100 thoughts on “Conservative columnist warns GOP voters hoping to face Sanders

  1. Bernie supporters attack others…then proceed to always attack Bernie. I wonder why? Also, why never call out other candidates supporters? They can be a lot worse but that's okay to you

  2. The current cornerstone of American life is ignorance (greed/hate). This is the worst cornerstone imaginable. It is imperative that this stubborn cornerstone be removed and replaced with the cornerstone truth (love). Then this loveless, lifeless matrix filled with misery, murder, mass shootings, conflict and war.can morph into a living breathing social organism filled with joy and beauty…creating joy and beauty. Like Love (god) intended life to be in the first place.

  3. They called Obama a Marxist/Communist member of the Muslim Brotherhood born in Kenya and he was going to promote the Islamic agenda. They can call Bernie what they want but anyone paying attention knows one thing he is not a fraud.

  4. I am republican and the ONLY Democrat I will even consider is Bernie Sanders. Still I will have to be convinced to the 10th degree because Trump is the best choice thus far. Talk trash and run me off.

  5. The same things about a medicare for all program was said here in Canada about 50-60 years ago. In the end it was just one man who made it happen Tommy Douglas and he was also a Democratic Socialist. Know if the Canadian government were to revert back to private insurance there would be riots in the streets. Your heathcare system is a market failure and the "free market" is not equipped to handle it.

  6. Establishment scum in both parties are afraid of Bernie. All that will happen if he becomes president is an improvement in the lives of every American.

    People in charge do not want us to change this shitty system. They want us to shut up so they can keep handing power to and from millionaires and billionaires and career politicians.

  7. BERNIE 2020 THE DNC AND MSM CHEATED HIM IN 2016 THIS IS HIS TIME! BERNIE 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. After this election cycle, no matter what CNN and MSNBC do after Sanders becomes the inevitable candidate, they will be toast. It’s too late save yourselves, but you could make contrition and perhaps your shriveled dark souls will know less torture in the afterlife. Just sayin’….

  9. The comments show a much more accurate assessment of the situation. CNN, take note. Get ready for a Bernie Sanders presidency! We’re coming, and we’re not happy. The media black out fueled our need to be heard, and now that you guys are forced to see us, you all talk trash. Why are we angry? Read my comment again to find out.

  10. The claims that Bernie fans and Trump fans keep making — that there is this vague, nebulous thing called "the establishment" that is all powerful and conspiring to destroy their leader — are remarkably similar. Yet I've never been presented with any facts by either side. And if the lovely Brooke Baldwin is in on the conspiracy, why isn't she wringing her hands in evil glee?

  11. The scared moderates love gaslighting the nation into thinking that Sanders is a ‘radical’. In real social democracies he would actually be a centrist. It’s hilarious and pathetic. Feel the Bern!

  12. Ronald (damn his shriveled soul) wouldn't have won if he hadn't conspired with the Iranian revolutionaries to hold 52( ?) US citizens hostage to help him defeat President Carter. he later double crossed his kidnapper buddies. seems like treachery is a common repub election tactic, along with double crossing allies.
    google "The October Surprise".

  13. Let me make this clear to the DNC,If Bernie is not the nominee for the Democratic Party I am not voting in the general election.

  14. What you liberals don’t understand is when Pelosi pulled that pedantic stunt by ripping up his SOTU address she energised his base. The weirdos you have running against Trump don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of ever winning this election.

  15. CNN: Republicans, beware of Bernie he could beat Trump.
    CNN: Democrats, beware of Bernie he might not be electable.
    Me: wow, that's some gymnastics 😍

  16. I never really hear what Brooke Baldwin says. I'm just so enamored with her, er, horny for her journalistic skills. Wowzie wow.

  17. I think lots of americans dont give a shit about the dreaded " socialist" label. They understand he is not a raving lunatic. We have a real lunatic in the White House now! The corporate media wants to scare people but Bernie's message resonates. People want equitable health care and student loan forgiveness and a living wage. His message makes sense. He is doing the bidding for the public good and its so simple. We are tired of a political establishment thats in bed with wall street and the wealthy regardless of party. Trump to his own detriment is so corrupt and has such awful character that he has brought corruption right in our faces and is making it easier for a Bernie Sanders. We went from the first black president to the opposite extreme by electing Trump! Its highly possible that the next polar extreme could be Bernie. Its frightening to the establishment that he could be the voice of an american public that will greatly embarrass elected officials to finally do what they were sent to Washington to do!

  18. yeah. they are going to regret higher min wage, health care and college. Because. you know. they WANT to be poor, sick and uneducated and they will fight for the right to stay that way.

  19. She keeps saying Socialism, not Democratic Socialism. There is a huge difference, this is obviously intentional. CNN is a joke for this.


  21. CNN is the democratic parties media platform. Just as fox is for the Republican party. Its food for the followers and we are all being well fed.

