CNBC Anchor Criticizes – GASP! – The Republican Party!

CNBC Anchor Criticizes – GASP! – The Republican Party!

Brian Solomon was on Morning Joe the
other day he is a CNBC anchor and he said something really surprising for a
CNBC anchor re no ranted against the republican party
now normally CNBC I usually puts on cheerleader outfits in
pop culture the Republican Party yeah it’s their problem gargoyle lol will get a little Brian
Solomon here the way just stop saying the Republican
Party as somebody who grew up in a
conservative household I don’t and I don’t recognize the republican party
feat in my youth I don’t like what I see I don’t like the far-right I don’t like
the extremism right they pushed me away has somebody who is pretty much not
religious right pro same-sex marriage pro-legalization
Marijuana for the most part okay what what party you this what party my
supposed to be a when it when I’m a fiscal conservative
who believes that small government can often be
better your time for larger government so we keep saying no Republican Party
and I love you guys I love the show i cum all the time but I don’t know who
the Republican Party is anymore I don’t know if the republican party
knows who the republican because it’s not a party to enforce the republicans
then I can get on board with because I don’t like the small minded
attitude a lot of the far-right wing stop it comes out Portugal yeah yeah I’m out as an independent as my
final appearance on Morning Joe I was thinking I’m find some printed on the
corner I’d close but I like O’Brien self and
had to say me I’m not sure his bosses CNBC likely
insane or smaller Cobos who are almost uniformly republican so at basically I believe that the management and fellow had hosts had this
to say to Brian Topp very few would big survey or I so what is the new he picks is a space
he goes back on CNBC with larry cudlow up as big a Republican is your fight in
the country and in this instance I meant from a point out be party itself
seems to have lost its way and if I as someone who leans
conservative right but obviously in by the way berry pro-immigration reform
right well I just that was sort of an extemporaneous speech an operand so I’m just kinda
going on in my head be yes thank you was you know when I
look at all the different social issues I would be willing as a boater to sacrifice a bad economic
policy what I’m getting agree with if it if it was better than some big social agenda I cannot get on board
with that I know a lot of people have been faced with the same decision that’s
the point I was trying to make now I make a point here you go to the
other side look at the Democratic Party under President Obama alright this is
come the party alter big-government and
entitlements and higher taxes a pro life percent River cannot even speak at the democratic
convention and there used to be a lotta pro-lifers
so what i’m saying is all them praising that seidler I’m
praising the dams you’re not however already got your
number different my base know I hate the democrats are here are
we are all her backpack bag a message on CNBC yeah bags BRB give me a I so I now that’s clear but look to be
fair to Brian solving it he I didn’t think he was praising Democrats
in this first speech rent whatever you want to call it I just body was tired of
them extreme positions that they were
Republican Party was thinking it’s a position a lot of people hold doesn’t mean that you like a democrat so
I’m so our moral Bryant’s all that I thought like that at least somebody said that on
Morning Joe even though larry cudlow seems to have been a little perturbed by
road or move boo boo global growth or quarter rumored money into the river
bang for your program bernie normal will not go alone helping him out figure race Larry my will look into it

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100 thoughts on “CNBC Anchor Criticizes – GASP! – The Republican Party!

  1. Political Nihilism is where I am at now. All parties are corrupt because people suck in general. Until we burn it into the ground , have accountability and harsher laws it will get nowhere. It is broken. Period.

  2. There is no republican party….there is only the Koch brothers…and you fucken voters better god damn remember that….their not a public company so they get to fucken do what they god damn like….if thats closing a company in your area because they don't like the way that area voted, then fuck you… they own the political system as it is today….just who the hell do you fucken asshole voters think you are anyway….when the Koch brothers tell you to bend over and grab your fucken ankles you fucken better have a smile on your goddamn face when you do it.  

  3. So he's basically a libertarian, why is this news? Honestly the religious right is more rational on some issues than the libertarian wing of American conservatism.

  4. Larry Kudlow is a lying sack of shit…under republicans the federal government has grown tremendously …the police state apparatus alone under W Bush added a whole new cabinet dept to the government known as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)…Reagan also increased the size of government…all done for the benefit of corporations that engorge themselves by feeding off the federal government

  5. We've got liberal teachers calling the cops on little boys who make the shape of a gun with thier fingers and say "bang bang"…… Tell me again who's fucking extreme

  6. I hate these head-up-their-own-ass lying cunts who say that Obama is about massive government and huge taxes. Obama has problems, but those ain't it. The facts are clear that he has expanded the size of government less than the presidents that conservatives praise; the deficit has massively dropped under his administration (not really due to him, but the point is that it did not stay high or get higher due to him); and he has offered plenty of tax breaks and average people are saving money due to his policies. So keep your dumb cunt mouth shut until you make the slightest effort to pay attention to the facts instead of spreading lies for your banker and corporate friends who you take it up the ass for every day.

