Democrats Target People of Faith | Dobson Policy Center

Democrats Target People of Faith | Dobson Policy Center

-[James Gottry] Should government officials
be empowered to strip tax-exempt status
from non-profit organizations simply because they don’t like the views expressed by those groups? I’m James Gottry, Vice
President of Public Policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute. 501(c)(3) tax exemptions
are provided for entities that operate for religious, charitable, or education purposes, or fit
other designated criteria. This tax-exempt status
has never been based on the views of particular organizations, but rather on the type of work they do. But some House Democrats
are hoping to change this commonsense rule
and take away tax breaks for nonprofits that hold
so-called hateful views. What groups are they targeting? Well, they include the pro-life American College of Pediatricians, the pro-marriage Ruth Institute, and even groups like the
Family Research Council, which was co-founded by Dr. James Dobson. And you might ask, “Why are these groups designated as hate groups?” Well, it seems that
certain House Democrats are putting their trust in the
Southern Poverty Law Center, a widely discredited,
far-left advocacy group that by its own admission
aims to destroy its enemies. The SPLC has designated
hundreds of nonprofits as hate groups, including
my previous employer, Alliance Defending Freedom,
one of the most respected Supreme Court advocates in the country. All these groups that I
mentioned earned the label of hate group because of the
views that they hold on issues, including human sexuality and marriage. Here’s the bottom line. Our government should never punish peaceful nonprofit groups
because of their views. Such hostility is a clear
violation of the First Amendment. As Americans, we deserve better and these representatives
need to do better. So please share this video
and remind your friends that tolerance is a two-way street. Thank you for following
us on social media. I’m James Gottry, and that’s
today’s policy update.

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