  22. Bernie is not Socialist. These country doesn't now what Socialist mind. Bernie Sander in Republicans night mare and Sander has the Female and Hispanic Voters.

  23. Corporate America is terrified of Bernie. They've spent billions buying the government the courts and media. First they ignore then smear. The European model of Bernie is actually the American model under FDR, the period that economically created the middle-class and made America number one.

  24. Bernie is the only candidate that is 100% himself and he has always been 100% himself. With him there's no guessing if he's telling lies to win an election. What he says now is what he ALWAYS has said and there's no doubt that he'll switch to Corporate interests. He's for the people and with the people is the power! He's proving it!
    FEEL THE BURN! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥2020

  25. I'm not a big fan of Bernie or his Democratic Socialist beliefs, but I will vote for him over the most corrupt president in the history of our nation which is now a Banana Republic.

  26. The Republicans will call whatever candidate the Democrats run a socialist.

    Doesn't it make sense to nominate someone who wears that badge proudly? You know, rather than playing defense from the begining?

    Bernie is the one candidate who will call a spade a spade, he is a socialist and he is proud of it.

  27. Neither George W Bush, Barrack Obama, nor Donald Trump were seen as "electable." Hillary Clinton was seen as "the most electable." Look at the facts. "Electable" essentially means "unelectable."

  28. Seeing all the comments from dipshits claiming bernie is a socialist or communist really fucking shows how piss poor our education system is. Or it shows how many people are getting paid to post outright myths and exaggerations. Either way, doesn't matter. Polls averaged over the last 5 years have consistently had bernie beating trump and over 60% of the nation agrees with his policies. He will win, and he will start the process of finally restoring the political power of lower/middle class families which make up the overwhelming majority of this nation. Its bound to happen sooner or later, bernie or no bernie. He isn't holding a gun to millions of americans to vote for him, he asked people what their biggest concerns and issues are. Then searched for policies that could help. As a result of fighting for those policies for his entire life, he ended up leading the charge to finally give a voice too all those issues and their solutions.

    If you cant understand bernie or his policies, or think hes going to start fucking executing people in a public square, you are certifiably insane. The earth being flat is more likely than bernie being a socialist or communist.


  30. HE IS NOT A FRICKIN' SOCIALIST … he is a Democratic Socialist, or what they call a Social Democrat in Europe, or what in the US is really an FDR Democrat. Remember FDR, the best President of the 20th century, the guy that won 4 elections in a row, the guy who won WWII and got us out of the Depression, and began the climb that built the great middle class of American … the same guy that Republicans always try to discredit.

    Why is it that Republicans have to lie about every single thing they say?

    Republicans have always been against Democracy in the US and have always tried to limit it or cheat the middle class, poor or minorities out of their vote.

  32. The GOP has pulled the the field so far right they are now facist so
    Bernie is now at the center of the
    Political field. Eyes Open America
    See the honor for the future of

  33. The thumbnails CNN use for Bernie is hilarious. These people are terrified of Bernie. That lights a fire under our butts to go vote for Bernie!!!!

  34. I want everything free !!!!!!!!!!! Make shop lifting free !!!! Bernie knows I want everything free !!!! He speaks for my generation !!!! Everyone over 30 should pay 80% tax !!!!!! Yay Bernie !!!!!!

  35. A message for Americans. Most of the Western world’s major left parties are ‘democratic socialist’. Clearly American style capitalism is out of control and some of your incredible wealth needs to be redistributed to the working class via policies such as Medicare for all. See how the Scandinavians do it…you can still have an innovative private sector AND take care of the workers!

  36. In many sport they talk about how it is difficult to go up against against a South Paw.
    Actually it will be in the inverse of 2016. You will get many people who will vote against Trump just because they don't like him.
    Then you get in the new people Bernie will bring in.
    I don't think the Republicans will be fireuped to go against Bernie.
    I don't think a lot of working Americans have faith in the current system.
    I mean capitalism died when they killed the American dream.

  37. Why would the GOP be worried, didn’t Trump agree with Bernie on trade? There will still be free market but regulated so normal people won’t get fucked over

  38. It's true, if Bernie Sanders is screwed out of his nomination win, I'll be voting for Trump this time. Manufacturing of Consent again?

  39. Yay! Bernie 2020! We want Socialism! We want higher taxes so we can pay for shitty healthcare for all! We don’t mind waiting for weeks to be seen and malpractice is over rated! We also want our taxes raised even higher so we can give free healthcare, housing and food to people who come here illegally! Yay Bernie 2020!! We want you to take away our rights to protect ourself too! We don’t need guns! Women don’t need guns to protect themselves! Only police officers need guns! What the fuck is this… the Wild West!? And while we’re at it let’s get rid of that shitty first amendment too! Let's just rewrite the entire constitution while we're at it because it's old! Freedom of speech is overrated!

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