Debunking Lies On Trump's Child/Border Policy

Debunking Lies On Trump's Child/Border Policy

they're a bunch of lies that are being told right now and we'll go through a lot of the lies that are being told by the media in just a second but some of the lives being told or that Trump is randomly deciding to separate kids at the border he doesn't have to do that he does have to do that by operation of law the only thing the Trump administration is doing differently is they are treating everyone who is crossing the border illegally as an illegal immigrant for prosecution for purposes of prosecution and then because you're doing that the kids can't stay in custody with the parents longer than 20 days and that is operation of law once again now the media are going nuts over all of this and they are they're making a huge fuss out of all of this when they're showing up at the border and they are showing up at these at these particular at these particular border stations where the kids are being held the kids are being held separately in what are cages essentially now when they say cages it makes it sound like the you know it's like a chicken coop like it's tiny it isn't but of course technically the air cage is because its chain-link fence separating people so though the administration has tried to fight back against the cages the cages descriptor saying the kids are being treated pretty well the kids are being treated by some accounts well by some accounts not as well apparently one of the regulations on the books is that federal employees are not allowed to touch the kids for a fear of lawsuit so that means that some of the illegal immigrant children are changing the diapers and a lot of other illegal immigrant children they don't even know the conditions are not good all of this is underfunded Congress could solve all of this by the way the Congress could solve all of this today all they have to do is pass a law that says that if you come into the country illegally with your parents your parents and you get to stay together well you get stay in custody together right that would be the way that you fix this law and then it's the parents option whether they want the kids released to the custody of the HHS or released to the custody of a family member already in the United States but they get to stay with the parents otherwise when Congress can do that tomorrow and Congress should do that today or tomorrow apparently I'm hearing from the speaker's office from speaker Ryan's office that's exactly what speaker Ryan is going to pursue plus funding for expanded facilities to ensure that parents can stay together with their kids when they come across the border so all of this is in the process of getting solved I do find it somewhat suspicious that the media have decided to jump both feet on the bandwagon as though this is some sort of great human rights catastrophe brought on by the Trump administration when of course all of this started under the Obama administration or at least it was happening under the Obama administration Brandon Darby from Breitbart he had a bunch of I remember when I was working a Breitbart cell he put out all these photos hey these are all photos of a bunch of people including children who are at these detention facilities doesn't look that great right me this is from 2014 now you can see all the photos is from 2014 and it's children who are separated from males who are separated from females these facilities are overcrowded right all this was happening in 2015 there's nothing new happening here but the implication is there's something new happening here because it's Trump and that of course is not true

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29 thoughts on “Debunking Lies On Trump's Child/Border Policy

  1. Children are Always innocent and they are the victim in this.However if you are an American citizen and you robb a store or you steal food or clothes, to provide in some way for your family because you are desperate.And you try to make life a little better for them. Guess what.. you are gonna be arrested and probably go to jail. And they won't let you keep your chidren with you either.There is a lot of unfair poverty in the US and people do anything to survive.There are a lot of people in jail because they were just trying to make ends meet, they are being separated from their children aswell.

  2. Yes, spend more American tax dollars to improve holding facilities for illegal immigrants 🙄Mexico is not Afghanistan. These people should be working to improve their own country rather their ruin ours.

  3. Even if every word you said was true. It doesn't change the fact that the CURRENT administration has done NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!

  4. It started in 1997 signed by Bill Clinton.
    It's irony that Hillary Clinton attacks Trump on her Husband's policy.

  5. So grateful that the USA accepted my great grandparents, Ukranian Jews who fled the Czarist pogroms, and also thankful that the USA did not allow the marauders to run after them to the USA. Let in people who are likely to be good citizens. Vet those who are not! Rioting, throwing rocks at border control police, these are not good signs of future solid citizenship.

  6. This is wrong. There is no law that required Trump to separate families. Think about it. That's why Trump could stop doing it with an executive order.

  7. Thanks, I needed the info. I've heard from a (I'd say biased source) that alledgedly the family separation may lead in some cases to parents not being able to find their children because of a lack of proper papers. To which I'd say that if they attempt to come in the US illegally they should at least have an ID, no matter which country they come from. To ask for asylum is legal, but please at least help the people you're asking asylum from by having some papers.

