Democrats Demand Mueller’s Full Report and Republicans Seek Revenge | The Daily Show

Democrats Demand Mueller’s Full Report and Republicans Seek Revenge | The Daily Show

Robert Mueller. Over the weekend,
the special counsel and Resistance heartbreaker handed in his long-awaited
report on President Trump. But because it
hasn’t been made public yet, everything we know
about the report is from a four-page summary
written by William Barr. Now, William Barr
is Trump’s attorney general and a boring John Goodman. -(laughter)
-But many Democrats are saying they’re not happy
with just the tip, they want the full thing. NEWSWOMAN:
The calls are growing louder to release
the entire Mueller report. In a letter to Attorney General
Bill Barr overnight, six House committee chairs
demanding Barr release the full findings to Congress
no later than April 2. Robert Mueller–
I think he should sit before the Judiciary Committee
in the Senate, and he should go,
as well, to the House. It is absolutely imperative
that the Trump administration make that report public -as soon as possible.
-(cheering) -Hey, Bernie. Loving the hat.
-(laughter) This is really
interesting, right? Trump gets accused of colluding,
but now Robert Mueller has to spend the rest
of his life in hearings. I feel like this always happens
with Donald Trump. You know? Everything goes in his favor
in a weird way. Like, Mueller investigates him,
Trump gets off, and now Mueller has
a lifetime of testifying. Stormy Daniels sues him but ends up having
to pay Trump money. I feel like if Melania
ever divorces Trump, somehow she’ll have
to pay alimony. Be like, “Every month
I must pay hundred hamburgers. -(laughter)
-This is not best.” Now, I can understand why the Democrats want
the entire report made public. All right?
Because the attorney general who summarized Mueller’s report
is Trump’s guy. Like, they don’t just want
to take his word for what the report says.
It makes sense, right? It’s like asking
Michael Jackson’s lawyers to recap the documentary.
They’d probably be like, “Uh, it was mostly about
how much he loved his fans. Uh, a lot. Yeah, that’s it.” So for the Democrats
this is just the beginning. But as far as Trump
is concerned, this ends the saddest chapter
in American history. NEWSWOMAN:
When asked by a reporter if Mueller acted honorably,
Mr. Trump responding, “Yes,” even while blasting
the investigation itself. It was a false narrative. It was… it was
a terrible thing. Uh… we can never let this happen
to another president again. (like Trump): Which is
why I won’t allow America to have another president
ever again, folks. -(laughter)
-I can’t allow it. -(applause, whooping)
-No more. No more. By the way,
have you ever noticed that Trump is terrible
at comforting victims unless it’s him? Yeah? ‘Cause you never hear this level
of compassion from Trump about, like, Puerto Rico. Yeah? When that happens, he’s like,
“Here’s one paper towel. Go long!” But here, and when it’s him,
he’s, like, “The Mueller investigation
was a terrible thing. We’re gonna do everything we can
to get me back on my feet.” (laughter) Oh, and, uh, over at Trump TV, they will agree that this was
a terrible, terrible thing, and they want revenge. You’d like to believe
the people who did this will be held accountable. They hurt our country.
They poisoned our public’s fear. They distorted
our foreign policy. They completely terrified
the population. They should be punished. We’re going to expose
the ringleaders of defamation, the purveyors
of political smears, all of whom
have proven themselves to be untrustworthy and,
frankly, deeply unpatriotic for letting their fanatical
hatred of this president override what is best
for the American people. My promise to this country
from this night forward is we will hold every liar,
every propagandist, every conspiracy theorist
accountable. This will likely take us months
and maybe longer. Whoa, whoa. Sean Hannity,
pump the brakes. If you got rid of all
the conspiracy theorists, propagandists and liars, Fox News would just be
a bunch of empty couches and a sexual harassment
settlement. Slow down, buddy, slow down. (cheers and applause) And look, and look, I’m not saying
nobody on the left got the collusion thing wrong,
but these people, these people don’t get
to say shit about conspiracy theories
and political lies. These people– No. Just no. I mean… I mean, Laura Ingraham’s website
suggested for years that the Clintons have been
murdering people. Tucker Carlson pushed the lie
about Obamacare death panels, and Sean Hannity is the worst
of them all. He speculated repeatedly
that a DNC staffer was assassinated as part
of a Democratic cover-up. In fact, that man’s family had
to beg Sean Hannity to stop. So forget glass houses, these
people are in a glass mansion with a stone-powered AR-15. And this kind of hypocrisy isn’t
just coming from Fox News. No. It’s also coming
from inside the White House. TV REPORTER:
President Trump’s 2020 campaign now going so far as to send
this memo to TV producers listing discredited guests,
all Democrats, who pushed “outlandish,
false collusion accusations.” Now they’re making the case, um,
through both the president and the White House, that those
Democrats should not be on TV. I think Democrats
and the liberal media should be absolutely embarrassed by their behavior
over the last two years. It’s not just that they reported
and spread a slanderous, malicious lie, but they hoped
for the takedown of the president
of the United States. Yeah. These Democrats
should be ashamed. They used this investigation to
try and take down the president. If you want to take down
a president, you do it the right way, by claiming he was born
in Kenya. This is disgusting. And it’s not just Fox News
and top officials looking to punish people who said
Trump colluded with Russia. No. No, this thirst
for vengeance goes all the way to the top. TV REPORTER: The president
expressed vindication and vindictiveness against
those who investigated him. Uh, there are a lot
of people out there that have done some very, very
evil things, very bad things, I would say treasonous things,
uh, against our country. Those people will certainly
be looked at. Wow. This is treasonous? And those people
will certainly be looked at? Aka, we’re gonna
come after them? Phew. This president’s not
playing games. This is-this is why I feel
like Trump is lucky that he talks like a toddler,
all right? No, no, no, because it makes
his threats easier to dismiss, you know,
’cause of how he speaks. (mimics Trump): “Bad people,
so bad, gonna smash them.” (normal voice):
And then everyone is, like, “Aw, someone’s cranky.” But you realize
if he spoke like an adult, like a Lannister, right? And he held a glass of wine
in his hand. I bet a lot more people
would be afraid if he came out and he was like, “I consider
these actions treasonous. “And mark my words, these people
will be looked at… bigly.”

