College Students Share Analysis On The Democratic Presidential Debates | NBC News Now

College Students Share Analysis On The Democratic Presidential Debates | NBC News Now

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100 thoughts on “College Students Share Analysis On The Democratic Presidential Debates | NBC News Now

  1. College kids talking about anything (especially politics) continues to prove that you are paying tens of thousands of dollars to be indoctrinated and to have your intelligence and ability to think for yourself sapped out of you.

  2. Aryon is the most articulate of the group. That Republican looking guy posing as a Democrat, which is emblematic of the corporate party, sounds like he's been listening to MSNBC too often. The reason Sanders sounds the same is called consistency. The arguments he makes is the right one. Why would you need to change it to sound fresh, like for example Warren or Harris do. Perhaps you don't remember that Warren actually started out as a Republican. Most of her new ideas were made popular by Bernie. I trust him. Warren less so. Harris not one bit.

  3. so why exactly do these college kids have ear buds? what exactly do they need to be told during this little bit of corporate manipulation they are calling a panel discussion?

  4. Marianne Williamson did try to interject when she could. The moderators kept shutting her down and cutting her off. They did not give the same amount of time to her and Yang as they did to the other politicians, and it seemed to be part of their strategy.

  5. Harris contributed heavily to the degeneration of California from golden state to garbage state. And she wants to do the same for the rest of the country

  6. I served my country to get my undergrad paid for and I worked and paid off my masters. So tell me why I should pay for others who willingly signed loans? Why would I be ok with democrats taking my money from me and my family to give to people who graduated with a degree in pottery, women’s issues, dance theory or any number of idiotic degrees? This is why I voted trump in 2016 after voting obama.

  7. MSNBC needs to apologize!

    This video shows Andrew Yang clearing his throat and than no sound coming out as he speaks.

    Biden even looks at him as he is speaking…

    Whether you agree with Andrew Yang or want to vote for him doesn't matter. He qualified for this debate and the next one and had every right to participate.

    This is wrong!

  8. Problem with USA: everyone acts like, and expect others to be a pundit. FFS 10 minute TV performance may bring in or lose campaign money in the short run, but that's about it. All those little girl and espanol stuff will be forgotten a month from now. Plan, record, consistency and the ability to have people listen to you is ultimately what matters. Personally I only really pay attention when Warren or Pete spoke, others are more like white noises.

  9. Reparations for Asian too, they were indentured. Many died in harsh conditions working the railways. Why stop there, a lot of out ancestors suffered all kinds of hardships, no matter what ethnicity. Yet only one group cries about it the most

    #LETYANGSPEAK #YangGang2020


    #LETYANGSPEAK #YangGang2020

  11. You don't need a Rhodes scholarship to nitpick Warren or Harris or Buttigieg to pieces. Mediocre exchange, shallow MSNBC presentation.

  12. As usual MSM set up inane show format to generate max conflict, make candidates fight for food scraps of time, then get Morning Joe to attack DEMs with the same old circular firing squad trope, voila. Selfie generation regurgitate MSM talking point like so clever, DEMs get false-equivalency-ed to oblivion and Trump wins again!

  13. I like Andrew Yang's $1000 and Tulsi is more vegan than thou but because 4chan 8chan Steve Bannon are championing Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard you know it's a TRAP!

  14. Trump walked across the DMZ today and made history. MSNBC? Crickets… What a worthless news outlet. Shameless clowns.

  15. So many virtue-signaling geniuses doing performative objectivity, so little merit-based argument. MSNBC is pandering to the left this round, and negative-framing Democrats for rating. Pathetic.

  16. I like that young Omarosa! Very good at self-sabotaging! Come sign up as my next Candace Owens!

  17. the only honest interviewee is the upper right guy. he just states the fact in plain sight… the rest just self-elevated and pushed their self-serving contrived angle, msnbc woman especially so. boring.

  18. So many urgent things to discuss with supposedly smart youngsters in such a short time allowance, and MSNBC must mention Williamson? You call that journalism?

  19. Here come Trumputin trolls egging perfectionist leftist geniuses to nitpick female candidates to death. Who says Deplorables are the only clever fools?

  20. Attackers of DNC are not anti-Trump. They are Faux Left hiding behind Bernie and Tulsi, they are anti-Democrat and pro-Trump. Don't bite their poisonous bait.

  21. is anyone surprized harris used race to put biden in the hot seat …thats what demecrats do …when they all said they would all giv illegals free healthcare ….trump got re elected ……

  22. Know nothing Punks who want free health care and free school.

    Trump will give them a free pass to Venezuela, where these communist pinko's belong.

    4 more years.
    4 more years.
    4 more years.

    MAGA 2020

  23. Thank god these students know the truth about Kamala. Then, we see the bash on Bernie then when a person makes a good statement about Bernie skip. Bias is very open.

  24. OAN for news reports:
    Amazon To Create 1,800 Jobs In France, Conforama To Cut Jobs! Thanks fake SOCIALIST bimbo
    Alejandra Ocasio Cortez

  25. OUCH! Ocasio-Cortez was mocked for attacking Ivanka Trump's job credentials as many people pointed out that her most recent job was being a bartender.
    Piers Morgan tweeted: "Could be worse… Ivanka could have been a bar-tender 18 months ago."

  26. The United States is a Business.
    This Business is ran by a Group of people who are MASS MURDERS, CORRUPT AND POWER HUNGRY/CONTROL FREAKS.

    The Group of people controlling the Business Called The United States MASS MURDERED the Native American People and Stole their land.

    Let the Debate Begin with facts and this one is huge.

