Communism More Popular Than NRA Position

Communism More Popular Than NRA Position

so like i said i plan on the t_v_ and
marisa winners afi staring at me using this saying tired portis ordinance that the n_r_a_
has picked up in recent times just forward over and here’s the thing about wayne lapierre
right it would be one thing if you were
voicing an argument that i disagree with but you have some level of charisma right and you know how to deliver appoint in some kind of uh… of a an
interesting way but he’s like the world’s most boring then and the world at least convincing that and he goes up there and he’s getting
some great questions i think a pot uh… senator leahy was asking him uh… of very good line of questioning and uh… one of the questions that he
was asked was going very very simple question is about background checks
right rely cook you know in nineteen ninety
nine of the n_r_a_ supported all background checks for for one people purchase a gun you yourself in nineteen ninety nine
supported background checks for people buy guns do support it now
yes or no and lop years like yeah you know it’s
very difficult question is not really yes or no typing well we have on the books already is east couple statues the talk legally and
reference and the second amendment visage determined that it up portable shovel ship insure more bullshit here i mean that’s what wayne lapierre is
comin wants right you have an answer leahy estimate yet hissing three-time
straightforward yes or no or you in favor of background checks long story short of course no uh… wayne lapierre is not in favor of
background checks for gun purchases and it was just to show you guys hal out of the mainstream the n_r_a_ is listen to this so thousands more people decided to look
into how popular that position s the latest poll from gallup shows the
just eight percent of the country agrees with the n_r_a_ on background checks
eight percent other polls found a higher approval
rating polygamy congress hugo chavez human cloning and communism well well out wayne that’s uh… that’s pretty impressive their dog when hugo chavez is more popular then in your opinion on background
checks when communism is more popular been your
opinion on that project kandu to give it up cannot move along move along with the
american people aren’t into it there just not that into you look here’s the thing forty percent of the gun sold in the united states of
america forty percent have no check associated with them what
so ever no background check no mental health
check know-nothing you can be a paranoid schizophrenic though you put on your good face for one
day you can buy all the guys you want you could be on the at the terrorist
watchlist you can waltz right in buy a gun no
check whatsoever that is the gun show loophole that is the gun show local all one of my mama’s proposals it’s all the
american people are asking for i think the numbers eighty nine percent of the n_r_a_ says below the average one background
checks were you going dude it you make yourself look like obliterating the you discredit your
own brandt when you stand out against something that’s so utterly popular the interesting question is why wire
they standing out against it and we actually only answer if the
answer is that the n_r_a_ gets a tremendous amount ’em money from the gun manufacturers the gun manufacturers make more money winters no laws restricting the sale of weapons
whatsoever so the manufacturers tell the leadership
of the n_r_a_ don’t support any gun laws whatsoever no
matter how straightforward and commonsensical matt how much the
america people agree with it oppose oppose oppose it that’s the only way you can get to such
a ridiculous sentence set of circumstances went even the and all right in an overwhelming majority say we want
this gun law on the books and they still come out against that
they had spoken out against it

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