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100 thoughts on “Democrats Demand Mueller’s Full Report and Republicans Seek Revenge | The Daily Show

  1. Republicans like these are psychopaths 🙄

    They didn’t spread conspiracy theories!! They reported on a real and needed investigation. Just goes to show that people only accuse others of what they are guilty of.

  2. No one on the left got the collusion or obstruction of justice wrong. We’ve already seen the proof of this. Remember Nixon, Bush 1&2, and Reagan all broke the law yet none were charged. It’s just another republican cover up!

  3. Seems odd to me that Trevor Noah seems to be so trusting of Barr and his summary of Mueller's report. Have we forgotten that Barr is trump's appointee and was chosen because he wrote a lengthy memo claiming that a President cannot be convicted of obstruction of justice? As of today, 3/31/19, neither the public nor Congress knows what Mueller's report actually says. If this is a "win" for trump, it may only be because he successfully appointed Barr as AG. Also, even if there is not enough evidence to convict trump on charges of collusion or conviction, that doesn't mean it didn't happen or wasn't true. It just means Mueller doesn't believe he had enough evidence to indict. AND, it not entirely impossible that Barr didn't shut down Mueller's investigation prematurely; in fact, there are a couple of clues that he may have done exactly that. Mueller requested and got a 6-month extension for the Grand Jury three weeks before Barr took over. The Grand Jury continues its work but with a new group of prosecutors named by Barr, who removed Mueller's team from that case. There is more to all this than meets the eye at the moment, and I do not trust Barr to do the right thing at all.

  4. "treasonous things against our country"
    Does Trump now equate himself with the United States of America? He considers anyone investigating him as treasonous, and because absolutist rulers love the phrase "L'état c'est moi!", ergo he pulls out the old "anti-patriotism" punch card.

  5. Outlandish, false, and misleading accusations?! If the bitch made ass president wasn't colluding while in office during those secret meetings with Putin, he was sucking Putin off. Your president is either a traitor or in the closet getting raped by a DICtator.

  6. Trevor can joke about this, but it is scary to have a President talk like this. And now his son is talking about running one day, coz his father probebly will lose in 2020 and this family has tasted real power, very toxicating for these ppl.

  7. Really, threatening people like Putin does? What, is he going to have a hit list, too? Sounds like a tug talking.

  8. It will show they were contacted by russians because they had dirt to offer. They supposedly rejected the info but never reported it to fbi. That could be obstruction of justice. But the ugly truth that will come out is what dirt did they have to offer remeber the russians had just hacked the Dnc.

