74 thoughts on “Communist China’s growth rate slowest in nearly 30 years

  1. Hey misters… To be precise it is only 28 years lowest grow rate. But 6.5 % is still double the growth rate comparing to Americans' best. Go China 👍❤ 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳

  2. China is like the US and us being downsized. Their government has also faced many arrests and they are also being switched to original Kingdoms.
    The global government is ending. The nation's are become ng more community it Tribe like and the international Bank ng is being stopped.
    The governments of every nation are going through this.
    There will be no income tax and no sales tax anywhere.
    Across the globe the only tax will be 2oercent of the value of your home paid once per yesr.

  3. To the government shutdown in the US is actually the downsized government and the deep state trying to hide Me.
    Trump and Hillary and Pelosi are in

  4. Trump sucks resign please! You're killing America and American families ! Now you're wiping out the airline industry . Guess who we'll have to bail out next dipstick* ? you're done now please leave office immediately.!

  5. 300 of this nation's government ate in GITMO where they will stay. They are not allowed phones. They are deep state and they will not be back

  6. Check your 401K’s. America’s growth is cratering in the Trump Criminal Empire. We are seeing numbers we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. Thank Trump & his tariff reliant War on Global Trade. Thank his trillions to the wealthy giveaway. He turned Obama’s smile into a frown, destroying the longest bull market in history, 8 yrs out of 9, then poof!! There goes everyone’s retirement

  7. To label Chyna communist knowing that they are not clearly has the intention to vilify. China doesn’t have any so-called entitlements to the lazy and using taxpayers money to bail out Crooked corporations

  8. When consumer nations lose all well-paying jobs to a non-consumer nation like China things come to a hault. We now have 15 year car loans! It's almost as long as a mortgage.

  9. Trump is for everybody else but Americans don't get me wrong I love everybody in the visually I don't care what race you are however if you are a f***-up person you are a f***-up person rather your white Korean Hispanic black Haitian Jamaican whatever the case maybe if you just nasty and it's in you in your genetics your heritage whatever it is if you are nasty individual it will definitely show not to mention the rich people are getting extremely Richard I am so sorry for everybody whose paychecks were cut short however the ones who pay checks were cut completely off federal workers if you voted for Trump sad to say so sad to say this is what you get for not doing the proper research that you were supposed to do people who didn't vote man I'm a need for y'all to vote this year or whatever you're supposed to vote for a president Florida y'all better pull your brains together because I'm not with the I'm not with it I'm not with it I'm not with it I'm not with it everybody else I swear if y'all decide to vote for Trump again may God have mercy on your soul he better not have one vote

  10. there is over 1 and a quarter billion people in that country…all clammering for jobs that cant possibly be there so alot, i have to assume, take jobs that don't pay what they should or could..making the rich, richer and the poor barely able to eek by. of course their economy is going to grow faster…

  11. Need more likes. If we can't defeat the commies in a fair civilized way then we will deny them their money. Just like any other faulty form of economic policies.

  12. 6.6% growth is still a pretty spectacular rate by global standards, and that's after the Chinese economy slowed down. What's even better is that the Chinese economy is one of the most modern and industrialized in the world, so one can't even blame such high figures on post-recession recovery. To make things better, the Chinese government predicted this growth rate within tenths of a percent because most major industry is state owned/planned. The MSM can act like China is going down a hole, but the West is secretly in a panic because they know that it's only a matter of a few years before China surpasses the United States.

  13. Well the worlds economy has been destroyed by forced migration. Taxes have skyrocketed so we have no money to buy products as we did 15 yrs ago.

  14. I can’t believe these guys call themselves “real” journalists! First of all, China DOESN’T have a president! Xi Ji Pin is the Chairman of China, not president. Secondly, he didn’t announce that he will be president for life. They only got rid of term limits.

  15. As I recall the same happened to Japan when t hey peaked in 1989 and then Japan equity and housing markets crashed. The Japanes suffered heavy losses and pulled cash and cashed out property back to Japan. Expect cheap USA property prices for several years going forward.

  16. Lol. Every country's economy is slowing. Fox business has been saying we should invest in Europe because it's doing so poorly

  17. Communist in name only. They have extremely poor people, extremely wealthy people, a healthy middle class. They are damn near free market capitalists

  18. Sure it's still high but is the lowest in 30 years and why do you think that is? Because we're not folding our teeth back and bending over for them anymore. And who may be responsible that… You goddamn right… Our President Donald Trump!

  19. 6.9 % 2017 to 6.6 % 2018 just 3 point for all this tariff trouble. We’re in more bad shape than China. Ask the soy bean farmer. Or ask GM worker or ask Apple or ask Telsa worker

  20. China. Free Market Communists. Bad. For anyone who gets off on pointing out logical fallacies: this argument is based on an "Ad Hom.*,9

  21. Communist china and north korea are just playing Pres.Trump just like they played the previous president,can never trust this communist that is their nature.Trump should focus on MAGA and tariff on communist china and the manufacturing will come back.

  22. China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) forcefully address these issues. It highlights the development of services and measures to address environmental and social imbalances, setting targets to reduce pollution, to increase energy efficiency, to improve access to education and healthcare, and to expand social protection. The annual growth target in the 13th Five-Year Plan is 6.5 percent, reflecting the rebalancing of the economy and the focus on the quality of growth while still maintaining the objective of achieving a “moderately prosperous society” by 2020 (doubling GDP for 2010-2020). Seems like they have a slight surplus on their economic plan. source: https://www.worldbank.org/en/country/china/overview

  23. Isn't America in depression? When Trump is desperate enough, go to Beijing to borrow some money to meet the paid roll from his great friend Xi Jinping.

  24. Chinese here, I think the ideology which slows down the economics is not communism but nationalism. It's the same in the US. Modesty and open mind helps one to make progress. While unilateralism gives one nothing. Globalism is a solid natural process on material level, anything being against it is wasting energy and money. With these energy(which created chaos and isolation) you guys can actually do more to benefit yourselves from being caught up with.

  25. COMMUNIST China? Interesting title Fox News although I am guessing your regular viewers an the rest of the people on this planet already knew that. LOL! I thought VOA was our version of state run media….

  26. Big news flash.The Korean wars over.You can pull the troops out now. I know you just hate letting one go but.
    You wouldn't win anyway!

  27. Oh yeah, China, spend billions os yuan on buildings no one lives in them, heheh, smirk on the reporters face, then camera on china, every building is filled with peiple, skyscrappers and busy street…. Niw lets change subject and talk about nirth korea…. lol.

  28. FOX fake news will keep you believing that US is still doing great. China has already beaten the US economy and US is scared of their developement so US use the medias to smear China.

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