Diversity in Comics Makes Bigots Mad – The Jim Jefferies Show

Diversity in Comics Makes Bigots Mad – The Jim Jefferies Show

The biggest geek-filled news
story of 2018 so far is the blockbuster success of
Black Panther. It was a worldwide phenomenon. Plus, thousands of African
American kids packed movie theaters to finally
see a superhero who looks like them. Now, Marvel and DC are putting
diverse characters in the
spotlight. And even tweaking old favorites. So, I headed to San Diego
Comic-Con to soak up the inclusive vibes. But I soon learned that, for
some, the good old days of
comics are fading away. So, comic book guy?>>I am…used to be. Why do you say ‘used to be?’>>Uh, I stopped reading it over
the diversity issue.>>Overall, they’ve been
changing comic characters a
little too much.>>It’s a comic book tradition,
in a way,>>is how each character should
look.>>I think when they start
making Superman gay,>>And Aquaman transgender, it’s
like,>>I don’t go around and parade
what I am.>>Don’t go around and parade
what you are. Ah, for f*ck’s sake. Yes, there’s an actual backlash
against diversity in comic books. And the movement is led by a
super villain. He runs a YouTube channel, broadcast from his secret
lair/bedroom closet. But… he’s never shown his face
on camera. Who is this evil mastermind, whining and complaining from the
shadows? Turn the lights on, turn the
lights on. Yep! That checks out! Meet Richard Meyer. What are your thoughts on the
current state of comic books?>>Comics are kind of…weirdly
dying.>>Politics, specifically
identity politics, being shoved
into everything.>>A character that used to look
like a 1980 Dallas Cowboy
cheerleader>>bascially looks like me now.>>They of course are rockin’
those A cups.>>Anything above a B cup, you
hate women.>>Ms. Marvel was introduced as
a Pakistani-American muslim.>>RiRi Williams, who replaced
Iron Man,>>If you don’t like her, it’s
because you’re racist, or
sexist, or probably both. It would upset a racist.>>I think it would. With Meyer, anyone who supports
these changes is just an SJW: Social Justice Warrior.>>Uh, black is your shield>>and ‘woman’ is your sword. I don’t know… f*cking swords
and shields. It all sounds so childish. It was time to bring some adults
into the conversation. I assembled an elite team of
proud Social Justice Warriors. Fantasy roleplay from the King
of Queens, I assume? Richard Meyer believes diversity
is ruining the comic book
industry. GREEN LANTERN: That’s false.
Richard Meyer believes diversity
is ruining the comic book
industry. SEDUSA: That’s false. DOUG: He’s not been reading
comics. Why do you think some people can
be so possessive of comic book
characters? LOKI: I think once you make a
connection LOKI: with a character that you
like a lot, LOKI: It creates this sense of
ownership. HARLEY QUINN: If you see
yourself in the character, it
boosts your confidence. HARLEY QUINN: You don’t feel
like you’re so alone in the
world. There’s been a reduction of
breasts. Do you know about this
controversy? SEDUSA: We don’t always want to
always see ourselves
overly-objectified SEDUSA: just to satisfy
someone’s weird fantasy. But what about if He-Man had a
dadbod? I have the power! Over the temperature in this
house! Do you think politics can
sometimes get in the way? Why can’t we just have a fun
story about a superhero –
Do you think politics can
sometimes get in the way? GREEN LANTERN: The thing with
comics is they’ve always
followed GREEN LANTERN: The trends of the
political landscape. GREEN LANTERN: Take Superman. GREEN LANTERN: His whole thing
is that he’s an alien GREEN LANTERN: on a completely
different planet and has adopted
the country, America, as his
home. GREEN LANTERN: And is trying to
fit in. That is the whole ethos
– I might be Superman. My SJWs are making good points, but I like finding common
ground. Maybe we need some characters
with traits that appeal to both
sides. I brought a few ideas. Okay… Batman, but he’s latino and he only
protects gated communities. Bat Zimmer-man [Disapproving Oh’s] No? Okay. How do you feel about Black Superman. Okay, a slightly less black
Superman.>>Yeah, no that’s actually
better. Black Panther’s villain,
Killmonger but now it’s played by a woman and the way she attacks the
Black Panther is by calling the cops when he’s
trying to BBQ. HARLEY QUINN: I’m okay with this
one. We found one! Alright, that might fix the
characters but Meyer and his crew aren’t
just fighting what’s IN comic
books, they’re also attacking women and
people of color who make comic
books.>>They’re hiring people for the
BuzzFeed.>>Look, we hired this
overweight black woman.>>Is that exciting? You have said that some women are sleeping their way to get
into these positions?>>I did one video, it’s a
common thing for my enemies to
bring up. You called a woman a c**
dumpster?>>Yeah. That’s not good… Yeah, it was a bad idea. Even if you don’t believe that
you’re a racist, or homophobic, or sexist, Is it a fear of yours that
you’re attracting some people
who are?>>I don’t really think about
stuff like that. Right… Seems like you might want to
start thinking about it,
Richard. Other people are. What do you think of Richard
Meyer? HARLEY QUINN: He’s a garbage
person. You can say c*nt on this show. Look, clearly Richard’s upset that he can no longer pick up
any comic book and instantly relate to the
characters he sees. And that’s a real feeling. Because it’s how women and
minority groups have felt their
entire lives. Wake the f*ck up, Richard! The characters you don’t like aren’t written for you. You know what?
aren’t written for you. You know what? I think I liked this better when
we started.