  9. I want the full report on Kennedy's death also.How long do you think I will have to wait? He was shot when I was six I'm now sixty two.I think I've been waiting long enough.

  10. Seems to me it was "treasonous" to meet with Russians thinking that you were going to get bad information on Hillary during the campaign!

  11. I just cannot, for the life of me, understand how a whole network "FOX" can support a fucking idiot like Trump?? I just don't get it. Do they see and hear the same shit normal people hear and see or do they hear and see through some kind of fucking filter? This shit is crazy as hell.!!!

  12. He showed the world he was in bed with Putin, his son met with the Russian to get dirt on Hillary, a mountain of evidence, if he wasn't the son of satan, he would be in prison !!

  13. All fox fiction news needs to be taken out back and done like they did to people in the old days as Trump said.

  14. Sarah Sanders we are still waiting and hoping and praying for the take down of this president and the entire administration and that well includes you

  15. Trump needs to release his birth certificate to prove once and for all that he wasn't born in Russia and that Putin isn't his daddy!

  16. Trump: There are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, very bad things, I would say treasonous things against our country. Those people will certainly be looked at. I'm surprised they aren't already working for me. They'll be sent job applications.

  17. USA, you are the first world's asshole. I would be ashamed to be american. fuck your two-party political system and everything you stand for. Fuck u. One thousand times, fuck u. You're the most embarrassing country in the world.

  18. Oh please. Here we go. The moral high ground leftist argument is "Yes, ok, we acted like a bunch of d**ks for the last two years but so do the other guys – and they're worse!"

    Sorry, that doesn't excuse the fact that you did too. I'm not American but it is so patently obvious that the vast majority of them are totally disillusioned, because clearly ALL the politicians and ALL the media (including you Trevor) across the spectrum are ALL crooked, biased, scumbags and no-one can be trusted to provide true and unbiased information. It's just all so sad, watching the world's great nations going to hell in a handbasket due to crooked politicians and media.

  19. 3:27 That's funny, you could hear that from a different perspective just drop the IR from the 3rd word and you have this: "for letting the fanatical hatred of this president override what is best for the American people." We're allowing this president's hatred override……..I didn't hear "their," I heard "the" until about the 3rd or 4th time I listened to it. Just sayin'………

  20. if all liers werent allowed on tv anymore we would have to take piers morgan out behind the shed and shoot him.

  21. I have to laugh at the bitterness of the media…notice the female reporter referred to President Trump as Mr Trump… but they still call Clinton secretary Clinton…and Obama President Obama. Hark at yourselves…. including you mysogonist Trevor Noah… yeah I heard your comedy routines Bruhh…

  22. Ha, ha, ha. The Fox news "people" thinks they describe bad democrats, which is strange, as it describe them and what they done. To the letter.
    And white house and Sanders doesn't know the constitution, obviously…

    I laugh, as being sad and crying will not change a thing.

  23. We can never have another dictator like tRump ever again!!! The investigation was started because there was just cause because of your treasonous behavior and you are NOT exonerated from obstruction of justice. New York is still investigating you for lyiing to the bank about how much you own then lying again to avoid paying taxes!!!! You are a hitler want to be and have been a climate change denier, made money off of being president, you have desecrated (look it up) democracy, killed two Mexican children at the border, racist, adulterous behavior, sexually assault women, and the list goes on. If I did my job as poorly as you I would be, as you say, “YOUR FIRED!!!!” Of all the humans on this planet with horrible diseases how are you still alive. Oh, yeah its because you are a sub-human, single cell parasite!!!

  24. I am tired of these freaking politicians, Stop the bull shit already and get to work for the
    People of the United States. No crisis at the boarder, freakin liars, 176,000 illegal detainee's
    coming across the boarder in the last 2 mos. that are over burdening our boarder patrol system.
    Stop harassing the President, that's all your good for these days.

  25. If you ask me this entire government saga should be on VH1…".Real Governments of America?"

  26. So republicans can try to arrest Hillary for her horrible scandal but we can’t demand to see a report? SMH 🤦‍♂️

  27. You democrats should be embarrassed, but you are so narcissistic, you feel no shame for your behavior. Dangerous racist democrats all suffering from Dunning Kruger effect. Keep the conspiracy and hate flowing democrats. You are locking up another win for the actual Americans. Fools lmao.

  28. Trump and Fox News looks like a group of pre-school toddlers having terrible tantrums because they didn't! get want they want!

