Coronavirus: People Will Die because this Government Wasted Time | Professor John Ashton

Coronavirus: People Will Die because this Government Wasted Time | Professor John Ashton

We’re in a really serious emergency
situation now. It looks as though the virus at the moment
is centred in London and in Hampshire, but it’s beginning to
move up the country. And over the next few days we’re going to
see a lot more hospital admissions, and sadly a quite a steady increase
in the number of deaths. We’ve wasted a lot of time. Since the beginning of February we should
have had regular Cobra meetings, chaired by the Prime Minister. They should have been doing the planning
they should have been looking ahead. Ordering equipment, getting
the testing going. The director general of WHO said: Test, test, test. and we didn’t do it. We allowed thousands to
go to Italy at half-term, and come back without being screened
or tested it was grossly negligent. We allowed 3/4 thousand Madrid
supporters to come to Liverpool, and go to a football match last
week was just beyond belief. This herd immunity
thing was bizarre, it seemed to come from nowhere
it seemed to be half-baked. The only explanation I can think of is
that having failed to contain the virus, by being proactive
and on the ball, this was a kind of after the event attempt
to explain it away as though, really we hadn’t really
needed to bother, we were going to let the virus run its
course it didn’t matter if people died, we’d get this spurious idea
of herd immunity which, nobody in public health would really agree
with what was being said last week. And then when it also became clear
this would be grossly unethical, you know they dropped
it like a hot potato, and when they saw that the number
of deaths was climbing steeply, they changed model altogether
from trying to just moderate it, to really trying to put the lid on it again
which is what we’re trying to do now. We’ve had 10 years of austerity, there’s very little resilience in the
National Health Service. Lost a lot of beds we’ve lost
a lot of nurses morale is low, Communications have being poor there’ve
been a lot of mixed messages. All of this has had the effect of reducing
public trust and raising public anxiety, and we’ve somehow got
to get past that. The Prime Minister now needs
to galvanise the country, the chief medical officer and
the chief scientific officer, need to embrace a broader
view of what’s going on. And we just need to get cracking
in a way that the Brits can do, but sadly there will be quite a
number of people who we lose, because we’ve wasted time. In wartime and this is a
war against the virus, you’ve got to take the
people with you, so you have to treat the people
as adults share information, recognise this is
a true partnership. And not behave in the kind
of patronising way, that was characteristic
of this first few weeks. Public pressure has been
absolutely crucial in this, I think what we’ve seen here
there’s been an attempt to, pull the wool over people’s eyes. people in this country
are not stupid, the people are wiser
than some people think. Short-term we’ve got to see
whether the Prime Minister, can provide the leadership that’s needed, or whether he needs to be
replaced by somebody else. And we really need to stop being
so arrogant about the way, in which we look at the way
other people’s do things. In the Far East, in Taiwan, in South Korea
or in China itself now. They’re using big data sets
and modern technology, internet iPhone technology
to keep people safe. We’re still very much here
19th century Victorian, we’re not using the modern methods it’s
maybe too late to catch up with that now, what we need to do though is
to get the testing in place, Test, test, test. Keeping people safe quarantining
people all of that, I just hope that we can start
being broader in out look, and not-being little Englanders, but actually learning from
everybody else’s experiences. We need to see if we can really
galvanise the community efforts, so that people are able to be
looked after in the community, because most people will have to be
looked after at home not in the hospital. And then after this is over we need to
rebuild our health and social services, so that they are strong so that the’ve
got a good public health basis, for prevention and we don’t neglect
the public health system, as we have done over
the last 10 years. We do know that this country’s great
at pulling together when it has to, and we see that wartime
spirit coming through, ironically we’re going to see a
Conservative government, implementing wartime socialism
because that’s what’s required, it’s to raise taxes and to spend
money on public things. And after this is over we may have
the same solidarity spill through, into the future to rebuild society
rebuild our Health and Social Care, rebuild our social institutions. And I think what we’re going to see
and this is not a party political point, because I’m not in any political party. We may see the end of
this Thatcherism belief, that there’s no such
thing as society. Programs like this are critical
in reaching out to people, without any prejudice or bias
open media alternative media, and it’s been a great pleasure to be able to have
this interview with you this afternoon. Join the future of journalism join
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20 thoughts on “Coronavirus: People Will Die because this Government Wasted Time | Professor John Ashton

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  2. Boris Johnson only announced the community guidelines yesterday and today Asda was packed with customers. My friend is a security guard in Asda and he told me it was crazy. People are wishing for death!!!

  3. Finally, someone who echoes my own thoughts and speaks sense! Thankyou and keep it up!! 👌🙌👌🙌👌🙌

  4. The government has told people to stay at home yet the tube in London us full selfish people are not doing what they are told stay at home

  5. I’ve lived in England for 20 year mover over here 14 years old and learn that this country is good at covering up in many situation but this isn’t one. Should have been more careful this time

  6. The British people are not doing what’s been asked of them to self isolate& take it seriously ;people are still social gathering having BBQ etc,
    Had the PM put us all on lock down two weeks before do you REALLY think that people would have listened then because there still not listening now.
    This is global,wake up before it’s too late, SELF ISOLATE , WASH HANDS & If you have to go out keep 2meters away from others
    What part don’t you understand ,ITS LIFE THREATENING show some respect for others.

  7. I could understand if it hit UK first instead of Italy as it would of been huge shock of sudden thing … but as it didn't, UK should of used italy as template and did lock down 2 weeks ago .

  8. It's all about not spending money on the plebs just let them die……Just think of this when your cutting funding to the NHS

  9. Well, the public voted this lot in. Despite all of the unnecessary and disastrous austerity Tory policies, and all of the mistakes they made during the Brexit debacle, they still won. And we have to accept that was more to do with a failure in the opposition. And a bad government, with an even worse opposition, makes incompetence the new norm.

    On top of that, the public no longer believe anything they are told. They know the PM is a liar, and just shrug their shoulders and say, "well, at least he's better than Corbyn and Abott". Even so, they don't trust Johnson. So, when the government started waking up to this virus, the public didn't respond in the way they expected. In fact, I bet the majority no longer listen to the news, or read the papers. Why should they, if it's filled with either lies, fake news, or right wing propaganda? Hence, you end up with a huge proportion of the public getting most of their views on the world by here say.

  10. The public is profoundly stupid. For the last decade, they gleefully voted for these Tory ghouls. They voted for the austerity that has absolutely crippled the NHS and broader social services. They are just as complicit as the incompetent, bootlickers in government.

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