Democrats Accuse Trump Campaign Of Being Criminal Racketeering Organization

Democrats Accuse Trump Campaign Of Being Criminal Racketeering Organization

I walked in, your head was buried, you were looking closely at all this. Give me your take on it.>>It’s a creative pleading. It lays out in detail a great deal of factual information. Most of which we already had, but what you need to know is that this complaint alleges that the trump organization — sorry — the trump campaign was essentially a racketeering enterprise. A pretty serious allegation.>>What do you mean by that? How did that operate, that would qualify them to be called a racketeering operation?>>Under Rico, you can bring — the government can bring a criminal Rico case, but what most people don’t know, there are civil Rico cases where you can sue if an organization is conducting racketeering activity. What is racketeering activity? It’s usually defined as at least two acts of predicate crime. So those can be extortion, bribery. In this case they’re alleging theft of trade secrets, economic espionage, but overall, all of these connections with Russia does not relieve the plaintiff ultimately of its burden to show that a conspiracy existed, and to do that you need to show there was an agreement, that all the defendants agreed to be involved in this organization, and that there was some overt act that specifically furthered the conspiracy. So while criminal defense attorneys like me complain that conspiracy is generally easy for the government to make out, in a case like this, you can’t just allege that a bunch of things happened, and, therefore, they all had some implicit agreement. Although in fairness, most

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