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  30. ufa I have a feeling the Muller report was paid for. (ufa means oof- lol A saying from Monterey, Mexico).

  31. Trump is such a tough bully, that he enjoys picking fights with dead people, like John McCain and Barbara Bush. He would'nt have tried this while they were still alive, for fear of getting a couple of black eyes from John McCain. And good old, Barbara Bush would've made Trump, swallow those false teeth of his, in no time. Then she would finish him off, with one gnarly, swift kick to the balls! All while wearing a pair of, big-old, steel-toed boots!

  32. Its one thing to have a misguded progressive liberal American taking shots at the President…its another to have a South African talking smack about our leader who doesnt even have a dog in the fight…get that crap out of here….surprised he isnt using some click language on the show.

  33. It is amazing that Sean Hannity is able to climb out of Trump's ass every night to do his show and not still be covered in orange feces

  34. I wonder if Fox News knows there is an over the counter medication , that could kill that big collective bug they have up their asses . ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  35. What would Democrats do with the "Full Report?" They DON'T read, and, even if it was read to them, they DON'T listen. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make a Democrat think.

  36. sorry trump i made a joke a bombe was on the street. ment a hot lady :.(
    you most not fail you trump build op 😉

  37. Rupert Murdoch (FOX) is a criminal. He and his sons fled UK when they were about to be BANNED for State Propaganda and LIES to the consumers.Murdoch used State Propaganda Media for Dictators of small countries full of lies and controversy. Similar to what they are doing for TRUMP. Before the BAN Murdoch and his sons FLED the country. They came to America and Reagan gave Murdoch citizenship within 1 year. Whether Murdoch gave a big donation to his campaign I do not know for sure, but I would assume same. We need to do the same to Fox and ban this State Propaganda Media from the U.S. We used to have the Smith Mundt Act of 1948 to protect consumers. It was amended in 2012 by Murdoch's attorneys. This is when he got permission to start State Propaganda again. Prior to this they had to announce they were an Entertainment Media and they may not tell the truth before, during and after each news show. After the Act was amended they did not have to do this anymore and we all see the results. He is in full force State Propaganda mode now for Trump. This must stop as we see the damage it has caused to our country. Either we reinstate the Act or create a new act to protect consumers and citizens from this State Propaganda. The original act was put in through by the State Department. I hope Congress will do something about this horrible State Propaganda Television on FOX.

  38. Keep crying pussies.why is it the same people who didnt want Clinton's report released want trumps released.pretty hypocritical folks.par for the course for you scumbags

  39. trevor, as white as you wish you are, youre clearly part black fuckass. youre also rich dipshit. democrats burned and raped your ancestors. fuck you and fuck your show you hypocritical bigot fuck. someone needs to beat your don lemon dick sucking ass

  40. I agreed with Republicans that we needed to wait for the Mueller report to come out before chastising Trump. But now its like their logic turned to insanity. I'd liken the Republican coverage "post-Mueller report release" to this Hypothetical scenario.

    Scenario: Person A tells Person B that he is going to try and sexually assault Person C in the other room. So, Person B stops Person A from going into said room. Thus preventing Person A from sexually assaulting person C because it's clearly wrong, immoral, illegal, etc.

    Republican interpretation of this scenario: Person A is totally innocent and exonerated of any wrong doing whatsoever. In fact, he is a victim of insidious hatred and bullying and deserves a national apology from people saying he tried sexually assaulting Person C.

  41. The legal punishment for treason here in the U.S. is the death penalty, specifically carried out by *hanging*!
    That is barbaric & to accuse someone of treason, knowing the consequences of that sentence & / or with little evidence & reason to substantiate the claim, is cruel to the point of being *immoral*!

  42. Trump hanity Ingram and Carlson. The four horsemen of the apocalypse. Shep, napolatano and Wallace are way too good to be working on that network man.

  43. Stop!  Encourage aggressive democrats with your comments. I found it totally irresponsible. Again, He was found NOT GUILTY.   Why you don't talk about Omar and Ocasio Cortez?  Two that are getting away being racists, being prejudice and still at Congress.

  44. Got to love it when people who regularly push conspiracy theories, and who support a president that loves conspiracy theories that help him (and whose chief strategist both pushes conspiracy theories and owns a "news" outlet that pushes conspiracy theories), say that anyone pushing conspiracy theories and lies should be gone after. We should strike while the irony's hot!

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