Democrats, Republicans again at odds over guns after Odessa

Democrats, Republicans again at odds over guns after Odessa

-For the most part, as strong as
you make your background checks, they would not have
stopped any of it. So, it’s a big problem. It’s a mental problem. It’s a big problem. -We’re averaging about
300 mass shootings a year. No other country comes close. So, yes, this is [bleep] up. Rabbi Latz came up
on my Twitter feed, and he said,
“Profanity is not the f-bomb. What is profane is
a 17-month-old baby being shot in the face.” What is profane is losing
the life of a high-school student
in that shooting yesterday. He will not be returning
to school tomorrow. What is profane is 40,000 gun-
violence deaths in this country. -The biggest lies that
the President has told include that he would do something about
universal background checks. He said that twice,
after Parkland and then after
El Paso and Dayton, and he’s gone back
on his word. -Should we consider
these shootings a homeland-security threat? -They absolutely are
a homeland-security threat. In our counterterrorism
strategy and approach, domestic terrorism has taken
a frontline focus for us. -The President is
very interested. I remain very interested in measures that would
make it harder for people who shouldn’t have guns
to get guns, and, you know, we’re gonna take
a very serious run at it. -Is gun-reform legislation
doable this month when you all come back
to work here in Washington? -I’m hopeful. I believe in all the amendments,
including the Second. I don’t want to take weapons
away from — -Even weapons of war? -Well, everybody has
their definition of things, but what we ought to look at — why don’t we look at the people
that have the problems and look at taking all
their weapons away from them? -And why not do both? -Yeah, I want to do the things
I think work. I think the red-flag laws work. I think in school situation,
we put in mental-health counselors
and law enforcement. After the Pulse, I added
more counterterrorism experts. So, what I’ve done is, what actually would solve
that problem, and that’s how I think we ought
to all do it in Congress. -So, just to put a button on it,
an assault-weapons ban is a nonstarter
in this current Congress? -No, I’m focused on the people
that have problems.

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91 thoughts on “Democrats, Republicans again at odds over guns after Odessa

  1. What's F*CKED UP, is that we already have background checks, carry laws, gun-free zones, a ban on automatic rifles, etc., etc, yadda yadda yadda. Criminals DON'T follow the law, that's what makes them criminals. I'm SO sick of the posturing, whining, and hypocrisy of the far left. Not a word said about the 10 kids shot after a football game in AL by a black male, but of the shooter in Texas, they must have said "WHITE male, in his 30s" at least two dozen times. I guess the term "black male" didn't fit their narrative of how the world is being overrun by white supremacists, and their attack-trained "weapons of war". Please, just give us the facts, and let we, the people decide.

  2. Republicans on their return will delay, dilute and deny legislation.Dems will agree to anything to get something. We the people will get nothing. So here is the agenda America needs. Protect our elections NOW. Paper ballots, early voting, send a post card to all registered voters removed from rolls. Additional voter locations and secure vote transfers to count location. hiring paid counters. The funding to do all this. We deserve honest elections. Next confirmation of Trump cabinet. If possible. Than gun control , immigration and the rest. just dreaming.

  3. It's time that we the people saw what the political parties have too offer. Make them show us the legislation as written before they vote. WHY? So we know who REPRESENTS US IS. NEW NAFTA, TRADE AGREEMENTS, IMMIGRATION, HEALTHCARE, ALL OF IT. THAN WE THE PEOPLE CAN ADVISE THEM ON WHAT WE WANT. NO MORE LIES.

  4. Yea, sell'em weapons of multiple destruction. Yea twit, everyone needs an assault weapons. I mean, how can go out hunt dinner? Chickens are dangerous and require a lot of fire power to bring em down, don't cha know?

  5. "Gone back on his word" what word, don't you people know what you're dealing with? You may dispense with the pleasantries commander. I'm here to put you back on track, with my VOTE!

  6. I will turn my guns in just as long as the Left and ALL of THEIR security teams turn their guns in. Also, they must GUARANTEE that myself, my family and anyone I could help NEVER be a victim to a crime that I could've prevented if I were armed. If the Left will agree to this and guarantee this with 100% certainty, I'll turn in my guns. HOWEVER…..
    if anything happens to me, my family or anyone I know after I disarm myself, the Left who are pushing for greater gun control will need to be held accountable. Theyll need to watch someone in their own family victimized just as I had to, without being able to help them since I was unarmed. If the Left agree to this, I'll turn in my gun's. If they wont agree to this, theres no way I'm turning them in.
    Again, the Left need to turn in all their guns. Their security teams need to turn theirs in. And they need to guarantee my safety, along with the safety of my family and anyone I could've helped should some sick prick harm them.

  7. Democrats want to disarm the public like in Hong Kong. Once the National Socialist Democrats get in power and ban guns our nation is doomed.

