Corporate Democrats Totally Clueless Of Progressive News Network

Corporate Democrats Totally Clueless Of Progressive News Network

everybody welcome to the jimmy dore show you know it's funny to watch corporate democrats be completely out of touch not know what's happening for instance near a tendon i don't know if you know who she is she she runs the Center for American Progress which is a liberal think tank corporately funded and started by Hillary Clinton's campaign manager John Podesta so she's very influential in democratic politics near a Tannen she's very influential she's got a she has a big mouth and she says a lot of horrible ugly things that are destructive to our country but if you want to see just how out of touch she is by the way she's cheap her Twitter handle his resist to her to her picture or her thumbnail or her whatever that's supposed to her profile pic his resist but we all know that they don't resist we all know that they went along with Trump's military budget in fact they increased it we just did a video where we showed you all the Democrats including Obama Hillary Clinton Chuck Schumer are on board with Trump's New Jerusalem policy they're not resisting that they just the Democrats just joined Republicans and relaxing Wall Street regulations even further they're not resisting anything they're not resisting anything so she so she says this what's this to talk about out of touch you want to see how to touch is folks if liberals had a talk radio network like the right-wing thirty million Americans would know immediately about the horror of handwritten amendments voting in the middle of the night to bailout corporate jet owners social media has to be our radio network tell everyone you know and tell them via rotary phone get it out get your Morse code Morse code that's what I was thinking I was just gonna cut so we got the LA fires I was gonna do smoke signals yes yeah so tell people about how else are we don't have a room we don't have a radio network and by the way Neera do you know why oh I wanted to know do you know why there isn't any liberal radio network you know why there isn't any liberals on the radio you know why when you turn on the radio it's nonstop right talk even in a city like Los Angeles which has to be at least 50% lefty really why is there no lefty shows on my radio if the free market really serves the market because it doesn't there is no such thing as a free market it's a corporate owned market and they give you what they want you to have which is right-wing corporate talk and you know why we don't have it have lefty talk because Bill Clinton deregulated the telecommunications business and he let one company buy all the goddamn radio stations which is what happened well it may be two companies maybe three and they're all right wing and they don't have there's no more Fairness Doctrine there's no more equal time there's no nothing and Bill Clinton did the Telecommunications Act in 1996 which took 50 giant media companies down to six so now we have six media companies giving us every radio show every TV station every newspaper magazine every cable news show everything is six companies ninety percent of all media six companies in the United States the other 10% is stuff like this so why is that Neera that's because of Bill Clinton yes that's what neoliberalism come back to bite you in the ass neoliberalism is about selling off public spaces to corporations which is pretty much what Bill Clinton did but guess what our friend secular talk Kyle kolinsky he saw this tweet and he had a great comeback for it he said yes yes and maybe we can all we can call this thing the internet and called the show secular talk and humanist report and the Jimmy Dore show and The Young Turks which has over six billion views I'm like how narrow Tannen just got hit to social media as we're about to lose net neutrality haha like man this weekend is gonna blow her mind she's gonna I thought that had something to do with fishing was nobody telling me so there you go that good does a good tweet by Kyle very strong tweeter even when he bust my balls which he does God he puts my balls hard some does funny funny I could take a ball bubby tits hurts but I could take a ball bust especially if it's a quality one like the one Kyle threw at me oh but anyway cuz when I had Abby Martin on I referred to her show she does a show called Empire files and I get nervous when I'm talking to people who are more accomplished to me and are smarter than me and I was nervous and I said call her show Empire fires and she was too nice to correct me and Kyle busted my balls on it hard so anyway good tweet and yeah there's a thing called the Internet Neera there is a progressive network out there called The Young Turks Network six billion views I don't know if you've heard of it there's also a thing called the ring of fire radio network right I don't know how I don't know what their Reach is but it's there right mm-hmm and guess what a lot of those people I'm wearing a fire also on RT maybe if you didn't on RT you could hat you could get your message out on our team I was just thinking how narrow tandem would make like the worst publicist or manager ever like baby you're gonna be a star I'm gonna place a phone call and find out how you can put stuff on YouTube ah you're the gatekeeper is deer tender got hired to do a speech in Iowa literally six people showed up for that speech really you would think that the people who organized it would have more friends or relatives to show there was no one there I mean I know that's not an accurate count six people but it certainly wasn't double digits maybe they didn't promote it on social media maybe if we if we just had a radio network like them like the Conservatives like the right-wing does we just had some kind of a radio network [Laughter] okay there you go lights go in nearer nice going hey thanks for watching the show and if you're already a member I mean if you're already a subscriber thanks make sure you're still subscribed because they're unsubscribing people I had a email today somebody said they got unsubscribe three times from our show this year so please make sure you're still subscribed and click that bell so you get a notice and every time we drop a video thank you very much and thanks for supporting the show if you're a patron or if you buy a t-shirt or a mug or if you come to a live show however you help the show survive they're trying to shut down independent news so thanks for your support

