Cyberpunk 2077 Will Take On Political & Social Issues | Is That A Bad Thing?

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Take On Political & Social Issues | Is That A Bad Thing?

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32 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Will Take On Political & Social Issues | Is That A Bad Thing?

  1. I may be wrong, but i think that lately when people see something saying that a game will tackle political and social issues their mind is mediately drawn to the SJW's take and actions on such things, there must have a character that is homosexual, there must be a character of color or of a certain ethnic group that identifies itself as a apache helicopter, creating conflict when it doesn't meet those criteria even if none of those fit in world/character/story being presented/told. People are fed-up with that BS and IT IS BS.

    That doesn't mean a game cant tackle and have real world politics and its issues imbued into it and deliver a great experience from it. example, Deux Ex Mankind Divided (may not have been the best of games) and Augs representing a very real world issue, social segregation. Did it not embolden the story being told? Was it not in its own way a political stance on something?

    Considering Cyberpunk 2077 world, there is plenty of room to take on political and social issues without it being a determent for the game, that all said, its also a game and people need to take it, or teach their kids to take it as such, not something to dictate how to behave nor as a guideline for our society, chill out people.

    So do i see Cyberpunk 2077 tackling political and social issues as a problem? as long it does not fall onto SJW territory we are good.

  2. Personally I’m sick and tired of POLITICS it’s sickening by now it’s ruined families and friends it’s messed a lot up SO WHAT it has politics it’s a game don’t drag real life down into it just enjoy the game!! JUST A GAME!!

  3. Cyberpunk is a Super Hyped Genra, And its a genra that for a reason hasnt done very well in the past, The Best Cyber Punk type of deals we have had is Shadowrun Returns and what knock and th ouse are not AAA Title realy. I Know the Graphics and such are going to be downgraded thats pretty much 100% a thing these days and most of whats advertise is pretty meh,
    Deus Ex Was Fine to a point but there where indeed problems with the series over all the Term Deus Ex Mach Has become a saying/meme Due to piss poor Writing over-all IT HAPPENS COZ I SAID SO! type of a deal. Most Cyberpunk Storys are not realy that great over-all or leave alot to be Desired. Cyberpunk is a relitively Speaking a unknown Genra / Low Popularity / Misunderstood Genra much like the Survivor Genra, FO76 is a Survivor RPG Go ahead and hate it if you want but alot of the arguements aimed at it are mostly aimed at the Survivor Genra such as Resource Collection Lack of NPCS or such, All of which honestly is expected to be in a Survivor Game, Ark has 0 NPCS, Subnatica, Realy only Conan Exiles has NPCS and they are not well Devoloped, FO76 NPCS is honestly in excistance and are there, However for normal RPGS Standards its not high quality. Thats something that belongs in a Survivor Game, Most ppl dont understand this. Cyberpunk is also something that has ALOT of differnt Options, Example I Personaly think Making yourself half cyborg that connects to the Web (Aka a Hacker in Shadowrun for example) Is Stupid as it leaves you open to be Hacked as well, Technology is something ppl depend way to much on or think WAY to highly About, We have had VR For example for a very very long time it hasnt realy Cought on as a whole however due to many Limits but also part of that is the VR Concepit itself. VR is a intersting Idea but its not very Practicol, Cyberpunk is alot like that if you ask me.
    I Am more then Certain the game is going to have haters when it comes out and ppl who love it as well, Its going to be an arguement of extreme arguements This is one problem with Certain Genras they tend to talk about Extremes. One Reason why Cyberpunk isnt a HUGE Thing or Survivor Genra isnt a HUGE Thing despite being around for a very very long time.
    Take other games like The Witcher Series, Its been stated its highly Over-rated over-all, The combat is not nearly as good as ppl claim it to be, And the Story is basicly Sorry The Witcher your looking for is in another castle. Granted I Do Believe a differance in Story and Lore so if you argued the LORE of the witcher series then I Agree its Great/Good, The Story however has been Meh @ Best AND alot of people tend to feel this way as well

    Im more then certain however im prob going to get ignored/hated on over-all for what ive just stated above. Im Pretty Blunt and its something people dont like.

  4. Games like this have to have alot of political and social issues. It becomes problematic in games when obvious hit pieces of content in games aim go completely slander another group or person like orange man and such. That's when it gets annoying. Also it gets annoying when characters have certain social qualities that feel super cheap.

  5. I mean I can easily see social themes of gender issues. I mean what is sex and gender in a world where people are so modifiable that it ceases to really be a reality. Would there even be terms such as transsexual? or would even your gender just be a commodity to purchase and exchange as you see fit? "Yeah, I am a male loyalist, their brand has been on point lately, but I've heard great things in the Zenu-gender market"

  6. Politics and Social Issues are fine so long as they are an exploration of those themes and not outright propaganda. For example Star Trek is a socialist utopia, but its move to socialism feels fluid within the universe, at no point does the show try to sell you on socialism in real life. Now the show tended to show capitalism in a poor light, but that was more ineptitude (A person who was firmly anti-capitalist, trying to write a plot about evil SUPER capitalists… but not knowing how Capitalism works is doomed to fail), but it shows that when you do everything MOSTLY right no one cares about the little failures along the way… (at least until discovery)

  7. Cyberpunk has always been political. It tells of a dystopian world where freedom and individualism are being oppressed. Most typically be corporations, rarely by governments even though I have seen examples. So I have no doubt that CD will do the genre justice. I am a lifelong beleiver in the capitalist ideal, and I approve this critique of my beleifs for the sake of art. So stop bitching like thinskinned ninnies about your opinions not being validated you SJW cancer cells.