  27. Snowflake College kids will dig their own grave by becoming useful idiots. Wait until anarchy starts in America.

  28. As then FBI Director, Robert Mueller falsely testified that Saddam had WMDs in Iraq. That gave Cheney the green light on 6 20-year wars. MSNBC is pumping lies into our children.

  29. MSNBC the real Nazis scum of the earth propaganda machine never had respect for you then don’t have respect for you now you’re the problem with America! No truth channel

  30. The only thing MS-LSD should be doing is internally investigating why they muted presidential candidates and preparing no less than a 6 hr repeat of the findings to reveal to the american people why they are so fake and explain how they will win back the faith of the public

  31. What do college students have to do with this? What are you trying to say?
    These 'College Students' will continue to make the same mistakes the people nowadays have done.

  32. Harris never locked any parents up for truancy while she was a prosecutor. She used it as threat to get parents to send their children to school. She also used it as a way to get help and services to people in need. If you are going to critique her record, know her record.

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  34. You see the real problems with the politicians speaking out on Trump with rhe media is because they are all communist. It is about them not the nation. If they can not have their way then they act like children..The narrative by all these people speaking out on Trump and the 4th of July celebration is nothing but their hate for our nation. They want communism and this is why they can't stand Trump and his deplorables.

  35. So what about Pimplegate? And what does that say about the media? We look to you for professional journalism…..

  36. Media is the problem!

  37. It seems as though college these days only teaches what to think instead of how to think. Seriously no one challenged the terrible ideas of paying for healthcare for all of north America because of essentially open borders, abortion rights for trans women, or reparations when only like 3% of people owned slaves and it's been 150 years!

  38. We "Democrats" want a structural change in the DNC/DCCC, they've been doing nothing but helping far-right, fascists for decades now and all of that needs a seachange, and I don't mean in just cosmetics. Biden & Silence = Death!

  39. Hey MSNBC why do you avoid all of the polls that say Tulsi Gabbard won the first debate? Also why did you feel it necessary to digitally add a blemish to her chin? Can't you even admit that she got the most Google inquiries after the debate? Or aren't you allowed to even mention her name?

  40. After watching the first Democratic Party debates I certainly can't wait for the next round. They totally tried to out socialist each other. Terrible approach. They didn't say anything about how they were going to help Americans. It was mostly about legalizing illegal aliens and giving away more money. Then, instead of trying to jump on the 4th celebration to gain some support from centrist voters they all attacked it. What kind of strategy is that? It's anti-America all the way for these people. I've always maintained that obama would be the best thing to happen to the Conservative movement. These people are doing everything they can to make that true.

  41. What were their ages, children dont get their adult brains until they are 25, I am sorry but it is a fact any two year old could google, I never understood why the drinking,smoking and draft age is 18 or 21 , when literally scientifically it shoud be 25. And I will never understand why anyone under 26 is allowed to vote. Can someone explain how it is intelligent to let someone with a childs mind can vote on adult issues?

  42. This is all moot. The Democrats want to erase the borders, and fund medical insurance for every Illegal immigrant in the world at the expense of the American people. This election is already over. Democrats should start working on 2024.

  43. These students have done an outstanding job of listening to their leftist professors and repeating every word.

  44. Gods Will Be Done To The Democratic Party! Amen. We Pray For You All That Follow. God Open Your Eyes And Heart With His Love And Guiding Light. Amen! In The End God, Trump And America Wins! "DEUS VULT":

  45. These people who speak against Kamala Harris prosecutorial record do not speak to the fact that she herself did not write the laws she was sworn to uphold. All district attorneys are bound by the laws that govern each community. This is why mid-term elections are most vital to pay attention to. Your mayors, city councils, boards of education, senate/ house, and governors are the ones that compliment the laws at the local level. The state workers must follow them, or be dismissed for dereliction of duty.

  46. Wow blatant misrepresentation of Kamala’s record. No parents were locked up over her truancy policy. Can we get some fact checks? Too many liberals have assumed she has an “awful record” as a prosecutor but aren’t able to speak accurately &/or specifically to any part of if.

  47. "Kamala was sending parents to jail and they couldn't take their kids to school" Wow. The Russian disinformation is working. Kamala Harris never sent any parent to jail, and the truancy policy worked, increasing school attendance. This is what's wrong and dangerous about Facebook. Stop believing every meme you see!

  48. Holy crap! This newer generation of young people are so much more wiser & articulate than previous generations, in my opinion.

  49. Trump has forever changed politics in the US; the question in every voters mind will be: Will this candidate keep their campaign promises. There's no denying that Trump has stuck to his campaign promises even though he hasn't accomplished all of them, he has nonetheless stuck with them like a dog trying to get the marrow out of a bone.

  50. 23yo here so I get to add.
    I don’t agree “too much time was spent attacking others” the nominee will be attacked by Republicans and Trump like no other before. They will be picked to the bone, called every name, and have lies and leaks about them created. They need to be able to take heat, be collected and be able to focus on the future. Buttigieg 2020!

  51. I was very happy hearing these people call out Kamala’s hypocrisy. Hopefully others are smart enough to dig into that manipulative liar.

  52. Um no i disagree. When black communities start ibsusting young people focus on groeing up and getting ahead instead of listening yo violrnt rap music then Kamila Harris as a prisecutor wont be so busy..

  53. Williamson is a great candidate as well. She is for reputations. It’s good to have so many more good candidates.

  54. If you don’t look at a politician and think: “Subhuman scum….” —then you’re not an American.

  55. They have all these ideas, yet no idea or plan how to pay for them. Think about that. Sorry, but I don't want my hard-earned tax dollars spent on something me, nor my entire family (all legal immigrants from Italy) had any part in.

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