Collins delivers fiery opening statement at impeachment hearing

Collins delivers fiery opening statement at impeachment hearing

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100 thoughts on “Collins delivers fiery opening statement at impeachment hearing

  1. Liars play fast and shallow with facts because they do not have them and they are really not after fairness and truth. They are in pursuit of their selfish ends! Vote liars out of office! The world needs leaders of integrity and great ability, not liars and demented people.

  2. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler's process of Impeachment is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.- This Fake process is TREASON, trying to impeach a duly elected President unconstitutionally.

  3. A loud, fast speaking effort, but a little empty in actual defence against evidence gathered so far. And without those 'blocked' from going under the oath to answer those questions which would support the President's position. This would be quickly finished if all the witnesses would be allowed to be questioned. Always thought the louder, the emptier the barrel. Gotta find someone who could present an intellectual argument rather than just pure emotional blast.

  4. blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah..! The American people..? What a FUGGEN IDIOT..! History is gonna CRUCIFY the GOP..! Get OFF YOUR KNEES, IDOL WORSHIPPER..!

  5. This Impeachment is a quid pro quo to interfere with the presidents reelection bid… Talk about interfering with a reelection campaign… Impeach the democrat house, smoke and mirrors because of hatred! Because the American people failed to elect the candidate they wanted. So now we blame the Russians, the Ukrainians, the president, the next thing will be blame the people. Just blame deplorable me then! Democrats = Hijackers = enemy domestic. Pelosi = We need to impeach the president so we can find out if he did do something or not… Illhan = This president did something…. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  6. Collins is a clown, shouting like a petulant little baby. No arguments to defend Trump's treasonous actions, just a lot of crying and pouting. This guy fails for the same reason Jim failed, because he's wrong and Trump is guilty.

  7. Congressman Collins, i have no doubt you were one outstanding lawyer in Georgia, excellent job , very good, very compelling., keep up the good work failure is not an option, if it happens their will be a revolt by millions of people they will march on Washington D.C. AND SIR WE WILL REMOVE THE DEEP STATERS AND KABAL MEMBERS, AND TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT. IT ALL STEMS FROM CORRUPTED FBI CIA NSA, THEY MUST GO, AND THEY WILL BE THE FIRST ONES TO BE HUNG

  8. pelosi your days are numbered 6-5-4-3, they have a nice indictment for you too, go pick out your jump suit , before they are all gone, sure glad you like orange

  9. This must show the American people that the socialist democrats don’t care about anything but taking down the President. President Trump has been treated so unfairly and history will show how great he was and how terribly certain democrats acted. Schiff will go down as a deranged liar. Instead of helping the President build up America they’d rather hope for a recession and that’s so disgusting. They must be stopped. Trump 2020🇺🇸

  10. so why didn't trump provide evidence? Why didn't trump participate? Why did trump tell his staff not to cooperate? He has done everything an innocent man would not do. At least now we know the rest of the world isn't laughing at us, they're laughing at him.

  11. I had my daughters watch the testimony of the rabid LBGTQRST professor and explained that this is not what you should aspire to.

  12. As the entire world watches this pathetic attempt by the democrats to oust a powerful and successful leader without due process, the world leaders are seeing where the weak links are and you can bet your last dollar that they will inhale every piece of information and use it against us when the time comes. Our country looks like complete idiots all because the House speaker cannot control her party or her own position. Nancy gives women a bad name and gives men even more reason's to never support a woman for POTUS. For the record and I am an independent, the first mistake the Dems made was to let Obama be President before Hillary who had more experience. He would have better served as her VP then run as POTUS. And if the IG report shows all the evils that are being hinted at, remember this, Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman and the Olive Branch offered to her to be Secretary of State with the highest of high classification security level shows me that the "illegal computer network" was her insurance policy. She was correct when she said if I go down, you all will go with me". She became the puppet master who used all of you and will rejoice as they all fall down with her. The dems under estimated her and also under estimated POTUS 45.

  13. Shame on all the Democrats . They got nothing accomplished but waste time and money , while our hard earned tax dollars line their pockets .

  14. Lmao and to think that the leftist will think that just because there is professors there testifying is proof that President Trump should be impeached. Do they not understand that the President has to commit a crime and that witnesses should be people that can witness such crimes? I'm starting to think that we have a lot of idiots amongst us or people that are knowingly going along with this and if they know this and are apart of a overthrow of our gov't then they are knowingly committing treason. Those that don't understand law best learn fast because when the hammer of justice drops they will be swept up with those that know what they are doing and will be broke trying to fund an attorney to fight for them because they were emotional morons just following along to the enemies drum beats. Anyhoo the left think we're dumb and we know what is taking place and it's not going to end well for them in the end.

