Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The concept of criminal law
derives from the Constitution. And in that field of criminal law… prosecutors as well
as defense attorneys ensure… that the rights of the accused,
as well as the rights of the victim… are protected. Criminal defense attorneys
represent the accused– those who are being charged with crimes
by law enforcement in the state. The prosecutor is a general term
for the attorney for the people. They represent the interests of the city,
the county and the state. And oftentimes these attorneys
are broken up into city attorneys… district attorneys and attorney generals. A city attorney prosecutes cases and
represents the interests of a particular city. The district attorney prosecutes cases
on behalf of the county. And the attorney general prosecutes cases
on behalf of the state. Both prosecutor,
as well as the defense attorney… take into account the laws
that apply to that state… the constitutional safeguards
that are in place for both the people… as well as the individual… and, ultimately, whether or not
the burden has been met.

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