Day in the life of a law student

Day in the life of a law student

I’m Joyce. I’m from Malaysia. I’m currently in my last year
of Bachelor of Laws degree at the ANU College of Law. I live on campus; it’s close to the city, near to where all my classes are. I start my day by dragging myself
out of bed and getting dressed. If I’m not rushing for class I will take my time making
breakfast for myself. After breakfast and I rest
for maybe a half an hour, I’ll head to the gym. I usually start off with cardio, so I’ll do 20 minutes of treadmill and then I’ll go on to do
some weights, squats, sit-ups. Yeah that’s the whole
complete set but sometimes I get a bit lazy I just do treadmill
and I feel like ‘Okay, call it a day.’ I find going to gym in the morning
energises me and get me ready for my day. After going to gym, I usually head straight to class. Many of the professors here
we have at the law school are very distinguished and very renown
in their area of expertise. They are very approachable. You can just go to them
with any questions, even if the questions are really out of what is taught
in the course. They will be very happy
to explain to you, or to direct you to an answer, or try their best to answer
your questions. There’s no barrier
between teachers and students. When we discuss about issue
we can discuss it as equals. It’s as if we are peers. I find it really rewarding
and very enriching. I work part-time at a cafe
called Peppercorn. It’s just right behind the law school so it’s really convenient. I don’t work that much so it’s still doable for me to
study and work part-time. Because my boss is really nice, I could choose my timetable so that it doesn’t clash
with my classes. Working at a cafe is not entirely
closely relevant to what I study but it provides me with an
environment to deal with people, to talk to people, to service people essentially. I develop interpersonal skills
while at work. I also learn a lot of things
that I wouldn’t have learnt if it wasn’t because of my work, such as time management, and how to really multitask, and keep your customers happy, keep your food good, keep your boss happy. I procrastinate less and
work more efficiently knowing that I have
limited time now. It sort of gets me going
with work and with studies, and I feel like every day
is more well spent. I study mostly on campus. I like studying in the library. It’s really convenient. The books they’re just there
in case I need to borrow any. Everyone around you is studying
so I don’t feel alone, and I don’t feel like
I’m the only one struggling. This environment helps me
to concentrate and it’s very conducive
to studying law. Sometimes I have cravings
for Malaysian food but that’s not really a big problem because you can always drop
by any Asian groceries which are everywhere in Canberra. Your Asian cuisines, paste, all the ingredients that
you will need are all there. There are a number of
cheap Asian restaurants around offering student prices
for their food. We usually hang out
with friends in the city, especially on Friday night where
there’s late night shopping to get stuff, get dinner, to get good food. Studying overseas
is a very unique experience. You enjoy a lot being overseas and having the freedom of doing
literally anything you like. It’s very exciting just
throwing yourself into an entirely new environment. Of course at times you feel
lonely and homesick but thinking that all your friends
are feeling the same, it’s actually not too bad.

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