Court Rules Trump Violated Law With Emergency Proclamation To Build Border Wall | Katy Tur | MSNBC

Court Rules Trump Violated Law With Emergency Proclamation To Build Border Wall | Katy Tur | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Court Rules Trump Violated Law With Emergency Proclamation To Build Border Wall | Katy Tur | MSNBC

  1. A whole lot of adjectives and no facts: we are pmsnbc.
    How gullible can you people be to fall for this crap. Do you even Google bro????????

  2. I am waiting for all of the tRumpoids to realize that tRump has not started building his wall!! OF course they will never admit that tRump lied to them.

  3. Am CERTAIN every administration and politician has been corrupt to varying levels…but this guy is looney tooney way over the top. Wake up. This POTUS is destroying the GOP and far worse is taking down our Country with it.

  4. In his own mind, Donald thinks that he is like Stalloon in the movie Judge Dredd: "I AM THE LAW!!" Trump makes up the laws that he wants to follow.

  5. Q: I'm curious……. after President Trump is officially out of office…I wonder WHO you people will BYTCH and COMPLAIN about next? ~~~~~~~Btw:::: I'm NOT voting for ANYONE ELSE for as long as I live. That way WHOEVER gets elected >>>IT WON'T BE MY BLOOMING FAUGHT!!!!!!! I'm just gonna live MY LIFE and ACTUALLY ENJOY MY TIME here on Mother Earth!!! ~~P.S.~~ I voted for Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 and 2012!!!!!!! >> I still lost 50% of my money and I thank my lucky stars that I'm no longer a recipient of SOCIAL SECURITY!!!!!!!

  6. What wall? For the 10,000 time, NO NEW WALL HAS BEEN CONSTRUCTED. It’s absolutely amazing how people keep believing these hundreds of miles of wall is being built because Trump tells them. You should be mad cause Trump thinks you’re stupid.

  7. Trump has already spent 5 billion dollars on 5 miles of refurbished fence! That's a lot of food stamps for the children in America people


  9. I just don't understand how this man is getting away with everything. He needs to be jailed and the key thrown away. Unfortunitely the only way to stop Trump is by either someone killing him or him having a deathly heart attack.

  10. If someone filed a lawsuit and I was from a group and El Paso I can guarantee you that the cartels have something to do with that I'm sure those groups got plenty of money to file that lawsuit

  11. This is the essence of trump. He is the lowest form of humanity..even this has to be about him. This at the same time the Kurds are are falling at his hands. How can the GOP stand as Americans listening to trump use the sacred tradition of returning our fallen heroes as a political moment..

  12. If The Trump administration has nothing to hide then why is the Trump Administration Stone Walling? If they have nothing to fear then why aren’t they cooperating with the investigation. It just smells like there is a skunk in the wood pile..

  13. It takes a lot more than KFC, cheeseburgers, diet cokes and signing illegal executive orders to be the president of the United states. I believe the title is way too much for him. BELIEVE ME!

  14. Trump puts America first, and all the Democrats who sold their offices to foreign countries are sweating bullets trying to stop the train of devastation this man is bringing. I love it!🇺🇸

  15. If necessary, the president must be prepared to invoke Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution, which provides grounds for the prosecution of treasonous acts against the Republic. If such a measure is considered unpalatable, too harsh or counterproductive, there is always the Insurrection Act which enables him “to put down lawlessness, insurrection and rebellion.” At any rate, it is an expedient worth contemplating and falls within the purview of presidential authority.

  16. The corporate-run media has become a CIA propaganda front that ignores reality while fabricating fake stories to destroy America. The tech giants despise free speech for conservatives while demanding “equality” for transgenders. And left-wing governors and mayors are openly advocating Antifa-style lawlessness and violence in America, as long as that violence is directed at conservatives and Trump supporters.

    (By the way, do you remember all the hype to push “Net Neutrality?” It was supposed to protect dissenting voices and diverse views on the ‘net. The tech giants pushed it aggressively, and the moment Trump got elected, those same evil tech companies like Google and Facebook then systematically silenced all conservative voices. The entire “Net Neutrality” push was a con job. They never believed in neutrality; only tyranny.)

    Just last night, lunatic left-wing mobs violently attacked Trump supporters who were leaving the Trump rally in Minneapolis.

  17. To sum it up: in 2006 or so, two Bidens, James Biden (future VP’s brother) and our R. Hunter Biden (future VP’s son), wildly overpaid a drug-addicted very senior Moonie for a hedge fund marketing operation that was hugely exaggerating its size and success, and turned out to be distributing ponzis, including the giant Allen Stanford ponzi, second only to Madoff, and other eyecatching frauds, such as Ponta Negra, via a sales network that included brokers with visibly very terrible FINRA records.

    None of this makes the Bidens look particularly astute. Much of it would have been very easy to pick up with proper due diligence.

    By 2009, Hempton, FT Alphaville and Felix Salmon (linkfest) were all over the story. Bits of it even crept out into the print media.