  8. "If parents don't want to be separated from their children, don't bring them here illegally with you." Hussein Obama, 2011

  9. They did not separate children from their parents. That is specifically what we are critiquing and it is solely a Jeff Sessions and Trump policy. You are the only one lying.

  10. The best way to describe Donald Trump’s current policy toward families crossing the US-Mexico border is this: He just went from being much harsher than Barack Obama to trying to get the courts to let him be as harsh as Obama was.

    The executive order Trump signed yesterday opens the door to him using a tactic Obama used in 2014: the wide-scale detention of immigrant families for as long as it took to complete their immigration cases and deport them.

    Comparisons between Trump and Obama on immigration usually focus on deportations of unauthorized immigrants living in the US. Trump has been rapidly expanding enforcement, but the numbers are still comparable to Obama’s first term. (Obama holds the record for deporting more immigrants than any president, with more than 2 million deportations over eight years — though he scaled back enforcement in the last two years of his administration.)

    But the effects of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy for prosecuting illegal entry this spring — the separation of families as a matter of standard government practice for about six weeks, and now (thanks to Trump’s executive order) a coming court fight over the indefinite detention of families seeking asylum — are reminiscent, for those of us who’ve been following immigration for a while, of what the Obama administration did in 2014.

    The comparison to Obama’s policies is especially relevant now that the Trump administration is seeking to keep families in immigration detention for weeks or months. The reason that Trump can’t do that under a current judicial order is that the courts stepped in to stop Obama from doing it.

    Now Trump is trying to remove the shackles placed on his predecessor. So again, Ben Shapiro is not giving you the entire story for ideological reasons.

  11. When parents and children cross the border and tell border patrol agents they would like to apply for asylum, they often are taken into custody while their request is considered. Under the Obama administration, the families were usually released to the care of a relative or organization, or held in a family detention center. But under President Trump, the parents — usually mothers traveling without their spouses — who sneak across the border then turn themselves in are increasing being charged with the misdemeanor crime of entering the country illegally, advocates say. And since that is a criminal charge, not a civil violation of immigration codes, the children are spirited away to a youth detention center with no explanation. Sometimes, parents and children are inexplicably separated even when no charges are lodged. Activists believe the government is splitting families to send a message of deterrence: Dare to seek asylum at the border and we'll take your child.

    If the activists are right about the administration's motives, that is abhorrent behavior by the government. The complaint by the coalition asked the department's inspector general to investigate; it should do so, quickly. The practice is not only inhumane, it violates federal and international laws governing how asylum-seekers are to be treated. Governments should not criminalize the act of asking for help. Ben Shapiro ignores this.

  12. Ben is usually ok. I’m glad he seems to be getting over his Trump Derangement Syndrome. The petulant prick, Trump hating bit was really annoying and made many of us wonder if Bens conservatism was Fake.

  13. Mass illegal immigration is a mess. The mass movements of third world populations into the US is overwhelming and transforming our society into a third world shit hole. Don’t blame us, blame the invaders. We can only put so many on welfare before the system collapses.

  14. Liberals are using the illegal immigrants, a situation that's been this way for YEARS before Trump, to deflect away from them trying to frame Trump/Russia thing. And as a bonus, they get illegal immigrants to vote for them cause the black community is finally waking up.

  15. Omg really! Look whether your a repubican or democrat if you do something stupid and turn a major problem into a humanitaruan disaster you need to be called on it. by everyone this is common sense people. hes like only one thing changed. Yeah that was a big thing made a huge difference.

  16. I would say that any immigration problem we have today was here pre-Trump.
    My question would be: How big is the problem? What can we do to solve it? Should we open more ports of entry to mitigate immigration? Are there tent cities? Have there been "internment camps" at the border with months long residents?

  17. Ben Shapiro you are the truth my man. I tell anyone who doesnt like Trump to listen to these vids. Keep it up!

  18. I’m Salvadoran but live and have US citizenship and I support real news! I trust Ben to give me all the facts I need since CNN, Fox, Telemundo and Univision are full of shit!

  19. Oh wow, he stated the "lies" and said they were not true. Then flashed a picture with no date or information or details. He did not even mention catch and release. What a load poop.

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