100 thoughts on “Culture in Decline | Episode #1 “What Democracy?” by Peter Joseph

  1. This shit is the only shit that can save the planet! Get all your friends and family educated ASAP, find their inner hippie!

  2. Can't believe I only found this now, in Jan, 2016. And that is part of the problem in this world; we have great ideas like this getting lost in the cracks, only discovered by a little bit of luck, chance, or random searching around the Internet for similar sites and videos in many cases.

    This stuff should be more common place and easy to find than crap like The Kardashians or whatever.

    If everyone was watching stuff like this, and actually taking the message onboard and learning from it, there might actually be a chance at creating the better world and a Culture of Ascent as proposed in this series.

    But, like this series says, just spreading the message and getting the word out there is moving us slowly but surely towards that goal–which is at least something for now–so I've marked all the videos as favourites on my YouTube channel and posted a link on my Facebook page too.

    Also, I recently made a free App called Namespace (available on Android, iOS, and Amazon), which actually has a bunch of secret Zeitgeist images and links in it, so there's that too.

    I only wish I was talented enough, knowledgeable enough, and driven enough to do much more.


    1. No individual should be allowed to accumulate any physical wealth without the clear permission or approval of the collective body.
    Physical resources including money and wealth are limited. Therefore their use must be optimised and not centralised in a few hands.

    2. There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of all mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the universe.
    PROUT's rational distribution includes guaranteeing a minimum purchasing capacity for all in a system of full employment, as well as meeting the necessities of the meritorious and those with special requirements.

    3. There should be maximum utilization of physical, metaphysical and spiritual potentialities of unit and collective bodies of human society.
    The good of the individual lies in the collective, and vice versa. While providing for the physical comforts of the individual and society, individual spirituality and morality must be increased proportionally so that the absence of it may not break society's backbone.

    4. There should be proper adjustment amongst these physical, metaphysical, mundane, supramundane and spiritual utilizations.
    Current strengths and talent should be properly utilised while focusing on the continued realisation of still higher and more sublime potentialities of all.

    5. The method of utilization should vary in accordance with changes in time, space and person, and the utilization should be of progressive nature.
    Progress involves to move on with changes in times, places and persons. It includes giving up truths of yesterday that otherwise may end up as dogmatic blockages of humanity's march onto a still brighter tomorrow.

  4. I love listening to Peter. his voice so soothing,.and .his intelligent logic magnetic…and he looks so pretty in pink..

  5. I watched the zeitgeist movies years ago and can tell you I truly believed everything they had to say, I must have watched each movie 10 times convincing myself of their idea's, I used to look down on people who didn't agree with me, It seemed so obvious and I concluded that they simply didn't have the intelligence to comprehend everything I have to say, It is only years later that my mind has changed, I am still in conflict about what to think on the subject and will continue to learn but I wholeheartedly encourage all to look at both sides of the argument like I wish I did, instead of reinforcing your already existing ideas. The world is a complicated place

  6. I had no idea that Peter Joseph has a sense of humor! I know he's brilliant, but he seems so serious in interviews. He's not funny like Richard Wolff or Jacque Fresco. This video made me laugh a lot!

  7. In the end of the video anyone can read that this broadcast was made possible by generous grants of Rockefeller foundation G. Soros, the Bilderberg Group and so on!

    Is it a joke?

    If it is true, this guy – Peter Joseph- is pulling your legs! Not my legs anyhow because I have already seen through his bla-bla videos. He is not even a pseudo-revolutionary, he is a charlatan that feats into the ideals of the people that finance his videos!
    I wonder what V. Lenin, F. Castro, Tse Guevara, Mao Che dong and other revolutionaries should say about him. Probably laugh ironically!

  8. I have to admit that I'm watching right now Aquarius: The Age of Evil. You were right about the people's dumb reactions, like: "Shut up, you communist": I thought that there will be an actual crime mentioned about you in the video, or at least arguments about impracticality or technical issues in the Zeitgeist and it's just biblical, republican propaganda about you as Satan himself with ties to Helena Blavatsky and the New Age 'stuff' cloaked under a conspiracy theory. I actually think that we are not going to evolve, at least this generation will suck big time.

  9. you hit the nail on the head: "a waste of time" – please get back to me when you figure out what to do about the sad state of mankind. Thanks.

  10. All we have to do is change fundamental human nature evolved over thousands of years and tear down the natural class order of dogs, sheep and pigs so eloquently portrayed by Pink Floyd, No problem Peter – where shall we start?

  11. This is a little too conspiracy-oriented, which makes it facile: as if there is not conflict among the rich also, or that many aspects of the system are outside of anyone's control. For example, the evil Federal Reserve has actually lowered interest rates to zero. So the rich with their deposits and investments are getting nothing and the poor who need to borrow can do so very cheaply. This turn of events pretty much bursts the bubble of the conspiracy.

