100 thoughts on “COVID-19 update: Trudeau implements Quarantine Act

  1. Most of the leaders of the world should continue to meet vitually. So many meetings are so financially a strain when there is so much money needed to end poverty in leading countries. Up to now the way our governments have led the world have to stop. Our tax money and our own people are so much in need of support. If I was a Queen I could not sleep if I knew that the children are not eating and families are so poor. Shameful. This C19 needs to change everything.

  2. CBC usually does not allow comments because people like me will point out how they are just a propaganda arm of the government. No truth here, just a narrative. Listen and obey Canada.

  3. Holy so much news!

    No wonder why everyone's making a big fuss and all worried! Chill out it will end soon just enjoy the time you have now and stay positive no one wants to be around others who are negative about this virus saying it will come soon, and so on. Everyone wants to be around positive people who are still cautious at least

    I told myself I would stay off the news but when I log on youtube there's news that i dont even follow im just trying too stay positive despite everyone being so fearful I see why but it is happening and it's around we might as well accept it! Being the goverment shut down most places, and than gets angry when they see others out saying they will put laws into place doesn't sit right because they hold power, they need to understand no one wants to be at home all the time and are they staying home themselves? As long as their washing and so on and not sick I thought it was "fine" than they change their mind again and get mad

    I thought this land gloruious and free, God keep our land! Ect

    Stay safe and be positive about it not bringing fear into others, if others are out and wandering let them that is their choice as I see it unfortunately the goverment needs to change and if they are being aggressive with their approach I thought canada was about freedom,….

  4. Just bring in more refugees.
    I hear they're all doctors and lawyers and immediately begin contributing to the social safety net and tax base.
    They know fluent English and French and embrace the Canadian way of life.
    They don't prey on young girls nor do they protect those who do.
    I'm certain a new canadian will be the scientist who saves the nation.

  5. as someone with a compromised immune system, screw you justin 🙂 thanks for not taking stuff seriously in the beginning

  6. So it is possible to teleconference without using tax payers money to travel the globe. Great to see you use common sense on spending!

  7. All Canadian "media" is paid directly by the liberals using tax money extorted under force of law,Canadians do not have a free press. This is worse than any spin from CNN

  8. As of a week and half ago planes were still landing at Toronto Pierson and Vancouver from Hong Kong and mainland china.Trudeau failed us

  9. What about the liberals claiming a few short weeks ago , “ there is nothing to worry about ? We’re they stoned on pot ????????

  10. OMG, you really think this all will be over with by Easter? (April 12th, 2020). Never gonna happen. It hasn’t even really started yet. Stop dreaming, Canada.

    Relieve the STRESS…

  12. The relations may be good with the goverment, but people will cross the border just to get health facilitie's if they get ill enough as they do't have universal health care!! So it should Canada taking a look at that!!

  13. Many people who are upset about the government giving funds, should be grateful to even get anything, but the smart thing the government should have done was to freeze all these companies who has loop holes in our pockets until this situation is under control, they are order to be shut down so they should not be taking any payment out our pockets especially since people are laid off. Then the government should issue a relief package to every house hold, food, money, making people stay home, that way everyone wouldn’t need to individual get a financial help thus saving money and not needing to leave the house

  14. Idk how people even wanted to travel knowing this COVID -19 was getting the people of China sick and was spreading across the countries and once there quarantined they complain… you people made your bed and made that choice to travel… sleep in the bed you made….the Government shouldve left those people where they took themselves instead of putting Canadians at risk now look this pandemic is getting out of hand…. I dont think it’ll go anywhere for awhile because people are still going out in the public knowing there risking others health… especially people who have weak constitutions. “God please take care and protect the people who are most at risk🙏”

  15. 1.7 billion is not even the equivalent of the Country's residential tax revenue. Since we have the ability to produce our own energy food and medications It's more of an insult to Canadians then an aid.
    The average working person paid $20,000 in income tax in 2019 not to mention the $$$$$ made off Casino's , Fuel , and necessities , If you want to see how Ignorant our government thinks you are just take 50% of the average income tax paid and X it by 20 million ( population of Canada is around 37 million ) then google what 1 billion would look like if you had it in a warehouse storing it and that should give you an idea of how much tax payers are injecting into the government in income tax alone.

  16. lol prison? Ok sign me up:

    1)I aint a snitch
    2)I aint a chomo
    3) I know how to mind my own business

    Laddies and gentlemen if You can check off all 3 of those items like I just did, prison might just be the better option for you. Especially if you are homeless or extremely poor.