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100 thoughts on “Diversity in Comics Makes Bigots Mad – The Jim Jefferies Show

  1. Does someone actually like it watch shit that Jim Jeffries makes? He’s been caught changing the video so that the people reviewed look bad.
    Like I can’t take this entire video seriously at all.

  2. I'll just bring up Jim Jefferies appearance on Opie and Anthony where he stated he'd rape Justine Joli after digging shit out of her asshole with a knife. Go back to being a fucking alcoholic drug addict, since then you'd might have a chance of ODing and bringing some good to the world, fucking sellout hack.

  3. Diversity done awesome. Look at x men for example. Perfectly executed. Forcing diversity on already established characters is stupid

  4. Now interview https://www.youtube.com/user/youngrippa59 and try using the "racist" angle. You fake news pushing, deceptive editing, race baiting twats.

  5. look at all these angry white boys x D
    aw are your witttle action figures not something u like to jerk off too anymore??
    boooo hooooo x D fuckin snowflakes

  6. This is great. Reading the comments I didn’t realize how many people watch things that clearly trigger them. Go back to your mom’s basement and stay off the internet, no one want’s to be around you whiny cunts.

  7. This bullshit now Avi, this show is the worst kind of bullshit hypocrisy a real bunch of cunts. Everything wrong with the media today.

  8. I am not into comics, honestly don't care a bit about them, but I stumbled on to Yaboi Zack's channel a few months ago and subscribed because his commentary about about social issues was spot on….and he cracked me up. This was a sad display of preaching to the choir.

    BTW, I'm a "minority"…for what it's worth. Doesn't matter but some of these people care about that kind of stuff.

  9. Simply portraying someone as a racist, then mock him for being a racist isn't funny – It's just dishonest.

  10. The next video on auto-play was "Maintaining a Healthy Level of Awareness – The Jim Jeffries show".

    NO JOKE.

  11. the problem isn't the diversity itself its more the fact that instead of making new characters to promote diversity like they did with miss marvel, instead they are majority just replacing old ones or changing the characters to be gay or something like that. its not the actual diversity that's annoying people its how they're going about it.

  12. Jim says anything for views then mocks it for laughs when he thinks the camera is off. Show us the picture of Muhammad you drew Jimmy.

  13. That ratio is worse than last time I ran into this vid. Also if you're this wrong about a topic like comics, how can your take be respected on any other subject. You sir, are a clown's fart.

  14. So Youtube recommended this to me today. Why? Does Google want me to watch a charlatan deceptively edit videos and defame decent, honorable people? Be honest with yourself, Jim Jefferies, you aren't protecting women or minorities, you're protecting a political agenda, and that political agenda argues AGAINST equality, not for it.

