Devin Nunes Caught LYING In Latest Frivolous Lawsuit

Devin Nunes Caught LYING In Latest Frivolous Lawsuit

Last year, a group called southern California
Americans for Democratic Action filed a request to a school district out in California asking
for emails from a specific teacher because they were looking for information that could
possibly be used in a conflict of interest case. The school district complied, took them a
very long time. They had to spend a lot of money, but they
got this group, the emails, and these emails were then made public. Obviously this was a public records request
and they found what they were looking for. They found that this particular teacher was
a, you know, kind of working out a deal for a winery that her and her husband was going
to open. Oh, and by the way, ah did I mentioned that
our husband is Devin Nunez, Republican representative from the state of California. Well, after these emails were made public
by a group called campaign for accountability, they cited some of these emails and some of
their work, Devin Nunez grew furious, any filed a law suit because this group clearly
had doxed his wife and not just his wife, but everybody else working at that school. And according to Nunez in his lawsuit, those
teachers were then all harassed school had to spend thousands of dollars on added security. It was just a hell scape at this school. We’re Devin Nunez, his wife works while she
was also working out deals for her winery. Well, it turns out according to new reports,
none of that ever happened. Yes, the groups did get that information and
yes, they did cite it and some of their work, but all of the harassment and the abuse and
the added security at that school, according to the school district itself, according to
the teachers at that school, none of it ever happened and Devin Nunez is lying. Now that doesn’t come as a surprise whatsoever. Nunez did eventually drop that particular
lawsuit, but he’s now suing in the state of Virginia, a couple of different groups over
the same issue because allegedly they docs to his wife and then then that was the harassment
and all of that for not just his wife, but all the other teachers at the school. And of course, again, everyone involved has
already said, dude, this never happened. Devin, you noticed didn’t happen. You are the king of frivolous lawsuits and
let’s keep in mind that’s a statement being made while Donald Trump is the president of
the United States because Devin Nunez still has his lawsuit going against Twitter. The is going against the Twitter accounts,
making fun of him, claiming they’ve defamed him by being Devin Nunez cow. Devin Nunez is great at playing the victim,
but that’s all he has folks. This man has no ideas on actually how to govern. He has no ideas on how to, you know, make
America great. He just wants to be the center of attention. And if it means having to play the whiny little
victim, then he’s 100% going to do that. And that’s what he’s doing here. This second lawsuit that Nunez is filed is
more than likely going to be thrown out or Nunez is going to drop the lawsuit altogether
because he knows now that we know that he’s lying about this, he’s going to cost these
groups tons of money, which is likely the plan. You know, maybe try to bleed them dry, even
though I know this is a frivolous lawsuit. And then I walk away the champ because I may
not have won the court case, but I’ve taken a lot of their money away. This is actually a common tactic, uh, for
corporations to do to climate scientists. Something they began several years ago. They knew they couldn’t beat him with science,
so then he started decided to start suing them to just drain them of their time and
resources. And that’s likely what Nunez is doing here. But if that is the case and he has filed a
lawsuit based on false pretenses, he better be careful because much like with some of
those climate scientists that got sued, these groups could turn around and sue Devin Nunez
for the damage that he’s caused them. And then he could be out a ton of money. And that is the most likely scenario out of
all of this.

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100 thoughts on “Devin Nunes Caught LYING In Latest Frivolous Lawsuit

  1. How is Nunes still in a government position? This lying Trump minion should have been washed away. CA make sense by voting his ass out of office. Period!

  2. But as everything else nothing will ever happen to any GOP seeing that the American Justice department is useless 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Right wingers whining and crying publicly again..? I'm shocked…. 😑
    Republicans continue to prove to be the dumbest of the dumb.

  4. Thumbs up and an additional comment to beat the algorithm. Thanks for the report! 👍
    And thanks to all the no-life right wingers, spending all their free time in the comment section of left leaning news sources; you're helping the cause!

