20 thoughts on “Current Account Deficit – Expenditure Reducing and Expenditure Switching Policies

  1. The video was really helpful. But please explain this switching and reducing policy with the help of a graph, showing NX=0, AD and AS Interaction.

  2. PRODUCE IMPORTS LOCALLY to reduce Trade Deficits Globally
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  3. Might you say that if the economy is operating at YFE and at the vertical part on the LRAS curve, a fall in AD may lead to a fall in inflation, but no fall in income, and thus increase real incomes at the same time, leading to even more imports and a further worsening of the current account?

  4. Could you explain the point that you make at about 2.30 on the marginal propensity to import being high please:) ?

  5. Im currently in my final year of the new aqa specification. Would you recommend using past papers from the previous spec for my revision or should I use other materials such as questions from revision guides/textbooks? Keep up the good work:)

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