  12. this asshole @21:10 or so has some fuckin nerve when he just dumped millions of struggling students into more financial debt by CUTTING OFF PELL GRANTS.. SO.. YOU IDIOTS THAT VOTED FOR HIM SO PASSIONATELY HAVE BEEN HAD! keep drinking the kool-aid on these assholes and those like him

  13. Speaking and eating at the same time is the worst idea ever and I'm afraid I won't be able to watch this otherwise interesting video with the host making unpleasant sounds with his mouth.

  14. Oh, Peter Joseph. We miss you and your videos so much. I've been a fan of yours for almost 9 Years now and need more of your films, wisdom and understanding of just what the hell is wrong with society as a whole. 😢

  15. I refuse to go about life in utter oblivion and ignorance. This channel clearly needs more subscribers. PLEASE SHARE THESE MINI DOCS. I know I will. A life lived in fear, is not a life. (not a preacher, just genuinely care for humanity as a whole). ✌

  16. I watched this series a long time ago…only until now that im introducing it to my brother did I realize not everyone is interested in opinion and not willing to sigh through the bullshit intentional misleadings or just mistaken non truths to get the chunks of truth….. too many opinions, misleadings, and falsehoods.  I understand the saying " don't throw out the baby with the bathwater "…..but there are better sources such as jacque fresco.  Nothing but facts and ways to bring about.   I honestly feel I have hurt the movement by introducing my brother to Peter Before Jacque.

  17. This has now become even more potent in 2017. With all the bullshit around us like post-truth, Anti/Pro-SJW, quiet scientists, Election 2016, and the surge of people taking advantage of each other for money like AtheneWins. I think it's time we start focusing on zeitgeist again.

  18. This isn't working as fast as it could be no matter how many videos you guys keep on making on how we need to live in a "Natural Law Resource-based Economy."
    Out of all people on this planet 99.99% will STILL not do anything even after being made aware of the fundamental problems that we are facing, and that is because (1) they are in a comfort zone, (2) they are struggling to survive, and/or (3) they still don't see VALUE in and of THEMSLEVES.
    Therefore, what people need is PAIN so as to be able to relate to others, and LOVE (which means people need to FIRST see value in themselves before they see value in others), which gives them the REASON to want to do something about that pain that they and others are feeling.
    Someone once said "Love awakens the soul to act", however, people need to remember what Love truly is and how it's connected to their very own identity and self-worth, THEN their "soul will act."

  19. To all those complaining about destroying individuality and making people into mindless herds let me ask you this, If this system was successfully implemented do you really think you would be a mindless sheep? Do you think you wouldn't be able to go play your favourite sport? or watch your favourite shows? Or go where you want? None of these things would be dictated to you… what are you all so afraid of?

    You'd still be human, you'd still be YOU, and if anything you'd have more choices in life without the necessity of meaningless jobs – anything involving money, advertising etc…

    Please, if you feel so strongly that your individuality would be destroyed, explain how that would be. The movement is not about mass control, it isn't about destroying freedoms, it is about creating more freedoms for the whole world not just those who sit at the top of the economic ladder. Freedom of speech should and would still be held up as a human right and no you won't be chucked in the Gulags if you express concerns over the system, if your concerns are scientifically validated the system would adapt to fix them.

  20. This guy is a joke. Probably just got out of puberty and thinks he knows it all. Im sorry for everyone who wasted their time watching this or is thinking of watching the rest. This person is clearly misinformed on our history and government. Or is just reflecting on himself.

  21. Most Republicans (+Democrats) , are a conduit or veneer for corporate interest. They invoke abstract moral principles, like 'liberty', only to legitimate a policy programme that the public would otherwise recognise to be against their rational interest.

  22. The bullshitometer on george bush talking about how raising taxes on the wealthy is bad for the economy is in poor taste. Centrally planned wealth redistribution policy is bad in general, but especially when it punishes entrepreneurship. If you disincentivize the intelligent and productive to do business in your economy, they'll offshore their money and leave, and in the absence of competing businesses to work for and buy widgets from, you'll get monopolies and cartels, crap products, inflated prices, horrible wages etc. If it gets to the point that business becomes impossible, then you have the communist situation where they pretend to pay you and you pretend to work in government owned factories that utterly fail in achieving desired ends for anyone involved.

  23. You can't really make an argument against moneys as a whole.. Economic activity in direct exchange markets are extremely limited in scope, because there is no solution to the problem of "coincidence of wants" in trade. The medium of exchange will always naturally arise, and there is a history of moneys. The problem isn't money itself. Gold was money, and dollars were claimchecks on gold.. Now coercive petrol arrangements in the middle east are all that prop up the value of the dollar on the world stage, hence its name as the petrodollar, in spite of the rampant counterfeiting of the federal reserve, which covertly taxes your savings by raising prices throughout the economy, and the endless government raiding of accounts designed to hold money for peoples interests. Unfunded liabilities have to be taxed and borrowed against to meet the promises they made in exchange for votes, and it is not sustainable… Between the fed's counterfeiting, international borrowing, govt regulations and subsidy of cartels, these are the things ballooning your taxes and driving up prices and destroying jobs, and when you go to the middle east, we create value on the world stage for our money by exercising a heavy murderous hand to ensure that it stays tied to petrol trades from saudi arabia since we abandoned the gold standard for the sake of counterfeiting in the past.