    Final point from Hempton:

    Paradigm rejects that the notion that they actively participated in the alleged Ponta Negra scam. That is an accusation I do not make. I only make the suggestion that – through clumsiness and the failure to perform even the simplest due diligence – they lend their name to alleged scammers.

    Which brings us, five years after the Paradigm scandal blew up, to R. Hunter Biden’s new job at Burisma Holdings, a company that has a mysterious past.

    By way of due diligence, we need to make a little dive into some old SEC filings of a US OTC Stock, Sunrise Energy Resources (now called Green Technology Solutions). In their filing for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2003, filed 3 Dec 2004, we find the following in the notes to the financial statements:

    Effective October 4, 2004, the Company and certain stockholders entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement and Plan of Reorganization (the “Agreement”) with the stockholders of Esko Pivnich (“EP”), an oil and gas production and development company incorporated and operating in the Republic of Ukraine, to acquire all of the outstanding shares of EP. The Company is to issue that number of shares which, when added to the 5 million shares sold to the EP stockholders in connection with this transaction by five of the Company’s foreign institutional stockholders, will result in the Company’s current stockholders retaining, in the aggregate, 9% of the enlarged company, which will then have 17 million shares issued and outstanding. There are a series of conditions precedent to closing of the transaction, including listing of the Company’s shares for trading on OTC “Pink Sheets”.

    There is also a handy list of directors and executive officers of the company, including a youngster called Taras Burdeniy who, ten years later, is part of the team at Burisma.

    In the filings for year end 2006, section “description of business” we find another deal:

    On January 20, 2006, Sunrise Energy Resources, Inc. executed a share purchase agreement with the shareholders of Pari, Ltd. The board of directors of Sunrise Energy Resources, Inc. approved the transaction on February 9, 2006.

    …and an address I’d like you to remember, EP’s offices in Ukraine, at 10a Ryleeva St., Kiev, Ukraine.

    Sunrise chugs along producing a bit of oil and gas for a few years. But we are talking thousands of barrels, not millions: it is not some hydrocarbon Eldorado. At its peak, the operation is capitalized at about $20Mn.

    But alas, a series of catastrophes is related in the 10-K filed on 31st March 2009: according to the geologist, Sunrise has zero proven reserves, which finishes them as an investment proposition. One of their funders, Millington Solutions, has called in its debt. Oh, and Sunrise has changed accountants.

  18. Please get on the US Republican Senator's case by communicating with them in creative manners. They are drunk on greed and fear the dictator. Wake them up!

  19. GREAT! So does that mean his wall should get knocked down??
    Id say YES, IT SHOULD!!
    Our southern border was perfectly fine the way it was before he came along and tampered with it.

  20. lol so why wast time reporting on this ruling if it means nothing what a joke! Just freaking impeach this self proclaimed Greatest President already!! wtf

  21. LOSER-in-CHEAT …drumpf is cheating at 3-dimensional-checkers and he's still losing on every level… what a vile sewer creature from the depths of humanity's lowest intestine.

  22. You people are idiots
    Build that wall.
    Keep up the good work Trump.
    Great economy
    Great job numbers
    Low unemployment
    China deal
    Strong consumer confidence
    Impeach that you stupid idiots.
    Your the problem. Your just an arm of the democrats. Your sick demented people
    Trump wins again and another Supreme Court judge pick

  23. He's gotta do what he's good at he's good at breaking the law I hate to admit it but he almost normalised crime .almost

  24. The Constitution is indivisible. The administration need not know the moral weight of its creation. All protections within are fundamental and certain. 'American-born citizen' or 'foreign-born migrant', there is no distinction when it comes to liberty or freedom. The wall is no perimeter to the parameters of the Constitution. Such justice is inviolable; and those who seek to circumvent natural law, the sanctity of life and the liberty of self-determination are captive to their own oppression.

    The United States did not liberate itself from a tyrannical king to have the people of other lands subjugated to and diminished by the political whims of a tyrannical president.

  25. So now we have a "partial wall" AND an "illegal wall"! Stop the wall from being built until Trump makes sure it's all LEGAL!

  26. When the President on Camera says "I didn't need to do this (referring to using the national emergency declaration) but I wanted to get it done quicker" that seems to me to be saying it isn't really an emergency.

  27. This dummy is not a stable genius as he claimed he is! He is not familiar with the checks and balances of the three branches of the gov't! Ask Melania if she knows how the US gov't functions!

  28. The worthless wall that anyone can climb over in the span of a minute?
    Including eight-year olds and while juggling?

    Demand a refund for that wall money now.

  29. If we made the jails better then Trump would want to go to prison.

    Start making sustainable technology for prisons and prisoners.

    Bait with candy.

  30. These judges are the reason for so much human trafficking and drug trafficking, they are facilitating such criminal activities, this is going to be appealed no doubt

  31. Somebody once told me I kept losing my fights nonstop, I don’t deserve to be wife was looking at me kinda dumb with divorce papers in her hand~~

  32. Take trump down! Take trump down! Because of his immoral, lawless, base nature it will be an ugly fight. But God will it be good to see him beaten hard by justice, by the constitution, and if he's not removed before, by voters ⚖️⚖️⚖️

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