  7. I too wonder when and how the split will come to the right.  When will the mainstream Real Conservative Republicans split from the Religious @$$holes on the extreme right and the wealth-at-all-expenses elitists.

    A real conservative is somebody who wants to be left alone to do the best they can with what they've got where they are and not hassled by people.

    I am waiting for real liberals to split from the Progressives too.  The Democrats have been subverted by extremists and Leftists who want to run everybody's lives, Real Liberal Democrats are people who question everything and suspect authority – the frakking Progressives ARE AUTHORITY.

    A real liberal is somebody who wants to be left alone to do the best they can with what they've got where they are and not hassled by people.

    We need the middle to retake the entire country.

  8. Whig Party; he means to join the Whigs; fiscal conservative, social liberal; pro reform, anti war. They could use some public spokesmen like this guy.

  9. Didn't this guy know the only place in mainstream media you're allowed to criticize the republican party is on MSNBC and then shortly after be forced to apologize for it.?

  10. OH MY GOD

    Federal Government employees fewer people today than under Eisenhower and Reagan. Reagan raised taxes more. Can a marriage equality supporter speak at the RNC? How about a pro-choice speaker at RNC? Pro-gun regulation speaker? What about a speaker who says that marijuana should be legal? Entitlements are highest in Republican states, so that sounds like the fault of the GOP goners, not Obama. 

    By all means, slam Obama. But try doing it for real reasons, like Net Neutrality or the explanation of the NSA or for not pulling out of conflict or Guantanamo. 

    Go fuck yourself, Larry. 

  11. Just in case nobody heard, Bidon's son was named the president of Ukraine's largest gas company this weak. This is after they orchestrated mass rioting, and overthrew the government that refused to work with the EU (NATO) This is why the US goes into countries, and messes with their politics. It's not for "freedom" or "democracy". It's to expand their own power, and influence. Cenk didn't think this was news worthy for some reason.

  12. He is a decent enough anchor, I watch CNBC 4-6 days a week. They have a good line up and I've learned a lot. If they let him go because he spoke his views on a show about speaking your views.. then it's time to move over to Bloomberg for my business news. Hopefully, he will land on his feet.

  13. This one party system disguised as a two party system in the USA is silly anyways. What you see from those parties are individuals that are personalized so heavily in the media that you, as a viewer, cannot form an opinion simply based on this bullshit we call 'News' in the mainstream media. Half-lies, bullshit and idiots, mashed together in this laughable farce

  14. Okay, I think I love this guy, just a bit. What DO you do when you are fiscally conservative, but socially liberal?

  15. There is little difference between Dems and the GOP, other than morality issues..  One day, democracy will return to the USA.

  16. His frustration with this party system make him crack on air, but he quickly realize who pay his big salary. 

  17. The Republican Democratic paradigm is bollocks. There is no difference and hence no choice, only deluded fools still hold to these lines.

  18. Sullivan is a fiscal conservative, wants to maintain tax privileges for the rich and support US foreign interventionism. However does not believe in the social conservatism of anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, anti-immigration, pro-gun rights, etc for many religious social conservative Republicans.

    The Republican Party consists of 4 Factions:
    1 – Banker, low/no tax for the rich, protect privileges of the rich.
    2 – Religious fanatics, evangelical dispensationalists/dominionists, end timers.
    3 –  Ron/Rand Paul, small government, libertarians, isolationists. pro-gun, state's rights, etc
    4 – Israel First/Zionists, pro-US Empire, Big Industrial-Military Complex junkies.

    The Republican Party often contradicts itself because it has to somehow satisfy the interests of the factions that constitute it. 

  19. He doesn't sound like a democrat whatsoever, he sounds more like a libertarian. Libertarians tends to be socially progressive and fiscally conservative.

  20. There is a type of democracy that is almost impervious to corruption and is effective at weeding out egocentric climbers from political power. A more pure form of democracy. That is the ancient Athenian system of lottery, which functions in the same way as trial by jury. Every citizen has the duty to serve their country if called upon. Maybe that's the way to go.

