Christopher Dickey: We’re Seeing The Death Of Democracy In America & Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Christopher Dickey: We’re Seeing The Death Of Democracy In America & Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Christopher Dickey: We’re Seeing The Death Of Democracy In America & Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Educational test for liberals

    Please read Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution and learn what type of government is guaranteed to the States

  2. As far as America goes there should be concern about the death of reality. Sadly the migrant crisis around the world has allowed Democracy to be in danger. Its far too easy to scare people with foreigners.

  3. How are we going to stop this evil. If you think this is an isolated incident, you better think again. This is happening all over our country. Assaults, attacks, rapes, murders by blacks against whites. Thing is, the media is shutting down the coverage of these countless and multiplying crimes.

  4. We´re not seeing the death of democracy. We´re seeing it struggling. Democracy is a relatively new phenomenom. Now it´s up to us to fight for it!
    Time doesn´t go backwards, but also progress doesn´t come automatically- we need to protect democracy and extend it! Keep faith and do the work.

  5. Voting in SOMEBODY that would do what the majority of Americans want done is democracy in action. So sorry if the elites don't like it.

  6. Dictator and despot Trump. Secret plans to monetize the Amazon rainforest. Should be doing his job as president. He’s confused.

  7. It is certainly true that if you look at the US under Trump or the UK under under Johnson, you do begin to think that this whole democracy thing isn't really working out. There are undoubtedly people that would like to see democracy fail. We need to do it properly. Any system that puts people like these idiots in power obviously needs reform.

  8. Very disturbing. It is easy to work with hitlerump because it is his way or no way? He is not fit to serve. He is a huge threat to the security of everyone and everything. This disgusting lost soul is a dangerous psychopath.

  9. nice piece and love the offer of hope at the end, potentially people will not ALL vote stupid…like Jeff Daniels said, or was it someone before him…do unto to others as you would have them do unto you…and why isn't that any political creed?

  10. Just realizing this now? People have been freaking out since he has been sworn in. Trump has always wanted to be a dictator…if you can't see this by now, you need to get your head out of the hole.

  11. What a fake this guy Christopher Dickey as well as Brian. This show started on Russia and how democracy in the Western World is ending. This conversation reminds me about two years ago when a political commotion happened about the Democratic Party. It was found trying to influence the voting on the primaries in favor of Clinton. Thereafter, an investigation was demanded. The investigation started and not too long after it switched about Russia and how her government influenced the elections. This thing about Russia started as a rumor and ended as a credible story.

    Definitely, if we are declining as it was spoken at this show we can attribute it to many obvious reasons, such as populism, kleptocracy, corruption and to our own media which continues propagating fake news.

  12. He thinks it's 'fun' to work with him. The most important job in this country and he associates it with the word, "fun". #PABPresident

  13. The most popular book in history, the Bible has foretold this would happen and much worse. We are witnessing the End. There are just a few more seconds on God's clock before mankind's system of things crumbles in a "Great Tribulation". And the World is too blind to see it coming. Man's rule fails and God's rule begins.

  14. Only the finest contestants on this island folks, only the finest. Stay tuned next week to see what shenanigans Comrade Trump gets up to next.

  15. I agree. Democracy seems fatally flawed in that there are always enough gullible uninformed people that with simple means can be converted into a majority of the blind.

  16. We Don't want to inherite a world where were gonna be burned alive. Eyes off the drama people because no matter what happens or what ever mankind does to itself the world will still be here spinning until it burns to a crisp. Or, we can focus on the priorities for the future of our planet – Earth 🌍🌏🌏🌤️❄️🌧️☀️🌈🔥🌊🌵🌳🌲🐝🏔️⛰️🗺️🗻🏞️🏜️🏝️🌐🗾⚔️ and live forever ❤️ Nations put your brains together reverse division and find a way to make us live forever come on people get it together 💯😂😂


  18. Texas Dem Rep. Vicente Gonzalez Switches Endorsement From Castro To Biden!!! Yes no real choice anyway both are pendejos including Gonzalez

  19. You mainstream media threat Trump and his minions as normal and debate his lies.
    But this won't work. The only way back to democracy is to get money out of politics…

  20. 🤔;

    🧐 – Is there a reason why, Christopher Dickey, hasn’t suggested, that citizens across the world, should watch the documentary on Netflix ie 'The Great Hack' ?