  5. These folks are so fuq'ng corrupt it's not funny!! Sad that they get away with this crap, but take every opportunity they can to screw over those without means every chance they get!!

  6. I'm not into Twitter, so can anyone tell if the account "Devin Nunes' lawyer" already exists? If not, it would be a nice addition to the collection…

  7. Look, to be fair to nunes, he is only following Trump’s advice for fending off accusations, though trump originally intended the strategy for accusations of pedophilia and sexual assault, which is “deny deny deny and then counterattack” or words to that effect. Nunes has been heard shouting at people on a busy street and in chicken restaurants: “that is not my cow”. Nunes is only obeying orders and nothing bad has ever happened when people were just obeying orders.

  8. Here is a link to Devin Nunes YouTube propaganda channel if anyone wants to discuss his cow with him directly:

  9. I'm sorry, no one else can be the king of frivolous lawsuits so long as Trump is still alive. DJT has probably been filing them since before Nunes was born.

  10. In Canada if a person is proven to file fake lawsuits, they can literally be banned from filing lawsuits and labeled as a “vexatious litigant”….. maybe this should be a thing in the states if it doesn’t already exist

  11. How to Commit Crime in 21st Century IC

    Now, it is public knowledge that the
    NSA, the FBI & the CIA collect & have been collecting for decades, everything they can about everyone in the world, including citizens of our US but nobody is supposed to look at the collected data without special authority. This is a 'generally speaking' statement.

    Imagine you are a writer/author of pulp fiction and you have access to the above 'raw intelligence '. Do you see how tempting it might be to cherry-pick certain specific events in a target's past and write a story, completely fictional, that fits in the framework of actual, real facts?
    This is what the Democrats, likely, did to Pres. Trump &, possibly, Rep. Devin Nunez, utilizing Christopher Steele, a foreigner, to do the deed.
    Evidently, the Obama Admin (Clapper & Brennan), ILLEGALLY, gave 702 access of 'raw intelligence ' to Christopher Steele & other contractors prior to the composition of what was to be, the Steele Dossier!
    Then, incredibly, that dossier was used to retroactively authorize the initial spying! Is it likely that " Devin Nunes Cow" and "Devin Nunes Mom" have access to this raw intelligence and the Congressman has these guys by the balls?
    Does anybody, reading this, think they want to ever vote Democrat?

  12. More crooked republicans, what else is new. They back and support the biggest crook around and want him hold the presidency for four more years, so they can keep stealing the taxpayer’s money. Are the white voters that stupid?????

  13. NEWS UPDATE!!!
    Devin Nunes Cow has filed charges of "sexual assault" against Devin Nunes. More to come on this breaking story!!!
    Devin Nunes Mom has refused to comment on the ongoing investigation!!!

  14. Straight out of the TrumpOrg playbook. I think it was one of his fellow IntelCmte Reos that said "there would coma a day for Devin Nunes. The biz with him running to Trump Daddy from a closed door Cmte session to inform Hiz August Majesty, Orange Trump the Fist, Last and Always about matters Nunes had taken an oath not to reveal until the cmte was ready comes to mind. I'd scrape him off my shoe if I could!

  15. Countersue Nunes for defaming the character of his suits. There's actually substance for such lawsuits against the whiny little baby Nunes.

  16. He should have to pay for everyone's law fees & all court fees. He should also be arrested for perjury & procecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

  17. He probably gets legal advice from the stable genius expert on suing people, but at least he sticks up for his wife better than Rafael Cruz does.


  19. devin nunes lying? no not this weasel from the swamp. devin the whole world feels so sorry for you , i guess you are waiting for us all to play you a ditty of sorrow on the worlds smallest violin? you are another one of trumps little weasels that belong in jail.YOU HAVE GREAT EXPECTATIONS FOR YOUR POLITICAL CAREER , don't bother, you might get a job cleaning the presidents toilet, cause you are good at dealing with human waste in the whitehouse.

