COVID-19: Canadian government announces new border restrictions – March 16, 2020

COVID-19: Canadian government announces new border restrictions – March 16, 2020

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27 thoughts on “COVID-19: Canadian government announces new border restrictions – March 16, 2020

  1. Just to confirm what Minister Garneau reiterated there – this all comes into effect not immediately but at noon on Wednesday, March 18?

  2. Trump, a real man, addresses his nation with language that informs and empowers his people. A man's man that can make hard decisions in difficult times.
    Trudeau is just a bad amateur actor that addresses the nation with empty words and the obvious false platitudes, no decisions just delays. Nothing concrete at all.
    Trudy is hiding information from the Canadian public. Controlling borders and immigration right now is key to solving a lot of important issues. The globalist pigs and their puppets sure are exposed when they have to go against their UN migration pact EH ? The reporters lobb softballs again..
    Global TV I dare you to ask him why ROXHAM road is still taking "international travelers" into this country and NO SCREENING for viruses at all ??
    Justin hates you.. yes you.. yes HE Does !!

  3. He is a buffoon when will you start reporting on his crimes he is the biggest criminal in Canadian history start speaking truth to cowards

  4. The cross pollination at our shared border needs to end now. Everyone needs to stay put… tourists included.

    2 weeks of sacrifice for the common good of ALL.

    God's will be done..

  5. He's just not ready, nor ever will be!

    Hopefully, this virus only affects the stupid idiots who like the far left sjw open borders nonsense!

    Borders exist for a reason, clown!

  6. If we let Americans come to Canada we will be opening up a stampede of people who can’t get the vaccine in the US because of the incompetence of the Existing administration.

  7. We have two Ferries that go to Vancouver Island MV coho from Port Angeles Washington and Washington Ferries from Anacortas to Sidney BC

  8. He won't let Canadians traveling out of country down?? Hahaha. He let's all Canadians down every day at home and abroad. He's the world worst "leader". He's a joke and we look like a joke too. He's leaving the borders open to the USA so he doesn't have to deal with the illegal border crossers. How are you late for a press conference that's at your own house? President Trump addressed his country like a real man. Not a sniveling girl like Trudy poo.

  9. Tredeau you are a joke. Close Roxham at N.Y. and Quebec. You are killing Canadian's… Quebec speak up. They don't even test or quarantine these people. Watch Rebel News.

  10. I don't understand this "exception" to a country where the covid19 is out of control with more than 4500 confirmed cases.

  11. Trudeau is Lying To Canadians – His Corrupt RCMP Are Breaking The Travel Ban During The Pandemic!!! Roxham Road is operating now! Rebel News just exposed it! #UNMustGo #TrudeauMustGo #GlobalismMustGo

  12. The World Health Organization (WHO) – Despot Terrorists?
    #UNMustGo #TrudeauMustGo #GlobalismMustGo

  13. Got to love company's like GREAT CLIPS HAIRCUTTERS shutting down there stores to protect the public and there customers, there competition is still operating using the same capes on there customers possibly spreading this virus to everyone in contact. What is the health board doing about this problem?

  14. What a bunch of BS. JT is an EXPERT in lying to your face. Canada receives (average) 1,000 Chinese per day – via Vancouver Airport. JT's interests and loyalty are with the Chines Communist Party and not Canadians. What was the point of bringing some "Canadians" on a special flight from China and quarantining them; when at the same time the number of Air China flights to Vancouver NEVER stopped?! WTF?!?!?! Then, there are the private jets that flight from China to Canada registered as "Unknown Owner"?! you don't believe me, here is the evidence. If you voted Liberal or NDP, enjoy the Liberal ideology and polices. Many people has died and will die partially for those that voted for the playboy JT.

  15. I would just like to comment on the subject of financial help that Trudeau claims …the other sites will not allow comments…I personally know several people who need to stay home with their children as school is out… what the government is claiming in the way of assistance..IS NOT THERE…Trudeau is takking out his ass and giving false hope to people…..hang on tight …we are about to get where the sun doesn't shine…Trudeau is a liar once again…and now we really need leadership…we are all going to be very sorry about our so called leader!

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