    Also corporatism has nothing to do with capitalism, and corporatism is a problem. The IRS taxes the shit out everyones money unless its corralled into the stock market, so these stock brokers just move peoples money in that wouldn't otherwise be there, and in the event that the companies don't do what they promise, or that they're driven into the ground, or that they're unable to pay their bills or fall to lawsuits, corporatism allows massive bonuses to be issued to the individuals at the top who skate with no accountability while the business itself calls bankruptcy. It's a one way street where the accountability of bad investment and speculation is completely outsourced to the public at large. In a free market, the money would leave their hands and find itself in the hands of the most capable entrepreneurs to the benefit of all, a rising tide that lifts all ships. With corporatism, the money is retained even when the entrepreneurship is erroneous, which has many hidden costs.

  24. Also there is nothing innately wrong with every thing having attached to it a price. All goods must be owned by men, and supply and demand schedules in an indirect exchange economy will always assign an equilibrium price whether you intend to be a participant, or whether you deem it moral for you and your family to participate in the market or not.. It is better not to think of goods as being material vs ideal, but as exchangeable vs nonexchangeable. Material goods are not all that are exchangeable, as there are services and recipes, and ideal is a misnomer for the values that weight the decisions of economic agents, because while weighted by nonexchangeable factors, many of those factors would not widely be considered ideal… You can't put a price on judaism for example, so if I have a preference for doing business with jews, then my decisions are weighted not by the exchangeability of goods and services alone, but also by my valuation of the nonexchangeable factor, judaism, such that my economic activity will be influenced by it, but to infer that judaism is "ideal" infers a goodness to it that would be a matter of debate for theologians, christians, muslims, atheists, etc.

  25. How many times have I submitted a search inquiry for anything to do with cultural decline; so many different phrases and combinations, and here I am 5 years after this was first posted. Thanks for nothing, youtube.
    This is a much appreciated presentation that I would've benefited far greater from, 5 years ago! Still, I look forward to seeing the rest of the series. Well done to all involved.

  26. @1:21 "respectable" by the standards of whom? Many Americans have the synthetic material "wealth" of the latest technology all while living in their McMansion, but have little to no dignity or self esteem because it's all acquired through cheap, quick, fast, and easy means through debt, based on a lack of discipline and deferred gratification a.k.a. leveraging Other People's Money. Most Americans are spiritually unworthy of the standards they take for granted.

  27. This is when the decline started.

    Samuel Johnson on American colonists

    "Sir, they are a race of convicts, and ought to be thankful for anything we allow them short of hanging."

  28. If your government representatives has to tell you that we live in the greatest freest nation in the world, than in truth it really isn't. If it were truly the greatest and freest, one doesn't need a reminder.

  29. Plan ahead for major elections: consider blochain technology. By casting votes as transactions, we can create a blockchain which keeps track of the tallies of the votes. This way, everyone can agree on the final count because they can count the votes themselves, and because of the blockchain audit trail, they can verify that no votes were changed or removed, and no illegitimate votes were added. https://followmyvote.com/

  30. Who the fuq wants to hear you speak with your mouth full didn't anybody teach your sophisticated ass some manors?

  31. I can notice you haven't studied economics, organize economic activity without competing, basic principles of economics

  32. Peter Joseph is a very talented person with a gift for presenting the facts. The awful shame is …what can we do about all these problems?…It's the 1% who can do something, not the average person.

  33. Finding people who actually truly understand this material and have the time to watch and digest it, plus have the attention span to watch something that does not necessarily interest them, is the true problem here.

  34. I like your videos man but you should update your website, feels a site from the 90s and really discredits you because it looks like some crazy guy made it, when I fact you are really smart

  35. Psychologically, eating on camera doesn't make you appear nonchalant, it just makes you look unprepared.  It sends a message that you don't even care about the things you are saying, and if that's true then why should anyone else.  Secondly, why should anyone listen to 5 minutes of you bitching about the ills of the world, let alone 3 hours, if you can't offer one real, testable solution in that span.  If you have a real, testable, and practical solution, PUT IT UP FRONT, otherwise you're burying the lead.  I made it through 8 minutes of your whining anyhow.  Glad you're gone.  What the world needs less than bankers right now is self-important douchebags with half-assed TV shows decrying their victimhood.  You're getting in the way of people that can help.

  36. The President needs more power, not less. He is completely powerless unless the Senate has already bought him (i.e. Obama). Trump remains unbought, but he has admittedly much less power (about zero) because he lost the senate.

  37. Strong intro, articulate arguments. However, interviewing people for confirmation bias responses are the weak segments and actually leaves me thinking this is a conniving method to sell the ideas. You can interview anyone in the world and cherry-pick responses.

  38. What does Charles Mackay's quote "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one" means? I can't understand meaning of it.

  39. aMERICA works this way, and its simple one, and is generating all other excuses: wherever something doesn't go their way THEY WILL ALWAYS BLAME RUSSIA AND COMMUNISTS . like in movie "they live" you will see that everywhere if u look closely and pay attention

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