  20. Both parties are dumpster fires, the Republicans will be decimated after Trump. They are just as stupid as the corrupt to the bone Democrats ,that they cant see that this blind support for a corrupt, compulsive elitist will have massive consequences against them. Trump wont be president forever. The days of crying about the color of a Democrats suit are over. All the old Republican talking points turned out to be pure bullshit. Every time they get power they spend like maniacs but when they dont it's always about fiscal responsibility. They literally couldn't have less integrity at the moment. Watching you destroy your own country is alot of fun. It will get fun when you all start trying to kill each other. It's coming sooner then you think.

  21. Don’t normally click on videos titled Devin Nunes but.
    I mean someone covered with poo 💩, Trump poo , only means Devin stuck his head out of Trumps ass.

  22. Jail these TRUMP MOBSTERS. Please people of AMERICA. Do not let trump the traitor win. Hes a MOBSTER and needs jail time out.

  23. This clown is straight from a circus. But it is the people that vote & keep him in office – are the real degenerates! This fool has NO BUSINESS holding even office for sh*t tester…..A Shame…

  24. 😃▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️. This is not the first time Devin has lied for his IDOL. 〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️🚫

  25. He must be good friends with Spanky. Did you know that Trump has hard time finding good lawyers because good lawyers say that don’t feel they can trust what he says dnd he doesn’t pay his bills. Do this is why he has these idiots as his lawyers.🤣

  26. Nunes is not the problem, he is a symptom. The entire agency of American politics is sick and possibly dying. Nunez, and others of his ilk, are not going to go away anytime soon. js

    Good luck.

  27. You may be wondering, why the hell is he taking this stuff to courts in Virginia, when neither he or anyone else involved is actually based there? Well, it happens the state laws in Virginia are comparatively favourable towards him regarding cases like this. He most likely wouldn't win, but these state laws are weighted against judges outright dismissing lawsuits and in favour of going through the whole litigation.

  28. Nunes is a liar an oath-breaker and a subversive RAT. A trump operative trying to undermine Congress and the Constitution. A dirty stinking lying rat

  29. Now my president has made a phone call sounds like some corruption to me and he's trying to get out of that so he's talking about sending military to help Saudi Arabia don't look over here look over there this is a con man he has to try to figure out a way to get out of that situation he's in right now

  30. Hypocritical, two-faced, double-standard little "whine" maker himself: Devin Nunes. Nutsy Nunes has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2003. He currently represents California's 22nd congressional district–pity his constituents. Waiter–another glass of wine, please,

  31. nunes isnt afraid of a counter suit, he would just steal the money to pay it off anyway. probably from an old folks home or orphanage or something.

  32. Fantastic reporting as usual Farron👍. You do a great job of holding these despicable hypocrites accountable for their spiteful, nonsensical actions. I'm of course talking about the Gaetz and Nunes' of the world. Keep on keeping these embarrassing public servants feet to the fire and calling out their bullshit. It's a damn shame that they interpret their jobs as blocking all progress and legislation and protecting that corrupt pig of a president rather than looking out for the citizens of your once great country in a mature bipartisan manner. They embarrass themselves every time they open their mouths with their fact twisting sycophantic behavior. You are doing your country a great service by calling them out even if most of it gets lost in the daily deluge of the neverending news cycle. Thanks from your concerned Canadian cousins Cousins 🙋

  33. Nunes is a lying sack of shit and a trump sycophant who shit on his counterpart Adam Schiff without talking to him about his move to go out on the White House lawn and spew bogus shit to protect Don the con.

  34. How is Nunes lying news? This POS beta male (he’s not a man) lies EVERY time he opens his mouth. At least when he’s not letting Dumb Donnie use his mouth as his cock holster.

  35. David Nunes is one pathetic little man. It's interesting that he is planning to open a winery as he is always whining about something.

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