  15. Modern comics are utter shite. I still collect comic books, but only older ones. Back when they were still awesome. Modern comics and movies are fucking horrible. Look at Disney Star Wars. Shit loads of diversity then no body bought the toy line that was related to the films. People still want the original toys. The new toys are retarded like the virtue signalling cunt in this video. Only comic i still religiously buy is 2000 ad. Because modern American comics suck ass.
    Notice how the 2012 Dredd movie was awesome, and modern Marvel movies are retarded as fuck ?

  16. you are on the more dangerous side of the ComicsGate crack, the one with undocumented rapists.

  17. Hey Jim, threaten to murder any more Muslim kids this month? Or did you sweep for hidden cameras before hand?

  18. Black and female characters have been around for decades! Gay characters are welcome! What is happening to the comics industry is much worse! It's an SJW agenda forced down our throats! And no one is obligated to like this shit!

  19. he's no bigot. highly opinionated and sadly bigots do like him. I happen to not mind him but boy has he done stupid shit tho he's apologized

  20. They should make their own comic book and characters. Dont fuckup something i grew up with. Fucking fuckwits. Call me a bigot but this is bullshit.

  21. The biggest thing i admire and hate about cosplayers is the outfits and make up. I wish i could make that stuff and also had that kind passion about anything. Instead i just laze about and work all the time. I wish i cared about shit like these people.

  22. I just saw this for the first time yesterday and my gf kicks me out the bed cuz I couldn't stop crying from laughing so much. This was and awesome bit. 4:52

  23. Stupid show. Cum dumpster is a perfectly apt word for some ppl. There are lots of fake diverse comics….but NO ONE IS BUYING THEIR POORLY WRITTEN CRAP.

  24. Jim Jeffries I've always thought you were right about most of your views, but this one really shows you in a bad light. This guy you interviewed is actually right. You cannot change the history of something that happened. Putting a veneer over it to please yuppy millennials is not what we call progressive. Taking things he says out of context to make a video to make him look bad is unprofessional. These fake individuals don't even represent the real people in society, they represent the mentally disturbed who think it's okay to be entitled. There's a litany of reasons why this video is wrong, and just plain incorrect. Nobody should be forced to call people by their preferred pronouns, and changing comics just to cram alleged diversity down throats is not embodiment of character traits in real human beings. All these tranny weirdos really do is further isolate themselves into this quasi society and degrade their quality of life among those around them.

  25. Yes, I'm a bigot because I don't like that Iceman suddenly became gay after decades of seeming perfectly fine with the opposite sex. Or that when he did embrace it, he was suddenly superficial, obsessed with ex-boyfriends, and constantly at odds with his parents.

    Because you know, gay men aren't regarded as faking/choosing their desires, stereotyped for being shallow, or written off as just trying to spite their parents.

    No, no, if he kisses a boy, I should shut up and ignore his character flaws because I'm gay so clearly I must appreciate him. And if not I'm just a bigot.

  26. I've yet to test it, but I'm pretty certain a monkey high on pot dancing on a laptop could've edited this video in a less obvious manner.

  27. Oh look came here to see someone mad about opinions he doesnt like only to end up beind islamophobic himself. Whos the real bigot here?

  28. Why the eff is this garbage hit piece #2 in a list of 'Comics Matter'? 14K dislikes so far and all the comments are anti Jim Jeffries? This really should be ranked as the low priority trash it is.

  29. How did I know this comment section was going to be full of anti-SJW fucking morons. Jesus christ, these snowflakes can't die off soon enough.

  30. Thank God for the free market.. it will solve all of these stupid problems… start buying those comics girls… lolz

  31. Since when have Americans became racist cunts…. oh wait! Right.. Americans! I thought you were talking about someone else!

  32. LISTEN CLOSELY- Comic fans are unhappy with the lack of storytelling for the sake of diversity. Marvel is putting the characters gender, sexuality, and race before the plot. Liberal politics have been injected into the narratives and now comic books are nothing more than preachy propaganda. How entertaining! Way to take everything Richard said out of context and edit him to look like a bigot. You're lucky he gave you guys an interview to manipulate for your brainwashing agenda. You preyed on fans who were unable to articulate their exact frustrations without seeming racist and exploited them. Jim, soon you and others won't be able to do your brand of humor because of these politically correct social justice feens playing GOTCHA and forcing their censorship over your way of life. You don't even read comic books. You don't care what these thoughtless garbage people are doing to our culture… I guess you're a garbage person.