  17. 16 tons of equipment sent to China, the same China that lied and tried to cover this up for a month, and tries to pass the blame of the outbreak on the US for the origin of the virus…Meanwhile, Canadian hospitals has to literally beg the public to donate masks and other PPE because they're running out…so much for putting Canadians first. I guess Turdeau admires China's basic dictatorship more than we thought.

  18. Trudeau is a snake trying to grab power like that. However he is still going to do the increased carbon tax by 50%. Trudeau is more dangerous to Canadians then the virus. He is attacking our democracy and trying to make tax slaves of us all.
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  19. First provide proper PPE inside your country's hospitals rather than promoting yourself as a good guy asking whether WHO needs more fund. Or are you scared of China?

  20. The best thing about this Elise world leaders are not wasting taxpayers dollars On private jets to meet when they have a computer screen And a Camera

  21. Trudeau is a snake trying to grab power during a medical crisis. However he is still going to do the increased carbon tax by 50%. Trudeau is more dangerous to Canadians then the virus. He is attacking our democracy and trying to make tax slaves of us all.
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  22. With ALL the preceding outbreaks like swine flu, avian flu, ebola, measles etc should our governments have not taken precautions in advance by stock-piling medical supplies and putting into place measures to help curb the recurrence of an outbreak like this which due to their neglect has become a pandemic. And not just OUR government but all governments should have not neglected the warnings we had in years previous! Oh, does nobody else wonder why Trump and his cohorts are not practising social distancing? Typically he is shoulder to shoulder with 3-4 other ppl piping off with that smug look I can't stand …am I the only one who's seeing this hypocrisy?!

  23. Agenda 21. Event 201. Man made virus.medical professionals can never tell you definitively what a cause of any condition or disease is. Never a cause or a cure in the books. But these random viruses. They can pin point the cause. Offer a solution and take away our liberties. Step by step. Problem reaction solution.

  24. Nice how he is now blaming Canadians for this spread……RATHER THAN HIS OWN INACTION! Border and flights in are still a shitshow…..there was NOTHING last week at all. How is this shithead still alive?

  25. So if they have to go home and stay home for 14 day's without any other options what does that do if you don't have covid19 but someone in you house does ? … Wake up moron !

  26. We need to rely on our country for our own supplies! Not other county..Welcome to the New World Order. I am Extremely Proud to be Canadian:)

  27. If your a REFUGEE into CANADA…
    HAS TO WAIT????

  28. Here's something to Think About: WHY aren't the Governments of the World simply Isolating ALL Those who are Truly at Risk? (The Old, Sick & Frail) INSTEAD of shutting the ENTIRE WORLD Down? (i.e. 99% of the DEATHS in ITALY were 60 & Over w Existing Medical Conditions)

    Makes you think that perhaps the BANKERS who hold huge amounts of Power & Influence over Governments, are trying to Intentionally DESTROY The Economy so they can rebuild an even MORE Restrictive & Draconian Economic system in it's place.

    What's the Jobless rate at now?! 40% !?! And we're already hearing terms like: 'UNIVERSAL INCOME' (Which essentially means: 'UNIVERSAL WELFARE'……….and that is NOT Good, not at all)

    If a Infected / Diseased person who can infect others walks into a crowded Bar: Do you Remove ALL THE PATRONS FROM THE BAR?

    Or would you do the SENSIBLE thing and Just Remove the Infectious Person ASAP (?)

    Nursing Homes are being closed to all Visitors & Family Members, they have the right Idea there: WHY doesn't the Government do this for ALL At-Risk People (60 & over, Sick, Compromised Immune Systems) and Quarantine THEM away from everyone else, who don't have a risk of Dying from the Virus (50 & Under, Health, Strong Immune Systems) ?????

    [Think About It…..something doesn't seem right here…..something is Rotten in Denver]

  29. His script was written by the FED financial gangsters? Little puppet PM is as bad to Canada as his daddy was…


  31. Why flights are still allowed to land on Canada airports… stop it Sir.. and also control it by complete lock down otherwise the situation will go out of control

  32. Hope Trudeau realizes him and his government are responsible for all business and personal losses during all this time. Let's see if this comment is allowed to stay in this section.

  33. Well I’m not filling out hazard assessments or near misses anymore I refuse because if the government isn’t going to be proactive about our safety about these viruses.We have had many out breaks over the years and it seems they can’t even be prepared.Stop acting smart because it’s not like you.

  34. How does the 14 day quarantine work if that person is infected and has contact with family members at home? Surely, those family member become carriers (gievn that they are not quarantined) until they themselves show symptoms. This is nonsense!

  35. In 2017 the world bank developed pandemic bonds so they wont lose. And they are getting their full pay. I'd like to see the government suspend their pay for the whole period themselves.

