100 thoughts on “Cooper rips Trump’s daughter-in-law: I wouldn’t usually do this

  1. You yank clowns should be kissing the ground trump walks on..best president ever..you stupid inept commentator ilhan omar is a trainwreck..shes married to her brother shes filed fraudulent tzx returns and wont condemn Islamic terrorism…are you sick. Get off your presidents back and work with him.you have just handed him thr 2020..well done mr president..he fills stadiums..Clinton can only barely fill a school gymnasium. From UK..come on you clowns. Smell the coffee

  2. Donald Trump is a sociopath. He fits every single criteria in the DSM. He does not have the ability to feel empathy, remorse, love, etc… He is extremely dangerous, but most of us know that by now.

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  4. If it wasnt for Trump you wouldn't have nothing to talk about. Maybe you can talk about yourself and your gay lover and how you guys became gay in the first place.

  5. Trumpturd has done NOTHING but complain about America his entire pathetic life. For every dollar he’s sucked out of his daddy’s rear end, he’s had a complaint about America… so go back to “i suck money from my daddy’s p00phole ville”

  6. As a american I am sad at how stupid we look to the world.. #1 we got tulsi gabbard who wants to bring our troops home and stop war, as a veteran I hated going to the middle east for this fake war killing all my brothers and sisters but I had to follow orders, she wants to stop us from being killed for oil and regime change wars.. people won't vote for her because we'll Americans are stupid, #2 Andrew yang wants to give every adult over 18 , $1,000 a month so for example a husband and wife would have an extra $24,000 a year and give you your tax money back.. but No Americans won't vote for him because they stupid.. ok america prove the world we are not stupid and that trump was an accident.

  7. But, our President is "ok" with his own ridicule, finger pointing, and OBLIVIOUS fact of view. This President must and will NOT reelected. VOTE TRUMP OUT TRUMP OF OFFICE 2020. I am Republican.


  9. Cnns lied for the past 2 years so I don't Wana hear that shit. Anderson coopper is so smug i wish I could punch thru my phone and hit him

  10. My girls know how bad i hate trump so for chrismas 2 of them bought a rug that had trump 20 -20 onit. IT IS OUT SIDE THE BACK DOOR AND YOU CANT COME IN UNTILL YOU WIPE YOUR FEET ON IT……

  11. your right cooper, we should ask "the squad" politely to go back where they came from. And if they refuse, I'd be be willing to push them out of an airplane (with a parachute of course) onto their original shithole country

  12. UK should not allow Trump into the country. Until the investigation has been completed and all business should be stalled. Trump is a Racist and Mentally unstable. Lets hope Israel doesn't interfere with 2020 election

  13. I got a brother just like Trump. He will look you in your eyes and lie to you. My brother has been lieing for along time. Trump keeps a straight face and lie. His daughter in law is a liar just like Trump.

  14. Also Trump 20 20. These Democrats are gonna take this country diwn step your freedom push for socialism eventually dictatorship. And all of you who think life will be better if trump is voted out. You're life will be ruined. Hes not a perfect man. But. Check employment statistics. Just stop watching news and check facts. All im saying

  15. I Have Never seen so Much projection and Lies. everything He says other say He is saying and these Idiots are Just eating it Up. Lets Home He does not start Pushing his special cool-aid. I always wondered how People Join a cult. Until I saw Trump fans and saw How Many Bullies are In America.

  16. He hates her because…Jered Kudhner and His daughter are both Orthodox Jews…cousins of Benjamin Natanyahu…based on Babilonian Talmud

  17. How does this MAN (djt) sleep at night? You would think any normal person whose mind 'housed ' as many falsehoods and contradictions as HIS has revealed, should at least suffer from migraines. 😱

  18. When are American journalists going to grow some nurries….just call him out… no mr president you are lying….no mr president you didn't start talking quickly… cowards…home of the brave my backside

  19. He calls the women congressmen..so flustered in his crap can't speak right. I love Jesus and those pharasees he supports are still waiting on there Masaih …there 3rd temple is up son of perdition to make his Bayview soon This man will be there to support that. Evangelicals sell your souls to Trump and his demonic friends.