  15. Doesn't Nadler remind you of that funny, befuddled, senile old judge played by Shelley Bermann on Boston Legal?…

  16. Doesn't Nadler remind you of that funny, befuddled, senile old judge played by Shelley Bermann on Boston Legal?…

  17. The problem today is the Treasonous Demorats don't like that President Trump is the first president to do the things he said he would do!!!
    Promises made Promises kept!
    Vote Trump
    Vote Republican

  18. Thats what the PBS news she is a democrat said last evening that the reason the impeachment is being held is cause the dems.dont think that Pres.Trump should have been elected in the first place, they want rid of our elected Pres.if the dems have their way no more elections will take place

  19. Later, be sure to watch Nadler's closing remarks and Collins' subsequent futility-driven tantrum and planned antics.

    It's what happens when arguments are the absolute weakest.

    Note to public:
    You have to remember, this is also an impeachment of themselves… selfish and willingly blind Trump supporters.


  21. Representatives Jordan and Collins have secured an illustrious career advancement soon after Trump 2020 Inauguration, congrats!

  22. If you bypass all the [fake] news and listen to all those that have provided testimony in their own words (via youtube etc.) its pretty clear what this president did and why. If he is not called on his actions, he will do it again…and again. You know that. YOU KNOW THAT!

    Are we all just zombies or sycophants – can we not think for ourselves and do the right thing?

  23. There is no whisle blower. Adam Shiff IS the wistle blower. He, the whistle blower, has been the best kept secret in history, REALLY ?

  24. Once again these people show their bias & Hate for Trump in plain View . This should Stopped due to
    UNFAIR DUE PROCESS ..everyone. of these people are Not for FAIRNESS ..its All about them Loosing the 2020 .
    Throw Hillery & Obama in jail for Criminal acts , and Start indicting the DEMOCRATIC PARTY who is CRIMMINAL also NOW ..QUIT WAITING .
    COURT ORDER THE WHISLEBLOWERs to be Questions Constutional law says you Can do it only Protects them from getting fired at the jjob ..NOT THEIR IDENTY .

  25. How come fox news never shows the republicans getting dominated in these hearings? Oh that's right. They're fake news…. I suggest you go and watch the hearings yourself instead of letting fox news tell you how they went. Just a thought lol…

  26. If people cannot see how one-sided and crooked this whole sham of an investigation has been, they are completely brain dead. It's nothing less than despicable that this is what our tax dollars are being used for. Simply because the Democraps don't like the President and they are running scared for being called out on their corruption and self-serving deeds while in office. If it wasn't for double standards, the Democraps would have no standards whatsoever. Biden can be on video extorting Ukraine but that's okay with them. What was the point of bringing out law professors, #1 and law professors that are knowingly biased, #2. Democraps will cheat any way they have to in order to get what they want. They, collectively, do not have one iota of integrity amongst them.

  27. This should be mandatory viewing for Americans, but I think 2020 is a wrap anyhow. Normal people can see and hear the insanity of these socialists. In the future, I think Matt Gaetz could run for president and win.

  28. America: They don't hate Trump, they hate the White man. They are not trying to impeach him, they (the communist insurrection) are trying to impeach the White race.

  29. @ Melvin Hunt: You are obviously an American-hating, obfuscating, science denying, bible thumping, Republican who has to resort to immature insults. Try logic and analysis before you spew your vile hatred. P.S. Trump is a traitor and an ignorant person who is tearing our Republic to pieces. The GOP stands by this criminal thug because they benefit just as much as Trump from the Russian disinformation campaign. Anyone who goes against Trump will suffer the Russians cyber attack and disinformation, ruining their chances of reelection.

