David Mabuza Swearing-In Postponed

David Mabuza Swearing-In Postponed

The Deputy President of South Africa, David
Mabuza, will not be sworn in with the rest of the members of parliament today, Wednesday
22 May 2019. According to a statement from the Office of
the President, Mabuza requested that his swearing in be postponed, pending outcomes of the integrity
committee. President Cyril Ramaphosa indicated, that
the deputy president made the request in the light of a report by the ANC Integrity Commission,
in which he is alleged to have prejudiced the integrity of the ANC, and brought the
organisation into disrepute. The statement also indicated that, in the
meantime, Mabuza has decided, nevertheless, to follow the dictates of his conscience,
and postpone his swearing in as a member of the National Assembly, out of respect for
the ANC’s institutions and processes. The ANC commended Mabuza for taking this decision,
and said that he applauds him for putting the interests of the party first. However, it was understood, that Mabuza may
not be forming part of the 6th parliament altogether, and the ANC will be replacing
him with Judy Hermans on its list of MPs. A letter, sent to ANC chief whip, Pemmy Majodina,
on Tuesday 21 May 2019, reads as follows. Just been advised by Comrade DSG, that Comrade
DP Mabuza has declined his nomination, and will not be sworn-in tomorrow. We will have the letter tomorrow morning. I am preparing the necessary nomination letter
for Comrade Judy Hermans, for Comrade SG’s signature tomorrow. Comrade Hermans will be sworn-in in the next
round. Please check in the description box below,
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