Defense ministers of S. Korea, U.S. to meet next week in Washington

Defense ministers of S. Korea, U.S. to meet next week in Washington

the defense Chiefs of South Korea and
the US are slated to hold talks in Washington next week the meeting comes
as the allies are still pulls apart on south share of cost to host American
troops for details let’s turn to our Kim Jiyeon the fence Minister Jang gyeong
Joo will be paying an official visit to the US next week for a bilateral meeting
with this US counterpart mark asper he’ll be tongs first visit to the US
since aspera was appointed last July on the agenda will be the previous defense
cost-sharing negotiations South korea-us combined military exercises as well as
he transfer a wartime operational control from Washington to Seoul during
his six-day visit Chung will also attend events commemorating Korean War veterans
in the lead up to its 70th anniversary the two countries are previously failed
to reach a compromise on defense cost-sharing issues despite six rounds
of talks that took place since last September as the u.s. is believed to ask
Seoul for a significant increase from last year’s 870 million US dollars on
whether the two sites can come to a deal during the next round of talks on the
special measures agreement foreign minister Kang jung-ho
in a meeting held at the National Assembly said it’s too early to say
whether the negotiations are in their final stages
she also said it will become clear whether a settlement can be achieved
depending on the outcome of the upcoming talks taking a more cautious approach
from the previous stance of needing to come to an agreement by this month hong
kong’s meeting in Munich last Saturday with Mike Pompeo her US counterpart
she said they shared an understanding of the need for the two countries
delegations to meet again in order to reach a deal the u.s. is believed to ask
for Seoul’s contribution in covering costs for troops assigned to US forces
Korea on a rotational basis of nine months as well as offshore costs for the
training of US troops not limited to those on the Korean Peninsula which were
not included in last year’s SME settlement Kim Jiyeon Arirang news

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