41 thoughts on “DNC insists they’re ready for Nevada caucus

  1. Question: does Hillary still have control of the DNC per the agreement they struck in 2015 in exchange for her $10M donation to pay off their debt?

  2. Rigging results by making volunteers sign lifetime NDAs!!! Wouldn’t be surprised if the DNC gets another event like the one in 1968

  3. Signs in spanish? There's your voter fraud…proof they are encouraging illegals to vote…this needs to be stopped!

  4. This is just part of the opposition on our way to a revolution. Bernie is on the rise and there’s nothing that can stop it!

  5. Its only the year 2020 and in the USA so why would anyone expect the voting system, the verification of who a person is, and the counting of their votes, why would anyone think we would have that figured out yet? Maybe in the next 20yrs we'll have the tech to be able to confirm someone's identity and accurately count votes. HAHAHAHAHhh

  6. Из России с любовью. Мы приветствуем американский Комрад присоединиться к славной революции.

  7. Why are some of the "VOTE HERE" signs in Spanish?? Citizens of the USA should speak English and signs in Spanish should NOT be needed at election polls……. Is Nevada like California, where the State lets illegal aliens vote in the elections? Why does it seem the Democrats have an issue with being a person of high moral standards?

  8. Good Lord. HomeGirl @ 1:07 was about as Uncomfortable of an answer. That sigh/laugh was her way of saying "why did you ask me that question?"
    Either DNC went Crowdstrike Coverup so She Don't Fackin Know what was done to fix it. Or She Knows but is not allowed to say. She starts struggling to recall even generic terminology and sigh/laugh. Staring to the left and down from camera was eerie as well.

  9. Tom Price said the same thing before Iowa and they implemented their app in 2 months not 2 weeks like NV. No confidence we will get results tomorrow

  10. Is it me or does she seem not very confident in speaking about the system she represents. Maybe next time pick someone who is better at public speaking.

  11. " A people may happily vote themselves into Socialism but they must shoot their way back out of it" Karl Aderhold- former independent Social Democratic Party of Germany

  12. @DNC Why do you think the people of the US should trust a private organization like yours with their elections? in 2016 you rigged the democratic nomination in favor of Clinton who basically took you off bankruptcy. Tom Perez now changed the rules in favor of Bloomberg…..

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