats Had A ‘Winning Witness’ | Hardball | MSNBC

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82 thoughts on “Chris Matthews On Yovanovitch: Democrats Had A ‘Winning Witness’ | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. Yovanovitch just told it as it was, that a so called president attacked her as she stood on the stand on behalf of America after all he put her through is quite sickening to be mild, made me cry. 😥😥😥

  2. Republicans made a big deal about how a President can remove an ambassador for no reason, but why did he have to smear her reputation of 30 years exemplory service to her country? Seriously Trump supporters, Why??

  3. She was such a credible, honorable witness, not even the Republicans (except Mango Mussolini, of course) could attack her. Most of them acted in a manner resembling human beings, for a change.

  4. "Shut up about the hearsay if you're blocking all the witnesses!"
    –ex-Senator Claire McCaskill 

    (an innocent man does not ignore Congressional subpeonas requesting documents and witnesses.)

  5. Lol …

    Winning what ? She got fired …
    She was a Obama globalist and didn't like Trump … She had no knowledge of anything but her opinion ….

  6. I remember with great distaste, Specter's mistreatment of Anita Hill. Shameful time in our history which was repeated with the Kavenaugh hearings against another female accuser and witness. Women remember.

  7. Very compelling narrative of her threat to powerful men who are motivated by profit and power, and on queue in tweets Trump. Doh!!!

  8. YOVANOVITCH testified that she seen nothing wrong with Joe Biden holding hostage the billion in US aid until Ukraine fired the prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt energy company who was paying Hunter Biden $600K/year for a fake board seat.

  9. Why did you have to tweet the witness Donny Dumb fingers. You are taking any chance of a solid defense or doubt away from your base

  10. She was just a normalnews reporter working for a CIA cannibal media outlet until she ate a radioactive Illegal alien .. Now she is the unstoppable MSNBCannibal — Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan!!

  11. Makes you wonder if these Republican Lawmakers try to con their own families just like the way they try to con Americans….

  12. The point driven home today is that that though ambassadors serves at the will of the president, Ambassador Yovanovitch was fired because she was hindering President Trump’s ability to commit bribery. It’s something the US Constitution frowns on.

  13. The whole thing traces back to Firtash. Firtash is trying to get back into the RosUkrEnergo/Gazprom into running gas skimming back into Ukraine. Biden got Firtash kicked got. He hates the lady Ambassador and got her removed first to get Fruman and Parnas onto Naftogaz. Trump knows Firtsah through business dealings. Firtash is also connected tight to Putin. Toensing, diGenova and Giulliani ans Trumpy are doing Firtash's bidding by smearing and digging dirt on Biden. Firtash's extradition is being blocked by OUR DOJ because he is the main character. I put this together four weeks ago but you guys are Slooooow.

  14. US President Trump MUST BE EXECUTED for his Corruption & all those Politicians connected to it. Maximum Security Prison will be too good for President Trump.

  15. No other President has stained the office of President nor made the country such embarrassment. Trump threatened the Ambassador & allowed Ukraine soldiers to be slaughtered by Vladimir Putin. He has to be impeached & anyone upholding this compromised orangoutang will be voted out as well

  16. Republicans wouldn't look miserable if they'd stay loyal to the Constitution rather than a person or a party. At the end of the day, we are AMERICANS – not Democrats or Republicans.

  17. Republicans don’t want to appear to be the bad guys?? They are the bad guys! They have been bought and paid by Big donors and Th ode donors are apparently Putin and his cronies

  18. OK FOLKS, I have a proposal. The dems are gonna win this thing and if the Senate doesn't remove Trump early next year then the voters will in the fall. So, to soften the blow for the uneducated, MAGA hate wearing, oops Freudian slip, hat wearing Americans I suggest that we all forget politics this Holiday season. Every time politics comes up just change the subject and move on, and don't forget to say "Merry Christmas" and "God Bless" and all that good stuff. Just forget the politics, because lets face it, we've won, he's going down in flames and soon we'll be able to start rebuilding this country and undoing all the damage that Trump has done, so soften the blow for your red hatted relatives and lets start making America joyful again.
    Cheers Everyone, and may the season treat you well!
    Merry Christmass and a Happy New Year!
    And may God Bless everyone!

  19. Her testimony was powerful. I didnt fully understand her role until I watched today. Her testimony adds a deeper, disturbing level to Trumps corruption. It shows how planned out it all was even more.

    They knew Yovanovitch would notice quickly, because fighting corruption was one of primary focuses as ambassador to the Ukraine.

  20. That's it… Get your hopes up snowflakes. I'll sweeten my coffees with your tears when it fails. Congratulations on supporting an act of treason.

  21. Nunes asked why she was even here? She painted a picture of trump that had no interest in Ukraine corruption except to serve his needs. This is waaay more than just being about her.

  22. Liberals being miserable is such a joy on its own to behold – watching them desperately slip away into a delusional fantasy world is just a bonus.

    3+ years and it still never gets old.

  23. MSNBC doesn't get it. The GOP has been waging a slow motion Reichstag Fire since the Newt days in the 1990s. Putin was Yeltsin's man, and the US foolishly backed Yeltsin and exported an extremist free-market ideology all over the world. In 2016 it simply came home to roost with Trump, helped by the Russians, playing to the fears and deepening poverty of an increasingly impoverished working class. As you sow, so you reap.




    Trump is a stochastic terrorist and a traitor to the country. If you want a civil-war, don't remove him. The people are ready to RIOT.

    A riot is the voice of the unheard.

    VOTE Trump if you like MASS SHOOTINGS

    VOTE Trump if you like CORRUPT ELECTIONS

  25. Trump to stupid to have somebody to look their people work or service record in the military and government and being that he a 5 time draft dodger and again Trump attack a woman doing her job right and by the rules and law.

  26. The only thing missing today was the violins.. Under Obama diplomats where coming back in body bags and lets not forget Obama fired ALL the diplomats and put in his own people. Today was a sham.

  27. Former Chairman Mike Rogers: ''The only times Trump doesn't shoot himself in the foot is when he's reloading the gun.''

  28. Yes, but … Trump assisted the Democrats by a witness intimidation tweet, that contributed considerably to the temper of the Republicans. If I were one of them, I would refuse to take part at the next deposition, go home, play golf or go biking somewhere.

  29. So the deficit grew to 17 trillion, corporations got tax cuts which all they did was buy back their stocks. Trickle down economics doesn’t work. The middle class is Shrinking. This is all a distraction. Both democrats and republicans are crooked. Why do the majority of mass shootings affect the middle and poor class?

  30. It’s clear that Trump is having a meltdown. Taken off to the men in white coats at Walter Reed in the last 24 hours for a brain scan. They found nothing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Why does rude moron Jim Jordan wear half of a suit? Is he too f*cking cheap to invest in a complete suit in which to walk around and properly represent his country?

  32. What is the main issue of Trump's and Republicans' success? They just don't steal! If dems just don't steal, USA would be much richer than it is now, people living in USA would be much much richer. Where are that money? Who steal the money? I don't know, but I see, that media like MSNBC make propaganda for years – propaganda is very expensive!

  33. What Chris Matthews meant by “winning witness” — is someone who had no idea what was said in the Trump call. A non witness – by definition. America HIRED Trump to get rid of failures like Yovanovitch. And unlike Obama, who FIRED EVERY SINGLE ambassador the previous President elected; Trump merely moved her to another post. Obama gave them 48hrs to vacate their posts.

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