Democratic presidential candidates can’t stop swearing

Democratic presidential candidates can’t stop swearing

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100 thoughts on “Democratic presidential candidates can’t stop swearing

  1. The truth and the fact of the matter is the Democrats are going to lose their tail in 2020.

    Their Solutions remind me of the movies Logan's Run and Soylent Green.


  2. So ridiculous, they think if they curse like normal people they won't come off like the manipulative sociopaths that they all are.

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  4. It doesn't really matter if they swear or not. The problen is that their policies are terrible. WaPo made this video to endear them to the anti-intellectuals, but the rest of us can like them and still hate their policies. I hope not one of them ever has an ounce more of power over another individual – just a bad idea.

  5. TRUMP 2020 DONE DEAL🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  6. These are the biggest bunch of idiots ever!! With no policies and nothing to bring to the table, My grandmother has a better chance to be president than any of these idiots. I don’t see anyone of these idiots in the White House they have 0 chance of beating president Trump. It will be President Trump again in 2020.
    MAGA 2020.

  7. Nothing with Tulsi? She is the best candidate they have. Im not surprised she's not playing into trumps game of sounding stupid to appeal to stupid voters.

  8. I am no prude, and I understand that everyone cusses sometimes. But it almost never adds value to public discourse. I wish that these people will not, even in language, sink to the level of the president.

  9. THE DEMOCRAT CLOWN BUS–no brains, no common sense and 100% AGAINST AMERICANS—Hope they all get what they have coming and it is not PRESIDENT!!!

  10. Pretty much priceless good work Washington Post they swear from a position of reaction, panic, hatred and desperation. Trump swears from a controlled position to get a reaction.

  11. I would like to hear one of these idiots speak Spanish. I bet the rest of them would follow suit. Like the mindless drones that they are.

  12. Hmmmm even this is omitting Andrew Yang as a candidate. Dude cusses all the time and still can’t get love from the mainstream Hahahah

  13. This group of "Dem. candidates " are really from The Far Side as far as being immature twits ..twats…with limited vocabularies …)))

  14. Wow! This video sure brought out the MAGA trolls big time! The reality is, at least 90% of the country is mad as hell at what our politicians and plutocrats have done to us! But they have cleverly pitted us against one another with that age old strategy of divide and conquer. This has depressed our wages for decades and it’s pissing all of us off. And when you’re mad, those pesky swear words just sneak out. But it doesn’t have to be like that.
    Those who claim these candidates have no policies have obviously been letting Fox do their thinking for them because they’re too lazy to check out their websites for themselves. The easiest one to learn is Yang’s UBI, (you may have to go to his website if you don’t already know that stands for). Another example… if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can go to the App Store and download the Bernie app and you’ll see more policies than Trump ever had!

    Real American believe in “United we stand, divided we fall, and if our backs should ever be against the wall, we’ll be together, one and all”! This begs the question, why do we get sucked in by centrist corporatists, or Reality Show actors, who con us into believing all our problems are “their fault”? (Take your pick as to who “they” are.) The Truth is, Trump is one of those ‘elite’ that he’s so fond of demonizing. Yup, he drained that Wall Street Swamp, right into the White House! But Biden is no better. They go to war to steal other people’s oil, and con us into believing it has something to do with defense (defense of their own profits!). Trump at least saved us from that dastardly TPP trade deal!
    I seriously doubt any responders here actually have a problem with a little colorful language… if all you want is to be entertained, Trump is your ‘reality’ President, and the USA will gradually become that third world country the Kremlin and the Vatican want it to be. But if you believe America can some day actually be great, that the American Dream can become a reality, then you need to broaden your horizons and listen to many news sources,(like playing that game of “where’s Waldo?” only instead of Waldo, look for the oligarch puppet masters behind the curtain), read uplifting books, and love yourself and others with a whole heart!

  15. This is not Republican and Democrat or left or right…THIS IS GOOD AND EVIL…and if ya cant see the evil side your a mushroom.

  16. They think they are such hot shits because they drop F bombs here and there. Trump shows he has more class then these collective losers

  17. When I think of what America has become from the incompetence of the republican party unable to uphold the Constitution, I swear at them also.

  18. Must be in the 4am memos… Poor folks "relate" to swearing….by 2024 the dems are going to be bragging about how much oxycontin they did in college and how proud they are to use their ebt cards at the grocery store….what's more cringe worthy than all 20 of these candidates spewing 1 message in unison pretending that they have ideas and beliefs of their own

  19. I love seeing the faux outrage Republicans have at this and yet they're cool with Trump banging his daughter.


  20. Nothing says "I can be trusted to run an entire country" like pretending to be hip and counterculture to get votes. If one of these pretenders was anything different than the paid actors on MSM "news" and actually talked about authentic issues, they might have a chance. These people are like mumble rappers; they have no real content and nothing to say other than what their paymasters tell them to. Such a sham.

  21. This is embarassing. They have no policies, no humanity, nothing. They just swear like edgelords to try appeal to their emotionally immature base.

    It's like when they do things like eat corndogs. Just another failed attempt to pass themselves off as humans.

  22. Okay, now I think Trump is the best option. He is the best of the worst😅😅
    Good job democrats. You could've convinced so many people, and you just blew it.
    Good luck with 4 more years of Trump!👍

  23. They're all pissed off because they know they're wasting their time but someone has to take one on the chin until '24.

  24. The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans spit on it before shoving it up your butt and Democrats throw sand on it…….either way you are going to get screwed!

  25. jokin joe will be the second one to tell ya this is a big fqn deal, but if he doesnt start gettin some more obama era respect from you guys it could get extreme. is my guess.

  26. Nothing wrong with swearing, not a thing. It is language, expression of anger or frustration, calling somebody a lair is 'disrespectful'(???) but telling he/she is saying BS is spot on. Everybody calm down, there much much more important issues than a swear word or two. Otherwise, back to your cocoons of propriety and decorum. If 'the chosen one' goes low, we'll go lower. Remember, NEW NORMAL

  27. Lol they’re such narcs. Can’t talk like the people because THEY ARE NOT THE PEOPLE THEY ARE THE RULING CLASS. EFF EM

  28. The paleface has absolutely zero sense of humor and terrible voice – even more terrible, than criminal hillary has (if it is possible )

  29. The Democrats need to point out one verifiable fact, more people are retiring over the next 10 years than are graduating from high school. Baby Boomers are retiring faster than new workers are entering the labor force. There will be a labor shortage regardless of who is president. Do not let Trump claim he made this happen!

  30. Trump trolls here…..The kind of videos TRUMPTARDS educate themselves in politics…..low IQs…look over there…its bright and shinny…..Trump knows and plays well to his goons!!! 🙂

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