    How do you like being judged?

  33. The deceptive editing; cutting midway to and from sentences and not allowing him to elaborate and add context to what he's saying or said is borderline evil. Jim Jefferies is genuinely one of the most dishonest people I've ever seen.

  34. Hahaha I had to keep watching the Black Panther BBQ one over and over lol Because I was laughing and kept missing it! 😂

  35. dude at :50 "I don't go parading around what I am, don't go parading around what you are". Wearing a "thank me for my service" hat. Mmk hero.

  36. Look, I hate Zack as much as any good libcuck worth their salt. But you basically watered down both sides arguments to their barest element for the sake of pandering to an a-thinking mass audience with little to no stakes in the matter. All in the name of comedy over discourse. You know, off his time spewing filth about well to do people who wan't to make a positive change in the world- Zack seems to be the one person on all of God damn earth who can review a comic properly(that is not a blog). He isn't just some douchebag with a camera who repeats 'the art is good', 'the writing is good' over and over with no elaboration on how, and why specifically they were moved by such. He makes legitimate criticism of comic books and his observations on the decline of the industry are valid and more important than ever to acknowledge nowadays. Where his validity ends is when he blames all these problems on an SJW boogieman. I would've liked to have seen more effort to establish rightfully blaming these troubles on the state of the industry, rather than progressive politics.

  37. Hi SJW, if you want a superhero you want to relate to, then make your own. Don't take the ideas of others and stick your own face on it.
    You want a black superman, then create a story with a superman-like character who is black, but is not Clark Kent.
    You want a female superhero? Then make a batman like character who is a female. Don't make Bruce Wayne suddenly Björk Navaho Gonzalez.

    Make your own stories be original and stop whining that other people's creativity is not inclusive for you.

    Oh hey. Superman, the strongest suddenly gets saved by a cripple intersexual Inuit who identifies itself as a butterfly who can do everything superman can do, but with sparkles and is stronger!

    Grow up. You are not special, we all are just humans who deserve equality. You want your story, the don't copy things claiming it to be your right.

  38. I guess its not the idea of diversity that bothers me. Its more that youre changing heroes to suit your quotas. Taking cultural icons and flipping them. I think there is a word for that….ohh yeah…cultural appropriation.

  39. Spoiler Batman isn’t written for rich people or poor people he’s written for everyone who just likes the character it doesn’t matter where they come from, yeah you may relate to his strong sense of justice but not many Batman fans are rich or marital artists or one of the smartest people on earth, my point is if the only reason people like s character is because how diverse or relatable they are chances are that character Won’t be very memorable or iconic, because people love characters like, Spider-Man, Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, and Batman because they are good compelling mostly well written characters that have heart, not because they’re a certain ethnicity or gender, so no I’m not some bigot because I don’t care for certain characters that only defying trait is there sexually, gender, or ethnicity

  40. HUH?! He didn't say he "believes diversity is ruining the comic book industry." WTF? And what's with the choppy edits? Is there an unedited version of this interview? Preferably without the added in canned laughter. This whole segment was really pathetic, and filled with misinformation, bordering slander. How about doing a follow-up and interview with Eric July aka YoungRippa? Jim Jefferies is a garbage person and an obvious racist.

  41. YEAH I can understand not liking CAPTAIN MARVEL.

    But I can't agree with the other stuff I MISS JOHN the green lantern from JLA.

    Can't blame about the CUP SIZE buddy they come in all SIZES.
    SOMETIMES SMALL can be statisfying 😅😅😅😅😅

  42. I didn't think it was possible for Comedy Central to go the route of making up shit in the name of their unreasonable views like "Christian" movies do, but it seems they've managed to prove it was.

    Excellent work, you duplicitous sacks of shit.

  43. shows dark skin Superman


    Shows lighter skinned Superman

    “Yea that’s better”

    And you guys take this pricks side

  44. ComicsGate is right, the industry is falling apart because of stuff like this. This video is totally out of context

  45. Could we please stop pretending like Black Panther was the first black superhero movie because he wasn’t and quit pretending like it was the super hero movie?

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