  21. to the poor the parties mean little, other than what foot is on their neck? a birkenstock or a spit shined wingtip

  22. Brian's right 100% though. The ultra right are alienating people in the middle ground. They'll never win an election again if they stick to this extreme dated ideology 

  23. No one going to do anything about the two parties until our home life is in pay limbo were milk cost 8 dollars a gallon bread cost is five dollars a loaf and are bills going to go up because of food cost what about gasoline prices working on or at near five dollars a gallon.when even if you have gotten that pay raise at $10.10 were back to $6.85 mark let's get real no one's is going to protest against anything but when issue 5 went for a vote in Columbus Ohio firefighters and cops protest against it issue 5 failed I don't understand why government employee's protest against government and federal things get dropped but when people that don't work for federal government it's a hole different story

  24. If you are a fiscally conservative who believes in small government, you vote for the Democrats. They are closer inline with your beliefs than the Republicans are. The Republicans haven't balanced the budget in more than 50 years. They are also passing bills that put the government inside your bedroom.

    If you think gays getting marriage will cause God to smite the country, or if you think the government health insurance is unconstitutional, or if you think black people and women have too many rights, or if you are part of the 1%, then you vote Republican. They have your back.

  25. Ok, I loved what he said, but omg, I lol'd when I heard everyone's response! Ahahaha, did you hear them? They were laughing their ass off at him. Like, honestly, I absolutley loved what he said, but ahaha, that reaction, was hilarious.

  26. I hate how they make it a choice between far right republican or far left democrat. As this guy went on his "rant" I know for a fact that there are tons of people who are fiscally conservative but socially liberal who were all screaming "YES!!" and cheering this guy.  Fuck your black and white candidates, I'm voting for gray!

  27. These idiots on the right always want to take about the government's wasteful spending of our tax dollars, but they never once suggest we should slash our bloated and wasteful defense budget. 

    This is why I don't take conservatives seriously 

  28. Where did all the Fiscal Conservatives go? They went to War. The War Party Rules Washington.  Defund the War Machine and Change may follow.
    Really, what is a Fiscal Conservative supposed to do? Republicans have made extreme, usually religion-based, social policies their mantra. Like Mr. Sullivan said — "I may vote for a weak economic policy in favor of the extreme social policies of the Republican party." This is true for many Americans. Conservatives no longer seem to care about Fiscal Conservatism – like a balanced budget or not going to war when the US must borrow every dollar to fight that war with only a promise of cheap oil (add that to the WMD lie). It's the Social Issues and emotion (not thoughtful consideration) which drives them. The extremists in the Republican Party are the reason for Republicans' lost connections with Americans. It's not that Democrats are so much better — Democrats are the Least Worst. That's how bad things have gotten for the Republican party. It's a coalition of extremists drowning out the Moderate Majority.

  29. I'm more conservative for the old laws, but of course they do need change. It's fucking obvious. Obviously the old system is not working out. Just look at out murder rate, incarceration rate, corruption rate, and all other things wrong. (Some of) Those issues weren't around in the 1700s when the laws were made.

  30. Democrat:  Tax and spend!  The government can make our country better!
    Republican: Lower taxes and lower spending!  The government is an inefficient money waster!

    What happened?  Both sides seem to be the same on taxes and spending, lower taxes and spend more, and seem to be divided on religious issues.  That's not what government is about!  We should go back to the old system.

  31. That was absolutely beautiful, real, true frustration…
    Ideology kills free thinking

    TYT, question for ya'…
    You're not beholden to the controls of old media. Then why join them in this almost complete blackout of the midterm elections? I was really looking to you guys to encourage people to research their representatives voting records and stances on issues to make informed decisions when they vote. Along with the great job you're doing with, an informed voting is another tool to negate the effects of money in our political system. The midterms are just as important if not more, than the 2016 presidential elections. More coverage please. Or at least help me understand the lack of coverage.

  32. The ridiculous thing about this all is there are a ton of people, myself included, who identify with the Libertarian mantra of "Fiscally Conservative Socially Liberal". However the Libertarian party has it's issues too, so I guess we don't fit in there either. I'm happy to call myself independent at the moment because I don't think there's a party out there current in the main stream that fits my views. It's damn sure not the Repubs or the Dems.

  33. "They see me rolling, they put me back in my place" – everyone who speaks out against BS in own party. 

  34. He almost lost his job for speaking the truth about how extreme the republican party has gotten.
    That is scary when a journalist can no longer report the truth.

  35. The two party system I keep hearing people complain about isn't even suppose to exist as it is now… what happened to our other options?  You shouldn't be forced to agree with the parties overall views, in fact if that is the only reason some politicians hop on board most matters is because of these "party politics" then they are not doing their jobs.  How I would love to see a day where politicians work for the people rather than their party affiliations.