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38 thoughts on “Corporate Democrats Totally Clueless Of Progressive News Network

  1. Air America went down the toilet because they did not have any listeners. Corporate America is flawed but they don't turn off money making machines

  2. How can you say there are no Liberal Media ? Are you joking NBC , CBS , ABC , PBS , NPR , CNN , MSNBC , etc .. All Liberal

  3. You stupid fucking moron. Those "Right Wing" radio shows have higher ratings than ANY of your commie liars. Alex Jones has 6 MILLION listeners. The corporations did not GIVE him those listeners.

  4. Who gives a fuck about radio anymore? Let the corporates keep that cancer-ridden brontosaurus.
    A free internet is where the fight is now.

  5. While it’s true that few companies own all media these days and that’s terrible, there was a progressive talk radio network and it failed miserably. It was on plenty of radio stations and it was hard to listen to.

  6. And now they’re in the process of trying to do the same thing with the Internet by doing away w/ Net Neutrality 🤔😡


  8. This channel is killing it lately and this video is a great example of how awesome they are. I love Jimmy Dore for making this a thing:-)

  9. jimmy I like your show.progressives are a bunch of poor americans.where are they going to get the money to run a successful campaign.

  10. Of course cause they aren't progressives, they are corporate puppets who watch Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams talking about Russia's quote "attack on our democracy" haha oh yeah forgot how exposing how undemocratic our government is hurts our "democracy"..

  11. haha! apparently Neera Tanden hasn't heard of The young turks (of which she's been on the fusion show to debate Cenk and the gang), Pacifica Radio, or the numerous internet progressive talking heads or the over a dozen left-wing outlets online and print and the different avenues from Telesur and RT that broadcast their work. but of course anyone remotely to the left of that Centrist scumbag and her front group which should be called Center for American Regress, she ain't gonna promote. And Pacifica and TYT has jumped the shark on Russia conspiracy theories, Syria and Venezuela so i'm surprised she isn't shilling for them lol. Neera you got MSDNC, time warner, bill maher and all those corporate outlets that supported Hilary and WikiLeaks and the Intercept exposed the cosy relationships behind the scenes so fuck off with your advice.

  12. In my large city, most of the radio stations were owned by local families before Clinton's deregulation in '96… The programming was diverse. Now, EVERY station is owned by Entercon or iHeart…

  13. Air America was pathetic.  Democrats don't want liberal radio because, like real outreach to blacks, it is seen as a slippery slope by the corrupt rich donors.  Air America was set up to fail by weak Democrats who wanted to prove it couldn't work.

  14. Have never seen unsubscribed but YT put up a video awhile back for more than a refugee that was wildly unpopular and I downvoted it and it kept clearing it out my downvote so I have seen YT manipulate their system.

  15. They're not legislating the Internet, just the US American part. There may be other organisations that could connect you to the rest of the internet.

  16. Jimmy Dore. All I hear is anger. Over and over again. You ought to spend some time delving deep into the issues you're discussing. You ought to talk with Stefan Molyneux about what deregulation actually is.

    Deregulation isn't actually deregulation.

  17. TYT is starting to drift back to support of corporate democrats thats why I listen to your show now. TYT focuses too much on Trump attacks which gets us nowhere when 75% of their stories should be focused on attacking corporate democrats.

  18. Where Does Our Dinosaur DNC Party Leader , Mrs Slick Willie Stand On God Damned ,,,,,, !!! NET NEUTRALITY !!! ,,,,,,

  19. there's also the non corporate listener sponsored Pacifica Network and their radio affiliates.. in New York Washington DC Houston Los Angeles and San Francisco Berkeley.. the oldest listener sponsored Community radio network in the country .much older than NPR or PBS

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