County official says he will work with state, federal government to get miners paid

County official says he will work with state, federal government to get miners paid

Apparently there’s somewhere between 80
and 100 coal miners affected by this and people who haven’t been paid. And so this morning we, the fiscal court, the county judge’s office has been in
touch with the state Labor Cabinet. Hopefully on Friday around 11 we’re gonna
have state Labor Cabinet officials coming into the fiscal court room to assist the
affected employees with filing claims for wage and hour violations. We’ve also been in touch with
the federal Department of Labor, and they are in the process
of gathering information. That’s one of the reasons I came up today. They’re actually as we’d on my
cell phone speaking with one of the employees to obtain information so
that they can file for a federal restraining order to
prevent the train from being moved. I’m optimistic that we’re gonna be able
to see that these people are paid. But there needs to be something done
going forward to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. It’s becoming all too frequent,
the coalfields, that the coal operators seem to be able to walk out of these
situations with money in their pocket. And the miners are the ones, and
the vendors in a lot of cases, are left holding the bag. So that needs to be looked into,
it needs to change. Part of the reason we see this is
that the coal industry is in trouble. And but there’s no excuse for
not paying coal miners. If people come in,
they’re putting their lives on the line. To do this work, it’s dangerous work. We know coal mining’s dangerous. These are the people, these coal
miners power this country through the Industrial Revolution,
the Great Depression, a world war. We built us into a superpower largely
because of cheap energy from coal. And we’ve seen natural gas take
the place of coal in a lot of places. But in reality,
coal miners helped build this country, and we owe them a tremendous
debt of gratitude. And the law should be enforced,
and they should be paid. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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