  36. That guy said some real shit on Morning Joe, and the producers are like " defuse this subject right now" . " change the fucking subject ! !"

  37. If they do not remove the lobbyist big money political system and start running on truth soon enough people will start freaking out. By people i mean the mass majority of younger people who currently have a hard time knowing who the vice president is or what the executive branch even is, when people like that start to pay attention…

  38. Even if you agree with the fiscal conservative position of the GOP, if you consider yourself a moral person, you should not side with the Republicans. There are far more important human issues at stake, on which the Republican Party is on the wrong side. To disagree with the GOP on all these issues of humanity (i.e. same sex marriages, immigration, drug policy, prison reform, death penalty, science education, separation of church and state, equalizing educational opportunities, stopping wars for profit, etc.), but vote for them because they happen to support your views on economics, is to put money over human beings. Anyone who does that cannot call themselves a moral person. 

  39. What we need is four parties, for the main combinations of social and fiscal policies. Or just get rid of parties and let the candidates run without having to please their parties, but just run on their own policies.

  40. few politicians anywhere, from whatever party that really represent the peoples needs…sold to the highest bidder

  41. Sullivan was just speaking honestly on both clips. Sounds like a sane individual; a rarity within the GOP. 

  42. The US could more influential parties to fix some of these issues, but thats not going to happen. Just the republicans and the democrats? … there are going to be a lot of "cross over" issues for everyone, not really a surprise.

  43. He's right. The two American parties are merely businesses. And anyone that identifies with them (who isn't worth at least a few million dollars) is a fool.

  44. There are millions of Americans — maybe even Cenk — who would be Republicans if not for the fact that the party has been taken over by racists and religious lunatics. 

  45. That's the problem with Republicans Cenk, they live in a binary world, it's 1 or 0 that's the choice, if you don't like the Republican's policies then to them you must automatically like the Democrat policies.

  46. I agree with him! A 2 party system is the problem. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I am somewhere in the middle of both and hate that they won't let the others on the stage. Get the money out of politics and put someone up there that represents my views!

  47. I find myself disagreeing with Cenk on a lot of topics, and getting annoyed by him and Ana, for the most part. But every now and then, a 3:39 makes it all worth it.

  48. I wish when people decide to come out strong and make a good point about their principles that they won;t come back a day later and walk it back 90 percent of the way because it makes you like a total bitch.

  49. Republican Party (GOP): rightwing nationalist movement of ultra-capitalists suppressing opposition through the wealth of commerce. Influencing elections by unethical practices of jerry-rigging, voter suppression, using religion and misinformation through corporate media. Deceiving a populace into wars based on lies, and innuendos. Having a false pro-life agenda, while fighting against universal health care, and actively investing in anti-global warming campaigns. Believing in supremacy and exploitation of, national, or international ethnic groups of low income. Having disdained contempt for democracy, and closely related to Fascism.

  50. I think many of us are fed up with ALL the extremists.  Can't get on board with the Democrat extremists, can't abide the Republican extremists. WHY are people still hoorawing over Republicrats and Democans… they have both sold out to party politics over the good of the nation and its people.

  51. Thomas Payne said the country would surely be doomed if it ever fell to a two party system. Its amazing how intelligent the founding fathers were compared to how unintelligent our politicians are now.

  52. This country isn't a democracy, hasn't been since at least 1980.  It's an Oligopoly.
    The 2 party system is just a sham to give poor sheep the impression they have a choice.

  53. When was this mythic "Moderate" GOP Brian Sullivan is talking about? Is he talking about the Bush years? When Gingrich was speaker of The House? The Reagan Years? You have to literally go back to the SEVENTIES to find a moderate Republican. Yeah, I'm sick of the GOP, but if you're still hoping for the party to fix itself, it's been thirty years. The GOP is a fascist party. Unless something crazy happens, it's going to stay that way.

  54. Abso-fucking-lutely!  The Republican Party went so bat-shit crazy that I had two choices, either keep calling myself a Republican, or stop identifying as a Republican and be able to look myself in the eye in front of the mirror.  It just blows my mind how they say that they want the government to tell everyone who they can and can't marry and what we can do with our own bodies, but in the same breath will claim to be the "Small Government" party.  Do you want the government to stay out of your life, or tell you how to live it?  You can't have it both ways!

  55. Not religious, pro same sex marriage, pro pot: funny, I don't remember the Rep. party standing for that when he was growing up. Who departed from whom?

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