  30. “You just don’t like trump”. That’s a bit of a misnomer. I actually love trump and I think he’s a terrible president. Lmao it’s funny when I get a dumb conservative coming all trump at me and they’re final argument when all else fails “you’re just a hater dude you just don’t like trump”. LMAO ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I LOVE TRUMP HES HILARIOUS BRO. Just trash at his job. That’s all. I mean we’re all adults here. We can admit it. Or some of us at least


    Alexander Vindman
    Marie Yovanovitch
    Gordon Sondland
    Adam Schiff
    Eliot Engel
    Jerry Nadler
    Elissa Slotkin
    Elaine Luria
    Charles Kupperman

    Pamela S. Karlan

    Noah Feldman
    Johnathan Turley
    Michael Gerhardt
    Norm Eisen

    Steve Cohen

    Jamie Raskin

    David Cicilline

    Ted Deutch

  32. More lies by the Russian Republicans blown out of the water. Bring in Qanon and the tin foil hats… "Rather than speculating, people should read the report for themselves next week, watch the Inspector General’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and draw their own conclusions about these important matters.”
    Horowitz’s draft report concludes that political bias did not taint how top FBI officials running the investigation handled the case, people familiar with the matter said. But it details troubling misconduct that Trump and his allies are likely to emphasize as they criticize the bureau

  33. America has never been so divided. Thanks to Democrats for dividing its great Nation in shambles of embarrassment. All this personal vendetta against Trump is a calculated move by the Democrats. From AOC to Omar to Pelosi to schiff .

  34. Do dems really think this would help them win /you never vote to put a snake dem in office it will all come back to us as taxpayers

  35. This is the biggest abuse of power in US history. If Democrats are not held accountable by their peers then the citizens of this great country need to get them out by any means.

  36. Lets face it Collins got smoked and proved he didnot hacve a clue about what the hell is going on. Time for Trumperts and Republicans to buy and read a copy of the Constitution.
    For ypou idiots to claim otherwise just shows how stupid you are

  37. I'm all for democracy but I'll tell you the CCP in Beijing probably watch these proceedings and just laugh their asses off. They have problems , but not these ridiculous waste of time nonsense made up problems . We vote people in to improve our lives, to make changes that mean something . This is not that.

  38. The Republican voters laud and hail President Trump because he is doing what THE PEOPLE wanted him to do when he was elected. The Democrats hate his guts because they look at hard working, average Americans as scum of the earth, and aren't worthy of listening to. THAT is why Democrats are properly referred to as Fascists, Free Speech oppressors, and Nazis, because they are ALL of these!

  39. FYI: Dear maga fans… If you are true Americans as you say you are, remember this, you are who you are because of our Constitution and our laws which our great founders of this great nation put together to assure no one person ever takes total control of this beautiful Free Nation. Plain and simple, Trump has broken, ignored and missed used just about every rule in our Constitution and laws of the land. I find it extremely difficult to hear maga supporters always touting "WE ARE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS" proudly using it as a shield as if every one else that does not fit their beliefs are nothing but law breakers.
    Well here it is and here we are, it's now a fact Trump has broken every law there is, and is now saying he can do what ever he wants, just shy of saying he is a king and is above the law.
    Tell me now… Maga supporters, if you support what Trump is doing, then you are no longer an American or a Law Abiding Citizen. What you are now is a subject of a King, and your new ruler King is Donald Trump.
    Just a reminder, your new King Donald Trump, is going to be a Puppet King under total control by the Russian Ruler "Putin"".
    This is not a rant or left or right conspiracy theory, this is now a fact. If for some reason our Constitution fails to remove Trump, America is no longer a Free Nation, America will only be just a name that will function and be controlled by a King dictatorship giving all control to Putin. And as we all know, dictators do not tolerate their subjects (meaning you), owning weapons. Why? This is so their subjects can not raise up and over throw the King.

    Maga supporters, you can kiss your 2nd Amendment and all your Guns Good By. Meaning your red blooded American soul will be ripped out of your body like your heart. If you think you can hide your guns and plan a quo to overthrow your new king, well I just hope all your guns can over power everything our current American Military has to bare, because it will all be used against anyone who dares to try. And if I remember correctly, those secret maga militia folk out in the hills don't have nuclear submarines.

    Think hard about who you are as an American and who you are supporting because these are now facts, and you are now allowing Russia to finally take over our Great Nation.

    A 63 year old American, who does not want to become a subject of a King.

  40. If Trump had not been crude and outspoken he would never become president. We probably would have had someone like Bush or Rubio, running against Clinton. Clinton would have won and now be president. A real criminal in the white house. We must keep our efforts to drain the swamp. Even if it requires crude and outspoken language.

  41. Mr. Collins' statement said it all! We have been subjected to bipartisan opinions by law professors who are NOT FACT WITNESSES and have nothing remotely close to evidence to offer! Yet they continue proceeding toward impeachment! How incredibly dumb can they be?!

  42. All this talk about election interference and not a peep about Israel and AIPAC's blatant interference in each and every election. Are they not another country?

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