  8. O’Rourke’s words describe to a T the exasperation that many of us feel right now. Those who feign offense are hypocrites of the highest order. They are the same ones who have made it easy for every nut out there to have a gun.

  9. There should be no law or policy that countermands the constitution.
    Your death, your children's death isn't sufficient cause to steal rights.

  10. By the way every mass shooting has been caused by the left.
    It doesn't matter whether a right winger did it the left provided the desperate insanity.

  11. America is the #1 weapons manufacturer.
    It's not getting rid of guns that will be your problem, it will be taking the food off of the table of the actual gun makers, you know, regular Americans with jobs, that are going to be your real problem.
    That and I'll teach everyone how to make bombs and hand them a list of anti gun advocates.

  12. …. Assault weapons are already banned, military weapons aren't sold to the public so I don't know what this reporter is smoking, and to be fair we can't say how many mass shootings happen per year because the term it self isn't even legally defined as to what constitutes or what makes a mass shootings. In 2015 there was different outlets that had their numbers ranging from 7 all the way pasts 300, think about that starting @7 and working its way past 300, when different outlets have massive differences on results that's the sign of a massive issue, occurs the news will go with which one is worst for their reports but that doesn't change the fact that there isn't a legal def for what is or what constitutes a mass shooting even if you have an opinion of what it is.

  13. It is the Democrats that are still doing these shootings and killings it is a Democrats that are doing it to make America and the president and the Republicans look bad wake up people walk away from the Democrat Party it is their party that is killing these innocent people

  14. Castro and Beto are sooo shameful, Homeland security threat? It's trumps fault? ….. They blame trump to promote themselves….. Want to band open carry ….soooo now these cowards know they have more places they can shoot up because no one is allow to carry , less chance to be shot at. Beto and Castro…. Blame trump ….. El Paso is betos home town ? But it's trumps fault. … Castro ….. San Antonio which I'm not proud of him being anything from here, but it's trumps fault…… escape goat? Storm hurricane is trumps fault…… Their car broke down trumps fault …. , Ppl just got shot and are dead in El paso…..the first thing they do and say is …it's trumps fault….. , Now, again… Ppl haven't even had time to mourn or leave flowers , pray….. Beto and Castro and on TV blasting Trump…… What a real political figure…. To bash someone first …before showing up to show support for wounded, deceased, tend to them, investigate what Happened….. No….none of that….just trump bashing….. I'm not a trump supporter …but aren't you tried of this already? Right or left playing all these games…. While ppl are dying ? Hurting ? Going into the poor house, living advance paycheck to advancement of a pay check ? Maxed credit just to get by but …they are ok,. Gov officials, blaming each other , they are well taken care of….by us tax payers………not doing a damn thing to help us, just show up when it's convenient, talk the talk and never walk the walk….. But we pay them ….we (not me) elected them in office, mayor, Congress whatever , they do nothing…..for us and yet here we all are ….. Hearing arguments, blame games, finger pointing, wondering when it's gonna stop so we can finally get help ….. But nothing….same thing year in year out ….. They get rich …we get keep paying taxes and they raise them…. No matter whos in office we keep paying it … While they do nothing…..

  15. They want to take away your guns open the borders and then you won’t be able to defend yourself against these invaders the left wants total control over you like Hong Kong those people wish they had the 2nd amendment

  16. Hilarious, you know what it takes to ban guns in the US? Know what it takes to pass a certain gun ban?…Never will happen, we have a Constitutional right to bear arms…good luck getting 36 states to change the 2nd Amendment…LOL

  17. U.S constitution 2nd amendment a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Period read the U.S constitution public servants you all take an oath to uphold the U.S constitution from all enemies foriegn and domestic. Learn it love it live it

  18. 90% of the country wants a national gun registry. 70% of this country want semi auto rifles banned as they used to be. The only thing stopping the country from getting these sensible laws are the bought politicians in the senate. Things need to change. Five year olds should not have to practise for mass shooting drills. These NRA bullshit posts on this thread are fooling no one.

  19. Eric holder justice department and atf Obama administration giving weapons to drug cartels in Mexico the fast and furious program disarm the justice department and atf

  20. After escaping from prison el chapo was caught with a 50cal rifle from the fast and furious program agent Brian Terry was murdered by a weapon from the fast and furious program disarm the justice department and atf

  21. In the last 100 years, there have been three political groups that have advocated for stricter gun control.
    Communists, Nazis and Democrats

  22. Nothing to be at odds about: someone commits a mass shooting– hold their family accountable. One way … or another. Simple.

