Current Applications – Custom Motors Made in the USA

Current Applications – Custom Motors Made in the USA

– Here at Current Applications,
we make custom motors for custom applications. – We’re proud to be able to manufacture custom electric motors and motor components in the US. – We do make a quality product
that you can depend on. That product has to be number one. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. – We pride ourselves in
producing a good quality motor that’s gonna hold up when
you’re out there on the job. – We build everything in house. There’s very few people
that can a lot of the stuff that we do. – We’re a start-to-finish company, ready from design to application. – When you need your product, you want it to work the
first time and every time you use it. – It’s the integrity of that build that makes for a very rugged armature that can take the abuse that a lot of industrial
power tools require. – Here at Current
Applications, our team members, they’re very dedicated to the quality. They keep their customer
needs in mind at all times. They’re very conscientious
of the lead times that the customers require. – We care very much about our motors and we all strive for quality. We are really working hard for them and we want every motor that they receive the best quality they can get. – [Employee] All these products are built with top-of-the-line parts. – [Employee] Armature
winding equipment is all made in house. – [Employee] We’ll use high quality steels and we’ll make sure the heat treats good for the torque requirements and the wear. – We have an excellent staff here that’ll follow through, get the job done, and fit the standards, and fill those standards that
the customer truly needs. – Customer service is key
to Current Applications. We value our customers and strive to meet their
delivery needs on time. – All of our products are tested 100% before they leave Current Applications. – The motor has to put out
the right amount of power, the right amount of RPM. Everything’s built from the ground up. – All of our products are
scrutinized, tested, audited, and checked for quality. They are looking for a product
that, not only performs, but performs to the standards they need. – Current Applications is gonna
stand behind the products. – [Employee] Built by
people in the United States. – On-time delivery, at a
price that is affordable and competitive in the marketplace. – It’s quite a prideful thing to know that we still stand strong
here in Watertown, New York, to produce an American-made
product to go out to the consumer to meet
the needs of the array of different industries
that we actually service. (machine slams and clicks)

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