  36. Great!! I just did my part and cancelled my domestic flight and now I lost my money to a flight bank… I need that money and don’t want to subsidize WestJet to keep flying foreigners back to the country… how pathetic!!! What happens when WestJet goes bankrupt… I will lose my flight bank money!!!

  37. Im sorry for saying this, but if u were one of the Canadians that came back from China, you shoulda stayed there, the goverment shoud have stopped ALL travel coming into the country, sorry my fellow canadians. but if it were up to me , i woulda left ALL OF YOU in China. otherwise COVID-19 wouldent have spread to our country as rapidly as it did.

  38. How about increasing odsp from 1400 to 2000… why is everyone better off then people on odsp, costs in stores do increase for people on odsp too! And it is costly to self isolate for them aswell… how about helping everyone!

  39. not Doug Ford in ONtario ..he's making people who work in essential services like healthcare, grocers, etc. go straight back to work with no Isolation/quarantine upon return of travels ..along with my city not testing anyone unless they've directly traveled from Iran, Italy or China despite having symptoms, and the tests they do take don't get results for over a week …we're so doomed! So, if we need those "essentials" such as the hospital, etc. and we aren't sick while taking precautions to do our part, it doesn't matter cause we will get sick if we go to those places due to this. & we can't get tested until we collapse and need to be in the ICU.

  40. Just got off ei on Jan 3 and my job didnt call back after the winter. Union leader said nobody is hiring until this virus lets up. Nobody is hiring right now. Would i apply for this emergency benefit?

  41. Most of the Damned country speaks English why the f*** would you come out and start talking in French when 90% of your country speaks English oh my goodness this guy is still worrying about political correctness at this time what a dumbass

  42. Justin Trudeau didn't mention Canadian citizens too much in his speech but he sure talked a lot about the World Health Organization which really hasn't
    fk-all to do with Canada right now….

  43. Rose Marie Barton your questions are garbage they don't dig for fact they dig for conversation that's all you're pathetic Rosemary Barton shame on you you should know better

  44. This half-assed quarantine isn't a solution if you do it half-assed…and just delays the exponential growth.

    IMO Controlled phases of exposure of the younger demographic (like a rotating shift) delayed by 3 week intervals… along with any experimental drugs / antibody harvesting (both exist right now) for those in the ICU during those phases is the most realistic solution and solves the economic problem. By the summer herd immunity would be in full swing. It's highly likely immunity would stress across strains of the virus (a calculated risk like everything) so long as antibodies were effective and selective to the receptors on the virus (shown to not change across strains).

    This is like fixing your infection by dumping bleach on it…carpet bombing mentality.

    The funny part is it would only work if staying at home eradicated the virus spread. Can we guarantee everyone in quarantine will be non-infectious once this is over? How long can we hold out for by doing that?

    It could work…but it's like a weed. If ANYONE still has it after quarantine / self-isolation…we simply hit reset on this boomer killer crisis and market tumbling by summertime. So unless you're going to deploy the military to hold anyone suspected in their homes by force for 3 weeks, I seriously doubt this will work.
    Half-assed quarantine is like no quarantine at all. It's all or nothing. Not that I support that idea.

  45. It amuses me seeing the dense crowds government employees gathering to talk about how great they are for enacting idle threat legislation with penalties that exceed the typical sentence of a 1st degree murderer.

  46. Overblown panic and hysteria are destroying this country. Russia and UK both downgraded threat. This is ridiculous. Reopen now. Quarantine the vulnerable and let the rest of us get back
    to work. The cure is worse than the virus.

  47. Epidemiologist Behind Highly-Cited Coronavirus Model Admits He Was Wrong, Drastically Revises Model. CBC keep up quit fearmongering. Plandemic failed

  48. It's quite ridiculous when the normal liberal response to hard core criminality is to let them back out on the street, and pretty much ignore it. Such as their getting rid of street checks, and so called bail reform. Then all of a sudden they become tough on crime, but only if it's a normally law abiding person, who doesn't jump fast enough to the new authoritarian agenda. And the hypocrisy about open borders probably shoots right over the heads of most liberals.

  49. EVENT 201
    Martial law, controlled economic collapse, corporate consolidation, forced vaccinations and microchipping.

  50. Diversity hires led by a drama teacher we are so boned, buy seeds folks and a gun to protect your own we're in for a rough ride.

  51. Oh great now he wants to support a country sitting on the largest oil reserve in the world and has less then basic human rights but who's government lives the life of royalty. How about having those countries use some of their own wealth towards increasing the human rights and access to basic healthcare. Anyone can give money away especially when it's NOT your money.

    A real leader would be supporting it's citizens not sending money to wealthy counties that if it's lucky 10% will actually reach the people in need.

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