  8. Art is commentary. A game about society should reflect society, and it should thus reflect the political and social issues from the time it was created. Cyberpunk as a genre, since its inception with Blade Runner, has ALWAYS been a dark mirror held up to politics and society, it's the genre's backbone and removing that aspect would make the experience hollow.

  9. Every cyber punk game takes on social issues. Every CDR game takes on social issues. The question is if they can do it with the fair cynicism seen in the witcher.

  10. I want to play a good RPG, exciting gameplay, good cast of characters to love/hate and of course plenty of properly roleplaying opportunities. I do not give a rat ass about gender problems or sjw's or other such retards I am sick and tired of them in the real world. I absolutely loved the witcher series cause it focus on being a GAME FIRST not some sort of political message like everything else is nowadays, I used to be a big fan of the mass effect series until it's most recent addition because while the gameplay has improved somewhat (only in regards to the controls of your character, the squad aspects has been made trash) but the story and roleplay elements have gone completely, I played for a good number of hours hoping to reach the part where the story "get's good" but unfortunately it never did for me, the new companions where mostly shit and hated most of them and all the time I waited for the renegate options or at least some option that did not make my pathfinder just take insults or bitch like pussy every time some asswipe was not happy.

  11. Even though I'm leaning capitalist, I think it's important to look into the idea being taken to far. I also agree with the idea of what punk is. If something needs to be done, do it yourself, don't give in or sell out. Plus if the game is as awesome as it looks, then I won't care.

  12. What would you expect ? A game taking place in a modern dystopia have to have social and political subjects

  13. As long as it is politics according to 2077 and not 2018. the one thing I hate more than anything is heavy handed preaching . . . I don't need to be preached to and I don't want to be preached to. Including social messages in your work is perfectly fine. The Witcher had always done that which regards to racism and classism. I don't think political sentiments in games is always a bad thing. It depends heavily on how it's executed and why. If it's just going to be a ham fisted take on Donald Trump or something then they are better off just skipping it.

  14. Alot of people are mistaking political with politicaly correct, by political they mean it somewhat like skyrim, you choose who you fight for , whether is the stormcloak rebels or the imperials, alot of factions you can choose to join/betray/destroy, NOT political correctness. It is RPG not an shooter. Most RPGs are political, you choose your factions your friends your enemies.

  15. I was worried when i read "political and social issues" since they've been criticized for being "racist" before, thought they might have bended the knee or something. That being said, i love cyberpunk because of aesthethics and setting, but i've always hated the whole anarchist vibes they try to push, yet they can be quite interesting even when i disagree.

  16. Nothing unusual from CDPR. This doesn't change my mind to buy this game when it's gets released. Only this time I will buy it from their store on GOG.

  17. you know i play games to have fun not to be preached to. i honestly am getting tired of what seems to be a push to flood ALL entertainment media with some political agenda and nowadays when a game doesnt lean towards a political message it is criticized by some games media outlets, ahem polygon, as being too safe and not containing a "message". well guess what not EVERY movie, game or other bit of entertainment has to have a morality or sociopolitical message. it is ok for a entertainment product to do nothing more than ENTERTAIN the consumer. i buy games or watch movies to have fun and escape the world . if i want a message i buy a self help book or attend a seminar. at the same time i dont mind a game or movie having a message as long as it isnt shoved down my throat or feel like it is the primary purpose and gets so preachy that it interferes with the entertainment value of the product. so as long as cyberpunk balances the message to not be overbearing it will be ok to me and i feel confident the CDPR devs will do it right. I have my own message to all the SJW'S out there including the ones at Polygon. me wanting to first be entertained before being preached to is ok and not a flaw in my character and doesnt make me a bad person.

  18. Oh you thin skinned jagaloons. Let the developers explore their themes however the fuck they want.

  19. Red Dead Redemption had political and social comentary all over it and it was amazing. It's ok for works of art to take on these issues. I just hope in Cyberpunk it has nothing to do with feminists and gay agendas. It's nice for art to portray and question our society, like Red Dead, not try to make sjw propaganda, like Wolfenstein.

  20. So.. has anyone read the Cyberpunk books to get a sense of how this game is likely to include nuance politics in its ecosystem? For instance, if the series author thinks that capitalism is to blame for massive disparities between wealthy and poor individuals is the author differentiating between "crony" capitalism (where a government sends tax payer money to favoured corporations to allow them to grow very rich in return for using their corporate power for the benefit of the government, so allowing the government to sidestep restrictions on its own power) and "free market" capitalism (where individual consumers spend their money where THEY want to spend it instead of pay it over to the government as taxes where the government then has the power over its ultimate usage)?

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