  20. ON MY GOD😱😱😱!! What a HUGE FUCKING HYPOCRITE THE POTUS IS!!!! HE has condemned Baltimore AND El Paso, among others, calling them horrible, degrading slurs!! HE is talking SHIT about his own people when he attacks Elijah Cummins, the mayor of Dayton, the mayor of El Paso – TO NAME BUT A FEW – and he has the balls to sit there straight faced and condemn them?? After El Paso was attacked by some maniac supporter of Trump using Trump's OWN WORDS, and slanders them on his way INTO AND OUT of both Dayton and El Paso – what a total and complete jackass!!! He is totally mental, and before he wakes up one day and starts pushing buttons he thinks are for Twitter, but are actually missile launch codes we have got to STOP this man in any way, and I mean ANY WAY we can. How long are we gonna take this shit. The whole world thinks we are a JOKE!!! And EVERY SINGLE TIME he opens his mouth he builds upon that impression. We are Americans and this has to STOP

  21. Thank you Anderson for being a journalist that has ALWAYS kept it honest, always reporting to the people in a way the people can connect with. While you are of course professional, I personally sincerely appreciate your style of journalism as having a casual "I'm speaking to you directly" approach, rather than the "I'm just reading this report because I have to" feeling.

  22. What I can't understand is how many people in America can support a party that believes in killing babies, hopes the economy will crash, want higher taxes, wants socialism like Venezuela, is promoting the Green New Deal, believes in big government and that the government must run your like, supports violence, supports party members who are racist and anti-semetic, pushing for open borders so that illegal criminals and drugs can flow into the country, support illegals criminals like MS13, have destroyed American cities with their policies like sanctuary cities and are trying to divide the country on racial terms. They have really scraped the bottom of the barrel in appointing some of the most low IQ, obnoxious individuals to Congress. I just hope that more American people wake up and protect the country from these radical globalists who are the real racists and don't give a damn about the American people.

  23. Bernie Sanders 2020 everyone. Enough of this. We the people need to get our dam spine back, we kbow whats right and wrong. Only the real fake news (although cnn has its moments absolutely) conservative media will talk badly about Bernie Sanders. All of his plans are combed through and all will save us alot of money, straighten out this horrible mess from pure greed of the rich amd corporations. We need to have the ability to live atleast alittle free as we should be able to, as of now the rich have us as slaves because they own the potato trump amd Republicans entirely in Washington. I can give everyone a million facts that are irrefutable but who wants to sit and read all that. Our best and only choice is Bernie Sanders, enough of getting lied to our faces, voting Republicans and making our families suffer, giving our children a world of bankruptcy, where only the rich have the american life we need to end this fckng nightmare

  24. It is trumps fault that those people were murdered in the hate crime shootings. His fault all the way. And why Americans aren't talking about it more is shocking!!! One day he will get his judgment and punishment!!!

  25. Let's keep it a 💯. Drumph is a complete lying narssisist. We know damn well half that crows is aware of his redirrick. Their not dumb their seeking approval and support for what they truly feel about other individuals of color.

  26. those people from where he does those events should stay unemployed and uneducated. They don't deserve modernization in a global economy with hate and racism within them.

  27. Trump has Dementia, gross,gross Stupidity and maximal Evil.
    He is a Demon.
    This is a Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual combination that leads to total eternal damnation and annihilation!

  28. Is this the best of CNN? How long someone takes to restart their speech? No wonder the Clown News Network rates below the History and Gardening channels.. This isn't news, this is hate speech. Stirring up something that just isn't there..

  29. He set to up. It came from an orchestrated meme. You get that in TV studios when the chant is built by paid operatives.

  30. Maybe, Lincoln said it or not, but it is forever linked to him. "you can fool some of the ppl most of the time, you can even fool most of the ppl some of the time, BUT you can't fool all of the ppl ALL of the time". Doesn't seem to be the case these days now does it ? Clearly Americans are as dumb as a rock, racist to the hilt, and so easily fooled they don't even have free will, or the ability to think for themselves. my suggestion is put down the BBQ, sweet ice tea, and read a freakin' book, news paper (oh wait brain washed there) or the local tabloid, anything to start thinking for yourselves. Oh wait that's not possible … they gave up their religion and morals to follow Trump and his cronies. Sorry I guess you can fool all the most dumb asses all the time..

  31. Notice his grinning, money spending, imported, anchor baby bearing, family importing, working here illegally, rather live with her parents away from her white house dwelling husband, she'll inherit the lot number three wife is just agreeing with the lies and saying nothing about her bullying husband. Yeah, be beat honey.

  32. Lara Trump actually gave the signal for the chant to start led by others that were spread through the crowd to keep the chant going. Trump is such a liar.

