CityLAB: Berlin—An International Campus of Norwich University

CityLAB: Berlin—An International Campus of Norwich University

Berlin is adventure. The capital of Germany, of course The city is full of inspiration. To be a student in Berlin means to be open-minded and to try new things and take risks. Going places.
It’s very easy to get around with the bus, the subway, the U-Bahn, and also with bicycle. It’s not an issue. The whole city is open to so many different kinds of people. And there’s really something for everyone here. There is all different kinds of music. Different kinds of art. Musems. You can go to a show, a concert, or to a performance a few times a week here in Berlin if you desire. Berlin is a canvas. Because there’s so much
space for you to project your thoughts, your projects. You know, it’s a way for you to consider space in a new way. A way which you may not have considered before. But then also
just like learning how to be comfortable exploring the city by
yourself, a new place that you’re really totally unfamiliar with. You know, every day you go outside without
the intension of even learning anything and you just realize there’s so much to the city then you knew about before. And that happens every day. You have like a much larger space to navigate. There are different understandings of what is architecture, how to teach architecture. It’s important for American students because it’s a different train of thought for them. CityLAB:Berlin is the micro campus of Norwich University. Students
study here from different backgrounds. Political, history, architecture students of course. There are various courses. Most of your time as an
architecture student is spent in the studio, naturally. It’s a space where
students can really share ideas comfortably. We have our own facilities. We have a small campus in a
typical building neighborhood. You really become a part of the city. It’s not
something that’s just detached from everyday life. You’re right within the city life. Great
student scene. But at the same time it’s a great academic environment as well. The entire city as a whole is very special
and important to me.

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  1. i really want to now how hard is it to get into Norwich. It is my dream, if there are any Norwich students that are reading this, can you help me out?

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