  23. AOC blocked a Republican gun control bill. She wants immigrants to be able to buy guns. Ghost guns coming over the border is getting bigger all the time. Only a few know how to make guns, but it's growing. Law enforcement was warned a couple of times about people and did nothing. I still haven't heard anything about trying to curb bullying in schools. I'd like to see what you come up with just to see if Alexandria will block it.

  24. It could have been worse. We could have had 100 people shot and killed…that is trump's reasoning to avoid taking a stand.
    58 killed in las vegas…trump and congress did nothing. Obama's bill and democrats bill killed. NRA not facing consequences. How is that keeping america great?

  25. The sooner the weird little bug men try to take the guns, the sooner there will be no more weird little bug men to try to take the guns.

  26. HERE IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG… (ACTUALLY THE SMELLY TURDCICLE WE CALL THE SWAMP!) . HERE ARE THEIR NAMES. NEXT COME THEIR DOX!!! >Bryan Paarmann, Loretta Lynch, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe , Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Sally Yates, Bruce Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, John Podesta, Sidney Blumenthal, Cheryl Mills, Robby Mook, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Ben Rhodes, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jonathan Moffa, Alexander Downer, Stefan Halper, Joseph Mifsud, Sergei Millian, Terry McAuliffe, Jonathan Winer, Jake Sullivan, Heather Samuelson, Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Cody Shearer, John P Carlin, Mary McCord, Lisa Monaco, Denis McDonough, Michael Kortan, David Laufman, Jim Rybicki, Bill Priestap, Peter Kadzik, Rachel Brand, Matthew Axelrod, Mary Jacoby, Preet Bharara, Richard Dearlove, Josh Campbell, Jennifer Palmieri, Sir Andrew Wood, Robert Hannigan, Alexandra Chalupa, Michael Sussman, Dimitry Alperovich, Perkins Coie, Marc Elias

  27. If you take away guns the innocent are the only one's who will suffer for a CRIMINAL will be the only one who will have access to them…………

  28. Democrats and Republicans are at odds on everything they don't want to change that requires propaganda on the public. By arguing forever, the public is fooled, and whatever the scam is continues. In this case, the security industrial complex needs shootings to keep making billions of dollars.

  29. No fear of the Police no Fear of the Judicial System, these miscreats will continue their ways but of course this could be part of the bigger plan to take the guns, water down the sentencing and Criminals go wild

  30. When Obama was a president no one said a word but now tht Trump is the president all of a sudden shooting n ppl dead became a thing!!!! Hipócrates!!! Liberals…

  31. At this point, there is not a single Democrat that I would consider voting for. Even if you dislike Trump, the only thing worse would be anyone from the Democratic Party's current ship of fools.

  32. It's not the guns, it's big pharma mind drugs, porn and muslims. We were never like this until these 3 things were brought for the experiment. Time to stop them now and fix this nation. Big pharma did this. Porn did this. Media did this. Hollywood did this.

  33. one foreignness terrorist attack 15 years ago killed 2000 people in one location vs 300 terror attacks every year in every major city

  34. big mental problem crippling an entire country that supports the tiny minority that profits off making and selling weapons to the masses …

    those masses may have to suffer much more before they awake out of their big mental problem and dare making the good choice …

  35. Question remains the same, just how stupid, selfish and cruel are we? GunsKillEndOfArgument. This country is years behind most of rest of the world. Its now a strip mall junk food gun obcessed cheap consumer's la la land. The United States of Swaggering Goons. When I retire it will not be in the backward bought out United States of Swaggering Goons. END THE NAZI/REPUBLICAN PARTY PERMANENTLY NOW AND FOREVER ONCE AND FOR ALL TO THE END OF TIME.

  36. seems a bit ridiculous to try and pawn betos lectures lessons marketing emotions and persuasion fails, when the issues are known and the context is readily considered and the circumstances are predictable, etc. basically we have polluted and delusional democrats again for the thousandth time since their rigged election loss, another one of their traditional fails against democracy, trying to leverage language in conjunction with the laws which if we examine the democrat legislative leaderships political history is grounded in corruption control and anti constitutional calculations. see theres no weeping about fox news, or crying about the imaginary russian nazis, or trying to demonize the nra, or even the scared pozer patriot inbred infowars trash, which can does or will make up for that condition of security respected and ensured.

  37. A real BIG problem is when republican state rep matt schaefer posts he will not diminish the "god given" rights of his fellow texans to bear arms. "I am not going to use the evil acts of a handful of people to diminish the God given rights of my fellow Texans.period." mmm…except matt, the right is far from "God given". it's man made and…flawed.

  38. An assault riffle ban is a starter lol gtfoh….I own high capacity sporterized riffles/armalite riffle but no assault riffles…I picked up a assault rock as a kid and threw it at some one but they didn't ban those……and it is super easy to get a firearm on the street if you know some people, but I choose to get them legally,and be responsible about my firearms,they stay in the safe…

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