  33. what abt u when u sold the iraq war to the american? Did u appologize? Was there any investigations? Was there any trial? Did the Chineese News Network (#CNN) covered that news every day? Thousands of people died. I guess u dont give a dame. So, dont try to project some moral high ground cuz #CNN is completely fake.

  34. Mr. Cooper, Instead of using CNN's talking points which are distributed every day to every "liberal" news station in the USA for "gutter mouth diarrhea", against the President. Why don't you tell the world how much money your mother, the late Ms. Vanderbilt gave to not only CNN, but also to charities so she could obtain a job for you on the desk at CNN. You do know liberalism to your degree is psychopathic? You sit in your penthouse getting jacked in the ass by a handful of other CNN media people and you spew crap about this country's President all because your candidate Ms. Clinton got decimated in the 2016 election and your promised job of White House Press Secretary went out the window with the curtains your boyfriend just wiped his dick on after boning you in the ass. MR. COOPER, WE MUST ASK YOU. WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU WOULD BE IF YOUR MOTHER WAS NOT WHO SHE WAS? WELL, WE KNOW WHERE YOU WOULD BE BECAUSE WE KNOW PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING. YOU WOULD BE THE LOCAL WEATHER FORECASTER AT SOME HILLBILLY LOCAL TELEVISION STUDIO IN THE OUTSKIRTS OF SOME DOG SHIT TOWN! You need to become patriotic very quickly as your ratings are so low it's a disgrace. It does not matter whether you like the President or not. You should respect the "Office of The President" even if you do not care for him personally. You should always address the President with the proper "salutation." In the current situation it would be "President Trump", not "Trump!" Have some class! What? You think if you don't simply report the news like Cronkite did instead of making your personal feelings the news, you think all of your homo lovers won't want to suck on your marbles? Get a life and become a true anchor. Report the news and you are not the news. Cronkite always "reported the news" he never gave his personal feelings because he had class. If you want to be President then throw your pink hat in the ring and see how it feels to be targeted by malicious psychopaths. last, we know you know this factoid as do all of your homo friends at CNN; Hillary lost the popular vote by the biggest landslide victory ever. She was guaranteed the victory by rigging the election boxes but the Hybrid Nation put them all back to correct status and that's why we called Mr. Podesta at 7PM on election night and told Mr. Podesta that their criminal act of "fixing" the ballot machines had indeed been corrected and we told him her candidate lost. (Don't believe me then ask Mr. Podesta the child molesta) if we are telling the truth. Ms. Clinton, after hearing the message came from "Daniel" of the Hybrid Human Nation she went on an alcoholic fit of rage and destroyed her suite. You really want someone that unhinged having the codes to the nuclear football? Didn't think so. So go take a vacation with your but buddy "Homo Cuomo", have great anal and do some serious soul searching. Become a man and report the news and remember Mr. Cooper, "YOU AND YOUR PERSONAL FEELINGS ARE NOT THE NEWS."
    Hybrid Nation

  35. Mr. Cooper. You should study the "Hybrids" and you will gain a knowledge all should obtain. Attacking anyone's daughter in law is really a low blow isn't it/ But you would know all about low blows right Mr. Pooper Cooper?" In fact, you know all of the "blowing positions" don't you. It's easy for you to pick on people, especially your president while you sit on a desk with a mic or something else in your mouth I believe we will defend this President. It's normal and proper for homosexuals to get tested for AIDS yearly. We hope for your partner's sake you are getting your regular check ups. How is Shep doing these days????

  36. Like a rock? Crawl back under the one you came from trump, you lying cheating filthy minded nasty old man. Find a pasture!

  37. So initially she said "you heard the president say it… You can leave" and then in the interview says "the president didn't say it…." seriously?

  38. Mr. Cooper you are a monument of decency and truth. I appreciate what you do so very much. You set an example for the press and the fourth estate. Thank you.

  39. Free toaster to the first Trump supporter to type/yell out fake news. You ever notice that Trump supporters are always crying. Fake news, bad comedians, SNL sucks, Bad/horrible actors, bad singers etc. Jesus even some at Fox news are now calling Trump out.

  40. This CCN – show is horribly childish. Start talking about real issues. By the way, Trump is right on with his comments at the end of this video!

  41. May be He Just got the bribes so He try hard satified his boss , having both money, fun too He thought He is really clever bartard ,no way He is the worst bartard ever, so betraying


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