    Christopher Dickey sir, that would of been, my first recommendation, to the public.

  21. I can't get past that..The UK is a mess…this from an AMERICAN news we all know America is a model we should all follow…what a joke.

  22. Moron in Chief and dictator of The Goon Party. Give him the Golden Toilet; … oh he’s already got it ?!, well then we probably know who stole it from Blenheim Palace.
    Doesn’t he wish he could own it, and live there, and change the name to Burger Palace …

  23. We need to do away with the Electoral College. It is a disgrace that the US is the only democracy where the individual who wins the most votes loses to the one with the least votes.

  24. What a shame, what a shame America ! How can you listen to his lies, only ?! And his dirty, utterly ugly way of, public, life, how is that possible, anyway ?!

  25. No, you have got it all wrong again, just the death of the democrat party. Freedom and Liberty will remain. Get your story straight!

  26. New President in 2020, Universal Basic Income would work ,Universal Basic Income would work, Trump Think it is the smartest but Stupid President ,make lot of enemies and has no friends in this world, he lead many farmer to bankrupt and 12000 retail store bankrup and closings, Trump not be reelected,in 2020. The US_ China trade war has brought Trump’s brain Influent water, and the idiot’s president helped Ren Zhengfei promote 5G free advertising, lifting stones to hit his own feet, stupid President Trump will not be re-elected 2020,. New President in 2020

  27. We did Trump to ourselves.
    We deserve whatever we get.
    Kentucky did Mitch McConnell to us, who protects Trump from accountability.

  28. The last 500 years have been very good to white Western European men. Globalization is the biggest threat to
    White men who think like trump and Putin.
    America has one last shot get rid of Trump and McConnell.

  29. Democracy isn't dead yet in America, but if the American people are going to be apathetic, lazy and continue to ignore their duty, then it surely will die.

  30. Anyone who uses the third person about themselves and is serious about it should be committed to a mental institution. This video shows why.

  31. Look, this guy does stuff like this to overshadow the whistleblower issue regarding his taxes and corruption from his admin within the intelligence agency.. so the real news decides to cover what they want you to cover to hide the real corruption.. that's why the replublicans, his admin and trump thinks they are so smart be deflecting and the true news avoids the most serious and pressing issues.. stay on point.

  32. Democracy what are you on about there’s never been or ever will be Democracy on this planet let alone in America how can there be Democracy when satellites 📡 are being put in the sky so that they can watch every move that we make and have devices that hear every word that we say haha 😂. Democracy is a word that means nothing at all it’s a word that should be taken out of the dictionary have a good en Stevie

  33. America has an openly racist white supremacist as a president and republicans are doing whatever by any means to protect him… If that doesn't speak volumes of a clear enemy and clear danger to society than I don't know what else will.. Republicans are the new Al-Qaeda and ISIS but on American soil and in American government.. This is exactly how they would behave and worst if ever infiltrated America..

  34. good spoken, thanks! Unbelievable how many innocent and a little stupid people with little knowledge of history really live between us. Some are simply bad!

  35. This is how we go and get ourselves extinct! Big egos and small men with all the power, let's hope the brexit disaster is enough of a warning

  36. I’m sad this is beginning to be said, the death of democracy, now how do you want countries like mine in Africa develop good governance. 😢😢😢

  37. We are actually at war within our own country with the trump party and his allies. Hes wrong if he thinks this country is going to just bow to him. If the government wont fight for us and control their employees, we as their employers are capable of protecting ourselves if need be. Dont push us into a civil war trump.

  38. Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep deciding whats for dinner. The foundation of this sick nation is blood & quicksand. It. Needs. To. Be. Started. Over. From. Scratch…by a people group that arent murderous megalomaniacs. If this doesnt apply to you, disregard. Buttttt….if it does, Karma must come and get you, iron out the problems, and make the universe balanced

  39. To tell you the truth, Americans, don't lie to yourself. Look at the country you sent to "democracy." if you don't doubt that something is wrong with your people, if you don't suspect that something is wrong with you, then I really think the United States is hopeless.

  40. Why would anybody want to work with trump! If you happen to be honest and committed to the truth…you are done before you begin….why? Maybe you hurt is feelings, or received attention he wanted….he is PHONEY!

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